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This Broke My Heart

Microphone and Computer; this broke my heart.

In this episode, This Broke My Heart, Dr. Stephen and Janet Lewis discuss the importance of heart health and how to best support your heart. They discuss what lifestyle changes, dietary changes, and supplements can help support your heart to keep it happy for the long-term.

Products Mentioned in Today’s Show

Nitric Oxide Revive – Extended-release nitric oxide precursor to support cardiovascular health.

Co-Q10 300mg – The antioxidant CoQ-10 helps to support cellular energy production and provide wide-ranging cardiovascular support.

Nattokinase – All-natural, potent enzyme that support healthy blood circulation and heart health.

Show Notes

Welcome to the Green Wisdom Health Podcast with Dr. Steven and Janet Lewis, where you will learn about natural solutions to common ailments. And now here are your hosts, Dr. Steven and Janet Lewis. Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of the Green Wisdom Health Show. I’m Janet Lewis and I’m Dr. Lewis, and we’re excited that you guys have joined us again. I know it’s been a bit since we’ve been here, got so many things to tell you as usual. And I’m sure you’re really wondering of why this show is called This Broke My Heart. Uh, Dr. Lewis has decided that he would like to go on air and tell his story, which is partially my story too. It just didn’t happen to me, but it could have. Um, I wanted to call this show, This Broke My Heart. Really I wanted to call it My Husband’s an Idiot, but I still love him. But Janet said no on that. That’s not exactly what she said. She prefaced that with heck no. Because your wife’s not an idiot and I didn’t want to be in that title. So. Well, you married me. Okay. Um, well, the point is that, you know, we have so many of you people that, uh, listen to me in spite of my Texas draw, which abhors me, but, uh, I take lots of supplements and I believe in them and we go through all kinds of convoluted inside out to get the right ones at the best price. But I’m pretty bad about just showing up and shooting from the hip. Y ‘all kind of know that. And we’re almost like a mechanic, right? It’s like we’re really great at fixing other people’s cars, but sometimes ignore our own. Yeah. I used to go to court. They pay me big bucks to go testify in court and I wouldn’t study cause I love embarrassing the hell out of insurance companies, attorneys. But anyway, I didn’t target things that I kind of sort of knew I needed to target. And I’m like everybody else. I’m just cheating a little bit when I’m eating that a Hershey bar or ice cream or whatever. And how long had it been since you’ve done your last lab? Four and a half years and you you’ve gone five years. Okay. I’m not, I’m not saying that you did that. I’m just trying to divert the attention off me. But anyway, I screwed around, had a heart attack. So the point is folks that I understand that the world’s gone through some really difficult times and people, you know, the inflation and that includes the supplements to, uh, some people have a tendency to drop out and, you know, there’s, you know, double down and go for it. And, um, anyway, I don’t know how deep you want to get into this heart attack thing. Well, the one, basically we had run, we’ve been extremely stressed, you know, Brandy was our right hand and she’s not been here for quite some time now, even though she still works with us remotely, but not physically in the store, which is a lot of work. And, um, we were under tremendous stress and, you know, and all this things going on in the country’s not really helping it either. And so we just kept taking everything we always knew to take, you know, which was, I took half the store. I mean, it wasn’t like we weren’t taking anything. Well, well, we were taking lots of stuff. Well, uh, we just are joining or we’re partner partnering now with a triple board certified pain management doctor. And because of that, we decided we’d run our lab and see what was going on and see what she thought about our lab. Cause see, you need an authority figure. Um, and so we had run it and it had been about two weeks prior to Dr. Lewis’s heart attack that we had the results back. Both of our labs, we should have been spanked over because they were bad. And if we had run that yearly, we would have caught it in time. But we thought we knew a lot about supplements and you know, if you’re taking this and you know, I was on it once, it had to be good from now on. Well, if we would have seen our lab before that happened, we would have targeted it differently. And we had just started exercising again, walking.

