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Ageless Mind and Increased Energy

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Our special guest, Casey, is back this week to discuss the exciting new product Ageless Cell Revive. In this week’s episode, Ageless Mind and Increased Energy, Janet, Dr. Lewis and Casey will discuss how the phospholipids in this formulation help support the brain, healthy aging, and energy levels. They will also discuss a few other products and some lifestyle changes you can implement to support healthy aging.

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Welcome to the green wisdom health podcast, with doctor Steven and Janet Lewis, where you will learn about natural solutions to common ailments. And now, here are your hosts doctor Stephen and Janet Lewis. Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of the green wisdom health show. I am Janet Lewis. And I’m doctor Lewis. And we have our very special speaker back with us today. Casey, who works with one of our manufacturers to bring you the wonderful products that we currently have. Including the new one that we just started carrying called ageless cell revive. So the name of this show, and he’s going to tell us why it works. It’s called ageless mind. And increased energy. And those of you that are having the bad side effects of the long-term COVID symptoms, you probably want to listen up to this because this is going to have a lot of information pertaining to that in ways that you can get your energy back, your mind back, get rid of a lot of your fatigue. So doctor Lewis, what would you like to tell us before we add Casey to it? Well, since it’s so good for the brain, I would like to ask you, if you can remember to take it, do you really need it? Thanks. Go ahead, guys. Take and run with it. Yeah, thank you for having me again. It’s always, it’s always a pleasure to be back out in east Texas. Being that you’re from. Yeah, exactly. We want to talk about where I’m from. But over Dallas way. But yeah, this is a we gave him his green card to get him into Texas. I’m doctor Lewis approved, hopefully. Yep. But yeah, this is a really exciting new product. There’s been a lot of ageless cell revive that is. There’s a lot of chatter right now. I would say over the last couple of years around this idea of membrane lipid replacement therapy. And what I mean by that. So what ageless cell revive is is it’s a sunflower, lecithin derived phospholipid complex. And why that is so important is that phospholipids are an extremely critical component to all biological membranes. In the body, from the membrane that lines your digestive tract, the membrane that lines your bronchial passages, the membranes that make up the membranes that protect and house your both your cells and then also membrane intermembrane that houses your mitochondria. So and that goes along with the podcast we did earlier about diabetes and metabolic syndrome or syndrome X. The main cause of stroke, for example, is syndrome X, which is the same thing as metabolic syndrome leading to diabetes or type two diabetes. And as chiropractor I was always interested in the demyelination, things that DeMille are like infections, trauma, which is what I took care of as a chiropractor. Inflammation, which specifically diabetes, but any kind of inflammation, lack of thyroid function that you people with low thyroid, it goes further than just checking your thyroid. Nutritional deficiencies and that’s where Casey just shines like a brand new penny. Lack of vitamin B and allergies such as gluten. So we’re happy to have him here because he kind of has the intelligence and the knowledge to get technical. So I’m just like throw it in like God sorted out. Yeah, so all those things you just mentioned is that like the simpler version of what Casey’s saying about the mitochondrial function. Yeah, because Janet told me I get two technical and one case it gets technical. She didn’t say anything to him. She just smiled and said, hey, Casey. Well, I invite him to the show because he tells me all of this when we talk and I’m like, I don’t even know what you said and doctor Liz will probably decide for that. He needs to come tell everybody. Well, the whole point of it is that we do have people like Casey and other scientists that keep us surprised of what’s going on and why the products that were efficacy matters. Yes. We do have a great support team behind the scenes that you don’t know about. Efficacy matters is the deal. Are you noticing now that a lot of the brands you were previously buying you trusted are suddenly out of all kind of things? And have you noticed? I hear people say brand doesn’t matter. Why aren’t you in your third wife, all women are like, all supplements are like, okay, I give. That’s brand is really important. Efficacy is ultimately all that matters. I mean, we talk about this all the time, but we manufacture exclusively through for licensed healthcare providers.

