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The Thyroid’s Connection to Weight Loss

Microphone and computer; the thyroid's connection to weight loss

Thyroid issues are one of the most common health issues in America, and it can have many different symptoms. One of the most common symptoms of a thyroid imbalance is poor weight management. In this week’s episode, Dr. Lewis will discuss the thyroid’s connection to weight loss and offer some tips on how you can help support your thyroid.

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Welcome to the green wisdom health podcast, with doctor Steven and Janet Lewis, where you will learn about natural solutions to common ailments. And now, here are your hosts doctor Stephen and Janet Lewis. Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of the green wisdom health show. I’m Janet Lewis. And I’m doctor Lewis. And we are here to help you with all of your weight loss and thyroid questions I know that you have. This week’s episode is called the thyroid connection to weight loss because many of you out there are struggling with weight loss and it is the season for bikinis. So we want to make sure that we’re able to get into those and look really good. So we’re going to tell you today some shortcuts or maybe some long cuts to getting that body back the way you want it to be and what the thyroid has to do with it because we all know that thyroid’s got everything to do with weight loss, doesn’t it, doctor Lewis? I don’t know about everything, but it’s certainly a huge, huge player there. So what is it you would like for us to learn today about thyroid? What does it got to do with you losing weight? Well, first of all, it usually is the thyroid and the statistics vary depending on the book you read or the research or the doctor you talk to, but I’d say about two out of three or three out of four people. That we do are low cost lab work on probably three, four, 7 have a suboptimal thyroid. Well, wait a minute. When you say low cost lab work, why do you run lab work? I mean, don’t the doctor do it. I mean, haven’t they been told they’re okay? Why do you do that? I’m just asking. Okay. Asking for a friend. Well, you know, I love the whole profession, the medical profession and chiropractic may be in a chiropractor. Of course, I look at it more holistically, structure function, nerf supply. But let me just tell you a story. There’s this really wonderful medical doctor that came in. He wanted to talk to us and Janet and I was off gallivanting around the country like we do a lot in the RV. And Janet, my sweet darling a little wife says, I do not want to talk to this MD. I said, I’ll talk to him. He’s an ass guy. I’ve never met an MD that wasn’t a nice person and have good intentions. And so he came in, he was a real quiet shy, soft spoken, very, very nice man. He says, you’re getting our patients well, and we don’t understand how you’re doing it. And I said, well, God’s a lot smarter than you and me. And we’re trying to help people. We’re just doing it differently. I just throw in nutrients that your body uses for the greater good. And he says, okay. And so I asked Janet to go get this particular lab. Once she got here, my sweet wife said she didn’t want to talk to the sim day, but I said, now you’re here, what do you tell the stock for about thyroid? And she gave me the look. I have no idea what the look is. You eyes out there, have no idea what the look is. In any way, this light he had a three point something on her TSH. And that’s what most people run TSH, which is not thyroid. That is the thyroid stimulating hormone. It comes out of the pituitary in the brain. And it was a three. And the range goes up to 4.5 in Janice says, what would you do with this person? He says nothing. She’s my patient, too. I don’t do anything. It’s well within the range it’s normal. And I’m thinking it’s not normal, it’s common. There is a difference. And Janet says, well, if it doesn’t go down around 1.5, that means the brain is putting out the signal and the thyroid’s not using it. And she will be overweight. Can’t lose weight and be thyroid crazy. And he said, I’m noticing my practice, it has to be about a two or below before people can begin to lose weight. And then it said, what would you do with this T three uptake, which was the 27? He’s just not, and that’s within the range from 24 to 35. And Janice says, well, that’s usually environmental estrogen mimickers, which we’ll get to the toxins in why that stops or slows our weight loss. She says, why is it it’s okay down to 24, but holy Jesus, you’ve got to treat it at a 23. She said it’s just degrees of stress caused by estrogen mimicking plastics pesticides fire retardants et cetera. And if she’s got this, this light will be thyroid crazy. You can’t live whether she’ll be fat. Can’t lose weight and she’ll have no desire for sex and a guy wonderful man. Uncross his arms took his glasses off leaned across the desk and looked at Janet in the eyes and said, can I bring my wife in to see you? Yeah, and you know the reason I knew that was a problem is because of my own personal health issues of them telling me that my thyroid was right from a hysterectomy, they looked at it and said, oh no, your thyroid looks great. I thought then why am I a size 12 and I’ve gone from a 130 pounds up to a 149 in like 6 months.

