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Is Your Service Engine Light On?

Microphone and computer; the blood sugar rollercoaster.

The human body often gives signs that something is wrong long before most people realize the problem. People often ignore these signs as just a part of life, or have had them so long they think it’s normal to feel the way they do. However, suffering from constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, anxiety, depression, chronic bad breath, joint pain, insomnia, and many other common issues is not normal. These things can be your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. The problem could be a stealth infection, heavy metal toxicity, an illness related to mold exposure, an unknown food sensitivity, or a number of other things. In this week’s episode we’ll discuss if your service engine light is on and what signs you might be ignoring, and some things you can do to help support your body to be the healthiest it can be.

Products Mentioned in Today’s Show

Turmeric Complex – The herbal extracts in Turmeric Complex contain multiple, beneficial compounds with documented ability to help modulate COX enzymes, scavenge free radicals, and promote physiological balance in susceptible tissues in a safe and harmonious fashion. Meriva®brand turmeric, a key ingredient in Turmeric Complex, combines turmeric extract with phosphatidylcholine forming a bioavailable turmeric phytosome complex that is significantly better absorbed than regular turmeric extracts.

Stress Adapt – Contains a nootropic and a blend of adaptogenic botanicals and nutrients specifically formulated to counteract the effects of daily stress, improve mental performance, and support healthy energy levels.

GI Support – Provides extensive support for the entire GI tract by addressing energy requirements of intestinal mucosa, structural composition of intestinal and colonic cells, microorganism balance, and production of protective intestinal mucus secretions.

You can also listen to Is Your Service Engine Light On? on our YouTube channel here.

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