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What is Detoxing and How Do You Do It?

Lemon and water; what is detoxing and how do you do it?

Detoxing has become a buzzword frequently used to market certain teas, supplements, foods, and fad diets, but it’s not as simple as drinking a cup of “detox” tea every day. While there are herbs and vitamins that can aid in detoxification, your body works constantly to detoxify. The liver and kidneys are filtering your blood all the time, working to metabolize medications and environmental toxins, and preparing them to be excreted. So, taking a product labeled as a “detox” won’t magically remove all the toxins from your body. This is a complicated process that your body has perfected, but it does need the right nutrients and herbs to keep this process functioning optimally. Let’s take a look at what detoxing is, and how you can do it every day.


When people hear the word ‘detoxification’, most people imagine all the toxins being pulled from the body, and having increased energy and less brain fog. While this is partially true in that toxins are pulled from the body, this is done automatically, and if these processes are functioning optimally then you may have increased energy and less brain fog. While the body is great at detoxing, it can’t detox all toxins at once. It is a continual process that happens day and night, and the liver and kidneys in particular do a great job with this. However, these processes are dependent on healthy liver and kidney function. Having decreased liver or kidney function is much more common today than it has been throughout human history. Researchers have estimated that the average person can come into contact with as few as 120, to as many as 700,000 different potentially toxic chemicals each day. These chemicals can reach you through the air, water, food, skin care products, soaps, perfumes, air fresheners, furniture, mattresses, hair dye, makeup, etc. So, the average person’s liver and kidneys are having to filter through far more toxins than ever before in human history. This is believed to be one of the main causes of the sharp increases in liver damage and liver cancers over the last few decades, as well as kidney issues.

How to Support It

Although the body is very good at detoxifying by itself, we are now exposed to more chemicals than our livers and kidneys were really meant to handle. This means that they often need extra help to continue to carry out these vital processes correctly. These processes require enough vitamins and minerals to allow for proper organ function, but in some cases certain minerals are also needed to bind to certain toxins to ensure they are excreted properly. With so many people eating a diet that is lacking in essential nutrients, the body may not have enough of these nutrients from diet alone. This is why supplements have become more commonly recommended over the years, because it’s difficult to get enough key nutrients from our diets alone due to depleted soils, decreased absorption due to poor gut health, and processed foods often displacing healthy foods in a person’s diet. In addition to eating a varied diet full of organic fruits and vegetables, it is often recommended that you take supplements to help support your liver. Our Liver Support contains milk thistle which is one of the most popular herbs for liver health, along with several other ingredients designed to help support the health of your liver.

There are also certain herbs that aid in eliminating specific things like heavy metals. Several studies have found that chlorella and cilantro can remove the majority of lead, aluminum and mercury from the body within a few months with daily consumption. These herbs also help aid in the elimination of other toxins, but are well-known for their ability to help eliminate heavy metals. Our product Vital Detox contains chlorella and several other ingredients that may help support phase 2 liver detoxification and heavy metal elimination.

Although your body detoxifies constantly, it can use all the help it can get considering the incredible amount of toxins we encounter each day. Take good care of your liver and kidneys because they are responsible for detoxification and hundreds of other vital processes in the body. Remember to drink plenty of water each day, switch to natural products and organic foods whenever possible, and engage in stress-reducing activities each day to help keep your body and mind healthy.

You can listen to our Detox Your Way to Energy podcast episode here. You can also listen to it on our YouTube channel here.

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