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The only way that we sell a product is when a license provider recommends our product. And in the clinical setting, products have to work. No fake stuff on Amazon. And you know what that really means is that you’re not about just making money, you’re actually about getting people well because the ones that aren’t doing that and claim to be selling to professionals, but also go on Amazon and all these different places. They’re bottom line, well, let’s just make some money because the practitioners aren’t doing it fast enough. Even though one of the big companies says we know 40% of everything we sell on Amazon is counterfeited. And that’s one of the big companies we used to carry. And it’s not as good as it used to be. It used to be good when we were selling it. But when we saw that change, we started drifting away from that particular company, which used to be the big dog. So we try to make sure we bring you what it says in that bottle. Which is why Casey’s here with his ageless cell revived. I mean, it kind of going back to what doctor Lewis mentioned when he was kind of listing off those health issues at the crux of a lot of these things is mitochondria dysfunction. Yes. And kind of getting back, your mitochondria, they are the powerhouses of every cell. They are what literally drives life. They also act as kind of this canary in the coal mine. So they’re the first ones to kind of sound alarm in the presence of danger. And this is a lot of what is being talked about now in the functional immunology space. Is this idea of just a better understanding of what’s really going on in some of these different chronic inflammatory response syndromes. And what I’m talking about when I say when I say chronic inflammatory response syndrome or serfs for short are these historically been considered fibromyalgia, chronic lime, environmental illness, like mold toxins, chronic fatigue, syndrome, but a predominant symptom of a lot of these issues. And now you can throw long haulers. People with persistent COVID infections. And if the numbers are right on that, we are going to see a massive wave of people dealing with these types of issues if that 20 to 30% of people who are infected with COVID do wind up having persistent issues. This is going to become a really big deal because this is the newest one of those conditions that you can kind of throw into that sirs bucket. And we have a little bit better understanding from a cellular cellular level of what’s actually going on in these issues. And it’s a researcher out of Southern California, doctor Robert navio, who coined the term cell danger response. And this is really important and membranes are a critical component of this and why supplementing with phospholipids is kind of from a in building out these protocols to treat these conditions or just fatigue and in general why lipids are so important to maintaining the health of the cell membranes because the first thing that kind of goes when a patient is or a person is exposed to and I’m not talking about a viral illness like COVID, but there’s environmental toxins. There’s trauma, there’s stress, different pathogens, there’s injury. There’s a lot of issues that are a lot of environmental stressors, and there’s some kind of getting long winded here, but basically there’s a physiological response that’s designed to help mitochondria and cells survive the stressors. And that can be self induced by the way you think, and that’s why I always try to influence you to get quiet, look at your spirit, what are you speaking versus what are you getting because the insult to the brain is stressed because the adrenals are stressed in that releases cortisol and that has an effect on the hypothalamus and hypothalamus gets into the brain, which is why Casey’s talking about the age is ageless cell revived, and I’m going to talk about a couple of other things, but you have to support the brain. And keep in mind, one of the worst things you can do is lower your fat intake because 60% of your brain is white matter, which is fat. You need the fat, you need the phospholipids, you need the fish oil, you need the good, even animal fats are good for you. I think the only fats that are bad are the vegetable fats, like corn, soy, canola, cottonseed. So this is a fat. It’s a fat. I know you mentioned you could put it in your coffee, which it’s primarily polyunsaturated and monounsaturated, so these healthy fats that are rich in these phospholipids. They’re sexy. Can you say that again? Do that again, do it a little later.

