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What Gut Type Are You?

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Good gut health is so important to your overall health. An imbalance in the gut may contribute to the development of issues like allergies, skin conditions, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and even some autoimmune diseases and certain types of cancer. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help heal your gut and reduce inflammation. Let’s discuss gut health and figure out what gut type you are.

Gut Types

There are specific gut types that create certain environments in your gut. They are as follows:

  • Candida Gut:
  • The bad habit – Ice Cream, Cookies, Cupcakes, etc.
  • Emotional Profile – Worrisome, Anxious, Obsessive.
  • Gastric Gut:
  • The bad habit – Inhaling your food (and large portions of it).
  • Emotional Profile – Fiery, passionate, reactive.
  • Stressed Gut:
  • The bad habit – Overdoing the coffee and booze.
  • Emotional Profile – Type-A workaholics.
  • Immune Gut:
  • The bad habit – Popping antibiotics every time you feel sick.
  • Emotional Profile – Impatient, frequently frustrated, quick to anger.
  • Toxic Gut:
  • The bad habit – Eating processed or fast food.
  • Emotional Profile – Impatient, frequently frustrated, quick to anger.

Try cutting out processed foods and sugars as much as you can, and replace these foods with whole foods like fruits and vegetables, grass-fed meats, and good fats like coconut oil. Eating a diet rich in natural foods and low in processed foods and keeping your immune system healthy may also help reduce inflammation which may help reduce your risk of developing many different health conditions. There are also many supplements you can take to help heal your gut. Consuming organic bone broth is another great way to help heal the lining of your gut and reduce inflammation. Bone broth also contains amino acids and collagen that can help improve gut health and digestion.

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