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Supporting Energy Levels Naturally

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Low energy levels and fatigue are common problems today. Many people don’t have the energy to perform necessary chores around the house, let alone enough energy to exercise each day. While some cases of fatigue may be related to a medical condition, many people have low energy levels due to something simple like not getting enough sleep each night, being stressed out, or consuming too much sugar. Let’s discuss some common causes of low energy, and how you can help support energy levels naturally.


Getting enough sleep each night can help increase energy throughout the day, improve mood and immune health, and improve the body’s response to stress. While a person’s sleep needs vary, the minium amount of sleep you should get each night is seven hours, with eight or nine being ideal for most adults. Children and teenagers often require ten or eleven hours of sleep per night. However, the quality of your sleep is also important. If you struggle with sleep apnea or another condition that affects your sleep, you may not be getting all the benefits from a full night’s rest. You may also be struggling to sleep deeply or stay asleep due to stress and/or anxiety. Stress-reducing techniques like meditation or taking a warm bath may help.


While getting good sleep is an important part of increasing your daily energy levels, diet may be even more important. Eating a balanced diet high in fruits and vegetables typically leads to increased energy levels. This is likely due to the nutrients found in those foods, but also due to the effects sugar can have on our energy levels. Sugar and refined carbohydrates like those found in bread and pasta can give you a short boost of energy, but many people find that they experience a rapid drop in energy levels shortly after eating. This drop in energy often leaves you feeling more tired than you did before you ate.

This drop occurs because of the body’s production and release of insulin. When your body senses that there is too much sugar in your body, more than it is accustomed to, the pancreas begins to quickly produce insulin so that blood sugar can be stabilized. However, this quick drop in blood sugar from the insulin can cause energy levels to quickly decrease. This is one of the reasons it’s important to limit sugar consumption, and eat foods that help maintain a healthy blood sugar.

What Can You Do?

Not having enough energy all the time can be frustrating, so try some of these tips on supporting energy levels naturally and see if it improves. You should do your best to get a minimum of seven hours of high-quality sleep each night. You should also consider making some dietary changes like consuming less sugar and refined carbohydrates, and including more organic fruits and vegetables in each meal. There are also some supplements that may help increase energy levels like Immune Essentials which contains mushrooms that not only help support immune health, but also help support cognitive function and healthy energy levels. Pantothenic Acid Complex is another great option that helps improve the body’s ability to handle stress which may help improve sleep quality and energy levels. We always recommend that you talk to your doctor if you are experiencing unexplained fatigue or any other symptom that you are concerned about to make sure it’s not a serious health condition. We want you to feel your best, and have the energy to get through the busy holiday season!

You can listen to our Enjoy Extra Energy Naturally podcast episode on our website here. You can also listen to it on our YouTube channel here.

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