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And these monounsaturated fats that play an integral part in the health of your membranes. So kind of getting back to the cell danger response when cells are exposed to these stressors. And COVID or coronavirus being one of them, what happens is imagine imagine you’re out here in east Texas and there’s a big storm coming. Right. What do people do? They get inside. You’ve been reading our mail. No, not Texas. They don’t get inside. Some of them get a drink in their hand and go stand and wait for the tornado. Yes, I do. Like a double. You pull the vehicles into the garage, you shut the garage door, you close all the windows. You basically you isolate yourself. And really like the little economy that is these towns stops. The same thing kind of happens with your cells. There’s a really important dynamic cellular communication that happens. If you can imagine like busy highways, hustling and bustling. But in a presence of danger, these cells isolate themselves, right? So they kind of, they use danger signals to alarm surrounding cells. They harden all their membranes, and they basically cut off communication with each other. The priority shifts away from energy production and just daily function to make life happen. Shifts away from that to surviving that immediate stressor. In normal folks, I’m not saying you’re abnormal, but in most people, the danger passes our immune system does what it’s supposed to do and cells return to normal. In some people, though, who generally who have these persistent types of issues and again to fatigue is generally at the top of their complaints, this doesn’t resolve. And so we have to use tactics to kind of kickstart kickstart re-engage mitochondria. It’s okay to come back out. Restore normal fluidity of membranes to allow these types of functions to happen. Membranes are really, really important. And they kind of get overlooked for a long time. They were just thought to kind of be this structure that houses your cells. Remember, I talked about the membrane says they get hard, then you get insulin resistant. So let’s dumb it down for just a second. Hey folks out there, there’s like putting start and fluid in an old tractor that hadn’t been cranked in 30 years, starting fluid. This is what the ageless sale river have tennis just laughing and giving me the look. On an animal this time yet. Well, it’s going to be. Right, so these phospholipids phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylinositol, phosphatidyl ethyl alamin, phosphatidylserine, are all used to restore the health of your membranes and membranes are really important to be as doctor Lewis was just alluding to. Not only do they act as environmental sensors, they kind of keep tabs on what’s going on around them inside of the body. They’re really, really important for. Nutrient absorption. They have to get these things into cells. They’re really important for receptor activity, being able to affect tissue sensitivity to hormones and other chemical messengers that the body produces. They have to be open like all of us men are open to whatever our website because we always hear it. We may not respond, but we are open to that Janet really rolled her eyes on that. I learned it. I learned it from you, it is a Lewis trite. Especially. She said be here, I’m sure that stands for bacon sandwich. I have a question because I know people are listening out there, they’re going to ask me this. Yeah. You said it’s a fact. They’re going to say, well, then do I have to do fish oil also since it’s also a fat or does this replace this? Are they different? It doesn’t really, it doesn’t replace it, they’re different. EPA and DHA, which is incorporated into cell membranes are just another form of fat that is found in found in cellular membranes. Remember need more that to replace the bad fats that they put in safe potato chips in the process footage you need a lot of different types of good fat to replace that. So, so to speak, give your cell membranes and will change. More fat you have of different varieties, the better off you are that are good. The good fats. Okay, very good. And the more you get into fat, the easier it is to lose weight, but that’s an entirely different subject. So if we take more of this because it is a powder with a scoop. And it doesn’t taste bad. I don’t know. I take it in water, it tastes great. It actually tastes sort of like a protein to me for some reason. Right. Is it a protein? No. No, it’s a fat.

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But I mean general, general fat, fatty things taste good too. Like you think about a fatty cut of fatty cutter beef or ribbon ribs. Yeah, generally fat adds a really nice flavor. So that’s why we gave him his green card when he came to Texas because he talks about ribs and barbecue and rib eyes. That’s what we relate to here. But that’s what’s great about this is implementation and to just your daily regimen is so easy. A lot of folks use it as a coffee creamer and replaces their current dairy based creamer. You can throw it right into whatever shakes and smoothies you might already be making. So if you’re doing a keto diet or it would be good for keto. People? Absolutely. Like you just said, you can just mix it in water and it tastes fine. Well, I don’t really eat much for breakfast and for some reason it makes me feel like I’ve it’s extremely filling. The benefits and fats is they’re very the very calorie dense. So you can consume a small amount of them and you’re going to feel full. And I can I can tell you if the company that Casey manufacturers, these four, if they’re making this product, they have done some extensive research to come out with a new product about what’s going on with the fatigue and everything because they don’t put out tons of new products all the time. So there must have been a lot of thought into this before you actually came out with it. It is so this whole idea around lipid replacement therapy, which this technically is, like I said, it’s kind of all the, it’s all the rage right now in the functional immunology world as we better understand the roles of these membranes, especially in as it relates to immune health, which is a huge obviously a huge topic. Did y’all hear that? Immune health. Pay attention rate between the lens. Well, because you know there’s more coming down the line. This particular issue in the United States is not over. So as fall comes in again. So yes, yes. We need to really, really ramp up our immune health. Now’s the time to buy an extra bottle or two of these things and put it in your body where it can manifest as blessings with better immune health and I’d like you to address that a little bit as well because as this keeps unfolding more and more companies are like, we just don’t have this product anymore. We don’t have that product anymore. So far, you all have really kept it together. Other than the one product of college in which I’m going to have you speak about and why you don’t have that, but how is it looking for what you all have going on? Do you see that we’re beginning to run out? Is it getting harder to get a hold of these things? There’s a few things depending where they come from in the world that are a little bit more challenging. Than others, I think a lot of raw material vendors had kind of we’re really now starting to feel the effects of diminished manufacturing capacity. And this is obviously been manifesting for a couple of years now as it relates to different countries policies around COVID. But for a really long time, these raw material vendors couldn’t, they’re manufacturing hours and manpower were cut back significantly. Collagens are collagens really unique in that it’s not just, it’s not just collagen, right? It’s a combination of three trademarked raw materials. And when we’re considering putting formulas together, we’re seeking out the absolute best individual raw materials that we have available from around the world. And we were very transparent about the raw materials that we source. So in that particular product, we actually we created all of the labeling, all of the marketing, all of the things that went along with our product around these three trademarked raw materials. And that’s obviously a really good thing because you know that what you’re getting has demonstrated safety and efficacy in human clinical trials. But at the same time from a manufacturer’s perspective, you can really put yourself in a bind if one of these vendors is having an issue with their raw material. Because they might not be the only supplier of that, particular you know, there’s more than one vendor of vitamin B 12. But there’s one or two that are probably the best. And we’re sourcing the absolute best, and like I said, we branded everything with that particular trademark.