Well, what did you feel exactly? What had, how did you know you were having one? Cause didn’t it happen? You say it happened in the middle of the night. Oh, I don’t know. It’s kind of nonspecific, you know, just, you know, you kind of cough to, there’s a reflex that tries to lower your chance of, you know, put your heart back in rhythm. I heard you had jaw pain, arm pain. I’ve had jaw pain, arm pain for years. And I don’t know if that’s musculoskeletal cause of the stupid stuff I did. The heart attack hurt worse than the, uh, than getting shot and while I was in the hospital and I got up about two o ‘clock. So about three 30 that afternoon, Janet. Hold, hold on. This was in the morning, right? You had this. So what Dr. Lewis is missing the point here of what I’m trying to get him to say, purposely, he decided to come to work the whole day first and just told me he didn’t feel good, but I knew something wasn’t right with him because we have a product in here called liquid capsicum and what it is, it’s for open wounds and we pour it on open wounds to help them heal because it does sear them together. Well, Dr. Lewis started drinking it straight at our house and it’s a vasodilator. And I was like, are you sure you’re supposed to do that? He goes, listen, this makes me feel good. And I thought, this is really weird. So does bourbon, but I didn’t drink it. And I thought he didn’t look right, but of course he had not been, uh, informing me of the stuff that happened the night before. So, you know, I gave him magnesium. We’d always heard that if you opened a capsule of magnesium that and put it in your lip and let it dissolve there, um, that it would stop a heart attack. We were trained that way. We didn’t know if it worked cause we’ve never been around anybody that’s having an actual heart attack, but I was giving them to Dr. Lewis all day long, off and on. And he was drinking this liquid capsicum. And we’re not saying don’t go to the hospital. Don’t have a cardiologist because you didn’t, you need to. Yes. I’m just saying when you’re thinking, Oh, Hey, these supplements don’t work. Yeah, they kind of really did because the story gets really good after this. Um, so anyway, at about three 30, he asked me if I’ll drive him to the emergency room. So we went to the emergency room, the, uh, the doctor there said, put him on some machines and said, are you sure he’s having a heart attack? Cause it’s not really showing. And I said, well he is, I’ve been given a magnesium, so it’s probably slowed it down. He goes, you’ve done what? And I said, magnesium. And he goes, Oh, well then we’re going to need to run a magnesium test because he’s probably overdosed on it. I said, Oh dear Lord. I said, no, he’s not. I said, I’m just trying to save his life. Well, I’m, I’m always trying to be Joe cool and make their life better and their, their boring stress field shift better. I said, no, if you get overdosed magnesium, I’d be pooping in my pants. And, uh, it got worse and worse and worse. And Janet said, aren’t you supposed to give him nitro like in the movies? He said, well, I’ve got procedure. I’ve got to go through and it’s, it’s getting worse and worse and worse. And uh, meanwhile, meanwhile, they, um, finally decide he’s having a heart attack because our magnesium caps comes wore off and, uh, they give him the nitro and morphine. And on that, he still has a 212 over something blood pressure and something 65 or something like that. Something crazy high. And I’m thinking, you know, God told me outside he was going to be fine. So I knew he was that, we’ll just get this done. He’ll, he’ll, he’ll be done. Well, cardiologists came in super nice as we’re going to take you back to surgery. If it all goes well, we’ll go through your wrist. Uh, w you do have a blockage. Um, so he said, we’re going to go and try to put a stent in. And so then they decided that there was a man that had come in ahead of him that was really bad, like near death. He coded. Yeah, he did code. So they took him ahead of Dr. Lewis. So, um, Dr. Lewis had to wait two and a half more hours to get into the surgery room, which made him start having more problems because he says it in a calm tone of voice. If he says it’s a 10, it’s a 10. And I said, have you ever heard this song? Everybody wants to see Jesus, but nobody wants to go now. Right. And so two and a half hours later, anyway, uh, the cardiologist come out and said, you know, we, we saved the other guy. And so they took Dr. Lewis back and they said, we’re on a roll today. Um, he’s going to be fine. He was, Dr. Lewis was back to 35 minutes and they were done with him. They were able to go through the rest. He had one blockage. It was 100 % blocked. He did get a stent and a balloon, which my brother calls party favors. Uh, so, uh, but the rest of the arteries were not blocked at all, but the one that was blocked was to his lung, which was to his brain. So he was not, uh, he wasn’t thinking real clearly for a little while. So, um, yeah, under the second shot of morphine to decrease the pain, I said, well, yeah, no, I’m not going to renew my bowels, even though I’ve never broken them, but yeah, I will.

