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Chasing Sleep

Chasing Sleep

The most common conditions and lifestyle factors that cause insomnia include:

    Stress and Anxiety
    Back Pain
    Frequent Urination
    Hot Flashes
    Sleep Apnea
    Restless Leg Syndrome
    Digestive Problems
    Allergies or Respiratory Conditions
    Shift Work
    Alcohol and Drug Use
    Certain Medications Including Antidepressants

Products Mentioned to help with Sleep:

Kavinace Ultra PM – One capsule of Kavinace Ultra PM taken at bedtime for 5 days significantly improved quality of sleep as measured by the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (6).* Participants taking Kavinace Ultra PM reported decreased time to fall asleep, increased duration of sleep, and decreased sleep disturbances (6).*

Best Rest – Promotes the onset of sleep as well as sleep quality* Supports natural relaxation of the nervous system* Made with flower extracts and other natural ingredients Made with hypoallergenic, vegan ingredients Best-Rest Formula supports healthy sleep cycles by encouraging an easy transition to sleep and a restful night’s sleep


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