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So as it relates to the collagen, the oral hyaluronic acid has it comes from Barcelona, Spain, a lab called bio iberica for whatever reasons they’re just significantly challenged on the manufacturing front and they have zero raw material available and have for some time now. We could. If we were more disingenuous company, we could just go source another oral hyaluronic acid. And nobody would probably ever know. But that’s just not the way that we function. So while it’s it pains me and I know it’s frustrating for all of you who have been getting the benefits of that product to not be able to get access to it. We would rather back order a product than go source an inferior raw material. So let me repeat that in case you said, if we were not disingenuous, is that a correct term? Well, there are some companies that have more ways to take your money that are really full of lawyers, Casey and his company are not like that. It’s the real deal and that’s why B 12 methyl supreme. They have Quattro folic. Because that’s the better, more absorbable, more utilized folic acid for those of you that have the 5 MTHFR genetic SNP. And that’s why you guys fill this stuff work. And I’m addressing this again. We talked about it on our last show, but I can’t tell you the people that’s called up and says, well, just tell me something else that we can buy. I can’t tell you something else you can buy because I’d be telling you a story. I don’t know of anything that works that well. And me with my great intelligence and clarity of mind, I saved like going back to your ex-wife. We don’t want to go backwards. And so we’re going to wait on the good stuff with the college. And if y’all don’t mind. And we’re going to wait on our company to tell us for Casey to tell us which way to go with it because I trust his judgment. I trust how they lead us. They have not ever let us wrong. And we don’t have it, then we just don’t have it. We’ll wait for what comes in. Hopefully it’s back much sooner than later. I’ve got a lot of people upset with me right now. Including my wife who takes it daily and we don’t even have any. So I’m on my last jar and I’m like, just putting a little bitty bit in there. We had a patient called the other day and she goes, okay, this is it. She goes, I have waited. I am now in pain. Again, give it to me. I said, I don’t have it. And she goes, then tell me which brand I can get in the meantime. And we’re like, I don’t know, you know, there’s some popular names of some out there that have their name on the bottle, but who knows if they work? I don’t know. Just pick one. I don’t really know. Yeah. Yeah. I wish I had some more. I wish I had better news on that on that front. I think we’re working behind the scenes to potentially mitigate some of the issues that we’re having with that particular raw material and maybe get something out there sooner than later. But we just have to go through all the proper proper channels and make sure that again it’s just there’s a lot that goes into using trademarked raw materials and we’re just we put ourselves in binds from time to time because of it, but it doesn’t give us that flexibility just to go grab another raw material. And again, that’s why you have a great reputation and that’s why the things work because you don’t just give in to something different. Right. And the best I can tell you guys out there and a lot of you already have, you can go to our website that product is still online and we have it as where you can put your email in to sign up for when there’s something that’s there. We will let you know. And that’s the best we can do. I don’t know how many people I’ve got waiting for it right now. I’m gonna need your entire truck once it gets here. So maybe they won’t remember if they’re not taking this ageless cell and things. Doctor Lewis, you had a couple of other products you wanted to talk about as well. Yeah, the B 12 methyl supreme. And I figured out about the 5 MTHF R genetic SNP that some experts say, 20% of us to 80% of us have, I think the consensus is about 50% of us have that genetic snip. And I started taking this B 12 methyl. And I felt kind of bad because that helps your liver detoxify through all kinds of different pathways, but on the 6 day Jesus part of the clouds and angels sort of singing Janet can tell you about 3 o’clock. I don’t take this one pill a day. Oh my God. She says, well, you’re not happy. You’re not energetic. I said, I’m always happy. She says, you didn’t take it. I said, well, you know that or you wouldn’t ask the question. So the other thing that I love, love, love, love, love, is GPC, glycerophospholipid, and folks you can’t take it once and think it’s going to do anything for your memory, but it makes a huge, huge difference.