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So it’s, it might be goofy. So anyway, it all went well. Somehow it got out all over long view. I do not know how that, that he’d had a heart attack while he was having a heart attack, uh, in our small town here. I know how celebrities must feel on some very small text, phone calls and emails before I even got to the 10 out of a 10 in pain. And you know, anyway, so it, but anyway, people all knew about it. And Dr. Lewis really wasn’t sure if he want, what he wanted to say, because, you know, we run a natural health store. And when you’ve gone through something like that, you’ve, you’ve partially feel like, well, you failed. You’re telling all these people to do this stuff and you failed. Well, please note the supplements didn’t fail. I failed to pay attention to it. And the other part is we’re all human and things are going to happen to you. And sometimes it’s just genetic. And sometimes, you know, you’re, you’re slowing things down or not do anything by speeding something up. So you can’t stop everything, but you can slow it down. So for about two weeks there, he was kind of like, you know, I, I don’t really understand. I took all the stuff. Well, then we went back for his checkup with the cardiologist and, um, the cardiologist when he was in the hospital told him absolutely no, no, and no to any kind of supplement he would ever think about taking, uh, because they wanted him on drugs. And, uh, we’re not saying the drugs are bad. We’re just saying the side effects I cannot live with. Yes. We’re, we’re just like, Oh, this is not good. And then they took things away that made him feel better, like fish oil and turmeric and weird things. Um, but when he got in to have his checkup, they did an EKG on him and said, I don’t know what you did, but you have absolutely no scar tissue to your heart and no permanent damage, which we knew God was not done with the story then because the supplements we had given him stopped it. So the whole moral of the story here is, and why we’re on here today is to tell you, don’t ignore your health. Don’t assume just because you are a patient of ours and have been for many years and are buying the better supplements that you don’t need yearly lab, because it is extremely important. At this point, we’re going to be doing ours every six months for a while to make sure everything is, uh, better. And then we’re also, because of the way this is, uh, what happened, we’ve decided to put our labs on sale and we have made a couple of cardiac panels because of Dr. Lewis. I can thank him for that. Um, but we’re given 10 % off the labs and, and some of you guys don’t listen right away. So I apologize, but hopefully you’re listening right away because this is only good until, um, no, the end of November, 2023, but it’s 10 % off. If you buy it online, you can put it in the code word health, H E A L T H and get yourself checked. We don’t care which panel you pick, but if you have heart problems in your family or suspect you’re having an issue of some sort, pick the cardiac panel. So Dr. Lewis, how would you like to, uh, what people need to know? What do you wish you’d have done different? What wish you to, what do you wish you’d have known? What do you wish you to take in more of? So many times, and again, I never use names because I don’t want everybody in Longview. We had people from Hughes Springs to Houston that knew about this before I was even gone into surgery, which is, you know, uh, I’m glad you care that much, but you know, quieten it down. Anyway, I tell the story about a dear, dear friend of mine that knew she had a high CRP and she ignored it for four years, had a heart attack and she always had money for beer, cigarettes and marijuana, but she never had money for supplements. And she’s had massive problems and died now. Uh, wonderful, wonderful person. And you know, I wasn’t guilty of ignoring it. I was guilty of not looking for it. And, uh, And we thought, you know, cause in Texas this year, uh, it has been extremely hot during the summer. I mean like 106, 110, just unbearable. And we knew he was having trouble, uh, getting air, maybe is a good way to say it. He just looked, uh, fatigued. She said, I looked like a guppy out of water or a carp. I thought maybe this is what getting older looks like. Carps are ugly and she’s calling me a carp. No, no, here, here’s the deal. Uh, there’s a scripture in the Bible. I think it’s out of Proverbs. It says, a wise man foresees danger and takes precautions.