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It improves memory mental focus, reaction time, and elderly individuals, which I’m not, but it also says in the janitor. You’re not. Janet’s giving me the look. The mind you’re at a childlike abilities of a 13 year old. Yeah, I’m chill. I know that. And some people say it might compensate for acetyl acetylcholine declined to aging, estrogen deficiency. So if you menopause, think about you need it. It increases production of dopamine serotonin and gaba. So these are neurotransmitters that generally come out of the GI tract, but if you get more than neurotransmitters up into your brain, you’re happier person. That’s one thing that the B 12 methyl supreme helps with because of its activated B 6 and that helps the neurotransmitters cross the blood brain barrier. It does this GPC does things like brain repair in Alzheimer’s and dementia support. And I won’t go into it. You just need to take it before you start acting like you get dementia. And I’m much, much mentally sharper than I was before I started taking these products. Yes, I’d like to throw in something about that. Oh God. It’s a good thing. I can tell you if he doesn’t do that GPC liquid. He is searching for words and answers, and you saw how fast he heard, just how fast all that just came out. Yeah, usually when I hesitate is because I’m trying to find a more gentlemanly, a better Christian way of saying it because I’m real good about saying half ass and BS. Well, we shouldn’t. We were around his siblings this weekend, which have that MTHF. Problem. So that’s the B 12 he talked to. And I’ll have foot drop, which is a neurological issue. I thought that say he knows these things because they’re still in his head now, because of his brain. Yeah, but I’ve done my brain out to play with it. It’s not in my head anymore. It’s my back pocket. But every one of them, when you ask them a question, they’d go like they had to search for the answer. But doctor Lewis is quoting the books from 1956 of the research article that was in it regarding those 1895 and 1825, actually. There you go. I know he told me about diabetes back in the day. I was like, wow, okay. And over 200, almost 200 years ago and we’re still not practicing what the book said in 1825. There. I don’t know which things doing it. I know that he does the methyl B 12. I know he does the GPC liquid. My dad is 85. He’s doing both of those also. And it’s helped him with a long COVID symptoms. Yes. And he knows, you know, streets and other states when we’re on it. I can tell him a store I’m at and he’ll tell me the intersection and the number. And how many miles it takes to get to blue Al Missouri. And he lost all that before we started adding all this in. So I’m going to say choline in general for that memory cognition. Looking at cognitive tests and seeing improvements and people with cognitive decline is pretty significant as a direct precursor to acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter that’s heavily involved in all of those factors of cognitive health. So I’m thinking, adding in the ageless cell revive, you know, I’ve not been on it long enough to differentiate whether it’s what it’s doing. You can take straight colon and you take GPC, you can take phosphatidylcholine, all are going to help in that regards. And some of them are faster than others too. You want to go for the fast one. And then you want to go for the slow one. So that you get that effect very steadily from now on. The one thing I want to say about GPC liquid, it is very expensive and people go, oh, it says two dropper folds. I’ll just do one. It’s for some reason does not work, which is one. You’re not able to tell it as fast. I mean, maybe it’s working. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I do four and very expensive is a relative term. If you’ve ever had a loved one in Alzheimer dementia care, TPC is not expensive at all compared to what you’re going to do when you put your loved one in a nursing home that specializes in memory care. Or what if you need it for your job and you can’t work anymore because you don’t have a mind. So that’s true. We gave my mother about 25 extra years of not having to mention a site way as me and my brother, the chiropractor, doctor Lewis, and then Janet came on the scene and you could see it and when she was in her mid 60s. And Alzheimer’s or dementia didn’t really kick her butt till about 88 to 92. So we gave over 25 more good years mentally. Well, Casey, would you like to add anything else into our show we’re coming to the end of it? Was there anything that because you drive a really long way to come be with us today? And we really do appreciate it.

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Our listeners appreciate it. They tell us they really like you showing up and adding something to our chaos. Maybe they understand you better. I don’t know what would you like to add in? I mean, as it relates to ageless cell revive. Consider, again, we’re trying to kind of whether it’s from just a general aging process or some type of stressor that’s induced dysfunction, membrane dysfunction, a critical and one of the primary complaints in patients who come in is just debilitating fatigue and when you consider what allopathic medicine has to offer if you come into that complaint, or you go see your PCP with that complaint. It’s antidepressants. It’s stimulants. It’s well, maybe try taking a walk. Maybe try going to bed an hour earlier. There’s really nothing, there’s nothing really helpful there. And they didn’t have the energy to do that. Right. This is really kind of that foundational kind of like one a long-term strategy to reviving cellular health membrane health, allowing them, allowing your cells or providing your cells with that critical nutrition that they need to perform at their optimal levels. Doctor Lewis, you got would you like to add something to our you hear now? Last two years more than anything, don’t question the science. And again, I think that’s BS, which stands for belief systems. Science was never questioned. We’d still be drinking cocaine in our coat given kids. Cough syrup with heroin in it. We’d still be spraying people with DDT for lies and we’d still be smoking the brand of cigarettes that your doctor recommended. It is normal and it’s wise wisdom being the principal thing to question the science. So it’s time for you to think for yourself, put good nutrients into the temple of the Holy Spirit so that it can function closer to a 100% of what God intended us to do. And then when you start feeling good, mentally, spiritually and physically, then your greatest triumph is when you’re able to bless someone while you’re going through your own storm. So let’s do it, folks. It’s well worth it. And let’s do it. Go to green wisdom health. Dot com and fill out the health survey. If you have not, you will see all of our wonderful new lab panels. We have just renovated on our site. You now can see everything that’s in them. It’s pretty exciting. Our new portal of healthy that everything blows into. So all of your documents are in one place. I’m still working on some of it. There are more features to come. But we have some very exciting changes as everyone thinks they’re stuck and nothing new is happening is a lot happening here. So get started today, go do your lab again and make sure you’re healthy going into this small. We hope you have a good week. Thank you, Casey, for being here. Thank you for having me. Welcome, and we’ll be here next time on the green wisdom health show. Once again, our show has come to an end, but you’re hoping your health is only beginning. If you or a loved one are in need of a different outcome and are waiting for a brighter future, take the first step and go to our website and fill out the health survey. Please don’t keep us a secret. If you know someone that could benefit from this podcast, please share the show with your friends and family. You are only one step away from a life worth living.

Products Mentioned in Today’s Show

Ageless Cell Revive – High-dose phospholipid complex for powerful immune and mitochondrial support. Phospholipids or phosphatides are an integral part of biological membranes, and they tend to decrease as we age. They are critical for cell and mitochondrial membrane shape, repair, and growth. Proper cell membrane function facilitates healthy cell signaling, which is important for energy production, immune function and regulating inflammatory cascades.

B-12 Methyl Supreme – Comprehensive formula that includes targeted amounts of five key nutrients designed to support methylation and homocysteine balance in the body.

GPC Liquid – GPC (glycerophosphocholine) is a supportive nutrient for the brain, kidneys, muscles, testes and other organs, and is a building block for cell membrane phospholipids.** Without the presence of this nutrient in the brain, individuals could not think, sleep or remember. GPC has a naturally delicious, sweet taste on its own so no additional sweeteners were added to this product.

You can also listen to Ageless Mind and Increased Energy on our Spotify here.

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