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Well, apparently I wasn’t wise, but a simpleton or a fool ignores this and suffers the consequences. And that’s out of Proverbs. So, you know, look it up. So the toxic environment, you know, I’ve talked about polluted air raises blood pressure. My blood pressure has always been sky high, always tease. When a mosquito bites me, it blows his butt out. Cause it’s, you know, so, uh, the blood pressure is so high, toxic air affects the heart through the olfactory. Nerve norepinephrine raises and dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. Uh, let’s see. And I’m looking through some research and notes that I’ve made. You know, I’ve read thousands of research articles, uh, environment in flames endothelium. Well, guess what? Janet says our Dyson air purifier, which is over where I sit by the, uh, couch. She said, God, they must be dropping chemtrails on us. Well, see Dyson, which I have this humidifier deal every year, it seems like in December it it’s suddenly due. Like it’s says it’s full, you know, you never know if this things are true, but the, the filter is extremely high. And so I think, well, are they just setting me up for buying another filter every year? And that filter has been running in our house since we moved in there, uh, a year and a half, two years ago. And it had been on low, uh, like, like it was like the particulates in the air was low. Yeah. And because it was interrupting the volume on my TV and I thought, what’s wrong with this thing? It just keeps being higher. And then, and then the, the bearings, I guess started squealing in our air conditioner about two months ago, Dr. Lewis said, I think that’s bearings on there going out. Well, I noticed when that started happening, the Dyson air filter went up to critical levels and I thought, well, that’s probably a fluke and it’s getting close to December. You know, we’re, we’re getting a new filter. Um, but ironically we had to have our inside unit replaced on our air conditioner during all this also. But the minute it happened, the Dyson went back down to no noise at all. So we were in Halen Freon. That’s why I talked to you about the environment and toxic air affects the heart through the olfactory nerve. And you know, here’s the other thing, I’m going to get into some specifics here in a minute, but, and I told my cardiologist, which I very, very much like, I was luck luck, lucked out because hand of God always is on me. He was a good guy, but they said, no, no, no. And heck no, don’t take any homeopathics, nothing, no vitamins, no minerals. And I’m like, I told him, I said, I’m gonna submit to authority cause I came in asking for your help. And I said, I appreciate you saving my life. He said, I didn’t save your life. God did, which made me like him even more. But then it talks about, coenzyme Q 10 is an energy field for your heart statins, deplete coenzyme Q 10. Then you’ve got L carnitine. I love, love, love, love our L carnitine. Uh, it’s, it’s, uh, supplementation of L carnitine after a heart attack increases the survival rate and makes it much less likely that you’ll suffer a second heart attack. Magnesium relaxes arterial walls, reduces blood pressure, makes it easier for the heart to pump blood nice and will lower your triglycerides and the bad kind of the LDLs and most specific, the VLDLs, omega threes. They said, no, no, no. Hey, oh no, don’t take a maga threes. And it’s like, well, we got the good fish oil is three times more absorbable. And uh, and you’ve gone back to adding to it. I know the bottle says one, but if you’re a cardiac risk, you really are to consider doing two of them. Show me the research says one’s good. So dr. Lewis takes two. Okay. There’s a reason for that. And we’ve added because since dr. Lewis’s incident, uh, we’ve added back in our CoQ 10, 300 milligram. And I can tell a difference when I take it. That’s a huge thing for people with heart issues at all or heart problems. And you got NATO kinase, which is a clot buster, other supplements, and I’m taking them all now is vitamin C, curcumin, resveratrol, uh, and different flavanols, flavonoids and polyphenols, uh, which would be Cuse and bromelain. Uh, so that that’s the general. And, and this is, this is out of a book, you know, research. One of the best things you can do is called nitric oxide revive. And it’s like, there’s other reasons you should take it, but it’s a time release to l -arginine doesn’t work on women though, just on men. Right. I mean, for other reasons, you should take it. It does work on heart stuff for women. It decreases the inflammation of the endotheliums, which means less likely to clot. And then you get a better blood flow to areas. Nitric oxide is what makes Viagra work.

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You’ve heard me say that. Does it work on women? Sometimes when you get other things engorged, it makes things a lot better. So nitric oxide revive has massive cardiovascular circulatory benefits, but it also helps detoxify ammonia, uh, hormone secretion and immune health. Okay. This is a good one and it’s been real popular amongst the people taking it. A coenzyme Q 10 is really, really good. Uh, it plays a major role in energy production, which is ATP. There is one thing we want to say about dr. Lewis is heart attack because I know half of you out there are wondering and we would wonder ourselves. So we’re just going to put it to bed. Did he do a jibby jab? No, he did not. It was not any jibby jab related. They asked me in the hospital, did you get this vaccination? I said, oh, hell no. Uh, I, I, a bourbon shot and they said, you take shingle shot. I said, oh hell no. Bourbon shot. Did you get your flu shot? I said, bourbon shot. Now here’s the thing. Also, you know, I’m trying to be a little bit rough and tough because if I don’t, I’ll cry. He is sensitive to after this. So sometimes I have to talk for him. Yeah. The lady at the hospital, I talked about the major HIPAA noncompliance there. She called me later and she said, uh, how are you doing? Are you having, and it’s real common to have depression after heart attacks and other things. I said, well, I came to you mad as a wet hand, and now I’m crying like a woman at a lifetime movie. So I said, I’m doing fine. Just forget about the HIPAA noncompliance. And I said, you saved my life. Good God, I’m happy. Uh, there’s another thing in Proverbs that says above all else, guard your heart for everything you do flows from it. Keep your mouth free of perversity. So I’m sorry, I don’t some days, but you know, you kind of have to, to get over the crying like a woman at a lifetime movie. But the other thing we wanted to mention also, you know, we told you we’re sort of told you we’re going to get more into another podcast about this when we have, uh, the actual steps to do it. But we’re, uh, now because we’re partnered with a triple board certified, uh, MD, uh, she’s also, uh, uh, board of pain medicine and she’s also certified in the Academy of cosmetic surgery. So she’s, um, got lots of certifications. And she’s really easy to talk to. She will put your spirit at peace. Now this only includes five States where she’s licensed. Yeah. We’re going to offer integrated medical and nutrition services in horse, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, and West Virginia. Uh, people that are doing the nutrition and the supplements that we put them on, um, will also be offered if Dr. Lewis sees fit for you, the ability to talk to her about semi -glutide shots, uh, the compounding pharmacies will send it directly in the mail to you because it turns out that semi -glutide shots can actually help reduce your rate of heart attack by up to 20 % and also kidney problems up to 20%. And again, as I’ve said a million times, it depends on what research you read because there’s plenty of research that says, well, if you do this, you decrease your chance of heart attack 50 to 75%, you know, like just taking a good vitamin E most of it’s not, but yeah, there, there’s so many things. And I want you to understand that, you know, this may be a hodgepodge of information. I’m sorry about, you know, getting weepy on you, but you know, the, the fact that you started with us in the first place means that there are hope in your heart that you can change or we can help you change. This is true in our experience, even when the family members are not aware of it, but it helps if you have the family support. So your presence here is a reflection of your hope and believe at some level that you’re capable of change. And I told the guys and I don’t mind dying. I don’t mind seeing Jesus, but today’s not a good day. Cause frankly, I could have checked out. My spirit was right there. And I said, you know, the last 24, 25 years with Janet’s been kind of a lot of fun and I think I’m good for another 25 years. And that’s the reason I chose to live. It was that close and you know, yeah, now I’m fine. I’m fine. Yeah. Y ‘all quit worrying about me. My friends are still calling and texting. I said, but it hurt way, way worse than getting shot. It kind of surprised me.

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But uh, you know, two days later I was back in the office. Yeah. People would go, I won’t tell anybody, Dr. Lewis. And I thought, you know, you know, BS stands for bacon sandwich and belief systems. There was a, there was a game we used to play when we were kid called rumors or I think it was rumors or something where you told something and by the time it got back to somebody else, Oh my God, you know, they, they might as well been on fire. Uh, so we thought we’d just come on here and tell, let him tell you it himself. You know, he is fine, but I believe in my heart without a doubt that he went through this experience because it came into play right at the time we integrated with this medical doctor. And you know, she’s easy to talk to y ‘all, y ‘all people that will qualify to see her. You’ll love her. But Dr. Lewis, because of the way he lost his dad under medical care or his perception of it because he was a young kid, has never been a great fan of it. And there is a time and a place for all of it, not just part of it. You know that they need to save your life. You need to be down there. You don’t need to wait. And we’ve seen several people decide to wait. And it’s, that’s not a great outcome. So the whole, I think, I think maybe Dr. Lewis’s journey was about him marrying the medical stuff to the nutrition so that you guys get a better outcome. And I know he didn’t think he was going to live, but God told me when it happened, he would. So. I didn’t say that. I said I had a choice. Oh yeah, he did have a choice, but I knew his choice he was going to make before he chose. Janet’s always known more about my opinion than I know. Y ‘all know that. So, you know, I’m sorry, this, this podcast didn’t turn out exactly the way we wanted. We had all kinds of signs and symptoms and a lot of other research, but, uh, who knows? Was it the Freon? Was it this? Was it that? Was it because I was eating too much candy because during the stress, you know, my drug of choice is sugar. Caffeine is number one. Alcohol is a distant third, but I’ve cut the sugar out and most of the alcohol. So eight days after the heart attack, I said, Hey baby, can I, do you think it’d be okay if I had a drink? She said, well, you’re eight days older than you would have been. So yeah, go ahead and celebrate. But I I’ve never drank much far as volume never, but you know, folks, it, it is, it is so much, we saw a bill that’s not mine yet, but this lady had a bill for a stamp, $158 ,000. Do you know what 20 % of that is? It’s a almost $32 ,000. You can buy a whole lot of supplements from years and years and years and years and years for that. So folks, let’s make a wise choice so that while we’re here, we can be as healthy as we should be as healthy as we can be. Uh, you know, trouble is in East Texas, most, most of us rednecks take better care of our truck than we do the temple of the Holy Spirit. So maybe it’s time we kind of changed our priorities and I’ll be the first to say I should have. Hey, but you know, the supplements did work too. So it wasn’t like, you weren’t doing anything and we kind of knew how to slow it down for a while. So, you know, that magnesium under the lip does really work. Why are the rest of the coronary arteries a hundred percent, uh, clear? The supplements didn’t fail. I failed. And you know, it’s my responsibility and I admit it reluctantly. However, since everybody in their damn dog knows it, I got a text yesterday from Midland, Texas. Well, good God, that’s 500 miles away saying, well, I was told in confidence, it’s like, yeah, that’s 17 steps past. Anyway, here, here’s the thing. Yes, I’ll talk about it now. Yes. I want you to, uh, take good, good care. I love you guys that are very consistent with what you do and thank God there’s a lot of them in the labs have been improved, but maybe we should get a successful. So, you know, I’m going to go ahead to the inspirational part that Janet usually asked me about, and then she can follow up with whatever she wants success in your life or in your health requires people. So choose wisely, whether that’s choosing Janet and me, or whether it’s choosing a spouse that’s supportive, uh, the atmosphere you’re in will create the health that you have or the health that you want. Don’t be careful. Be bold. Don’t be stupid. Like I was, you know, be wise. I missed the wise part. Are you a viewer or a doer? Good question. Your thought life controls the rest of your life, what you think and what you speak. And that’s why I said, keep corrupt talk from your lips. That’s negative talk. And I’m preaching to me. So, you know, y ‘all be blessed. We will help you in whatever way. Take advantage of the 10 % off. Cause believe it or not, that really is a big deal.

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And, uh, we can do more, uh, to get you healthier, to increase your energy level, uh, make your life happier because you feel better physically. It spills over in your mental and your physical, your spiritual life. And deep down inside, you do know whether or not you feel at your peak or not. I knew I’d wasn’t at my peak and I thought it’ll pass. It’ll pass. It’ll be fine. My, my lab numbers actually looked worse than Dr. Lewis’s and whenever the heart attack happened for him and that machine was going off in the background of his room after his surgery, I called our, one of our practice management, uh, nutritionist and talked to him and he said, you had the heart attack, didn’t you? I said, wasn’t me. It was Dr. Lewis. So, you know, in your gut, you know, you’re not right. So if you’ve not done your lab recently, this is a great opportunity to do that. It’s coming up toward the end of the year. A lot of you guys have health savings account money you have not used. So it’d be a good opportunity to get yourself back in peak condition. And we appreciate you listening to our show. Again, the code word is health, H E A L T H. It’s all lowercase letters per the coupon. It is good until the end of November and it is just on the lab. And, uh, if you’ve not done our lab, go to greenwisdomehealth .com, fill out the health survey. It’ll direct you or should direct you to the correct panel. And if you don’t like that, Dr. Lewis is really good about calling people and talking to them as well. And Dr. Lewis has one final thing to say. You know, you were born to live big, to love to create and to really express the miracle that you are. And I’ve got one thing to say about miracles. Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature. So take that action and let’s create a miracle. And we’ll be here next time on the Green Wisdom Health Show. Once again, our show has come to an end, but your hope and your health is only beginning. If you or a loved one are in need of a different outcome and are waiting for a step and go to our website and fill out the health survey, please don’t keep us a secret. If you know someone that could benefit from this podcast, please share this show with your friends and family. You’re only one step away from a life worth living.

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