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I thought there is something not right here, but that’s fine, which led me on a journey to figure out why. And like doctor Lewis said the different parts of the thyroid, the TSH is just your brain getting the signal. Yes, getting a signal. That’s not your true thyroid function. My thyroid function, which probably don’t mean much to you right now, but when I had my lab run, it was a 2.8 free T three. It looks okay. That looks in the normal range, but I was huge at that point. Optimizing it to over three caused me to go back down to a size 6 8 and back to my 130 pound weight. So that is a huge difference in on a marker that doesn’t look that big. And I’m confused here because I used to tell people Janice 5 foot 432 pounds. She says, Steven, I’m not that fat. Of course. A lot of pounds. Might have been when she was thyroid crazy, but I would never say that. And that’s what it causes. It causes things like slow metabolism, heart functions, not right. So you have heart palpitations. Poor digestion. So you have more constipation issues. You have a lack of energy. And so many people are suffering with that right now. It’s like, no energy. Their appetite is not good. But there’s another part to that though. It usually if you feel better after exercise, you probably have a low thyroid. Well, you’d have said low energy. What’s the other part of that? The other party is if you feel worse after exercise, that’s usually a sign of your adrenals have in poor function. How interesting you have to nourish incorrect adrenal function before taking on your thyroid healing because the thyroid will not heal until you have your adrenals working. They run off of each other. They can’t HPA axis. Thyroid pituitary. You know, it’s cool. That’s why I like it. That’s why I like listening, aka being a part of the show. Because I learned things from you that I’ve never heard before. It’s like this little dictionary of knowledge. It’s usually slamming Perkins. I’ve never heard that about the exercise thing about what is it again if you want to exercise? Well, if you feel better after exercising, you probably have a low thyroid. But if you feel worse, it’s probably you need to heal your adrenals and the problem is here’s the issue folks. If you want to get well, you have to commit time to it because not everybody gets well because there are limitations, physiologically, there’s limitations to time. And you have to give your body time and people unfortunately, people quit way too soon. It usually takes a couple of years just to fix your adrenals because you have to get rid of a lot of the stressors, which can be mental that you create yourself, but it’s many, many times it’s mold, you’re don’t know you’re getting it. It’s the story we tell about us being crop dusted in Mississippi and Louisiana, two different times. Thyroid things that cause thyroid inflammation or the cytokines that create that in an unrelenting cytokine storm can lead to cancer and a lot of other things. The best thing you can do for your thyroids give up grains and people say, I had a friend says, well, you United States Department of Agriculture says you should eat 6 to 11. Servings of grain per day. Of course, he was about a hundred pounds more than me. Ten years younger and sitting on a heart attack. And I said, when you had your FA calf. What did you do to make it fat? He said it grain, he’s oh crap, you call me. And I totally message you’re sitting on a heart attack. Now keep in mind, I’m not an MD, but about three weeks later, when he had his heart attack, which he refuses to say heart attack, he causes instant his girlfriend says please don’t tell him I told you so. And I said, you know, I’m a rub his nose in it. Grain grain grain is not good for you. Those books have been written and you have to get rid of grain. There’s no such thing as almost gluten free. And I had a sweet darling lady say, well, you can get Ezekiel bread. It’s gluten free. No, I looked at him yesterday. They’re not gluten free. No, no. But I couldn’t tell her she’s a sweetheart. Processed junk food, which is most of us. And people, I have people say, well, I can’t lose weight, and I’m taking all your supplements. Well, you’ve got to change the way you eat. You have to change what you eat, you have to change how much you eat, you have to be realistic. And that’s why I quit friending patients on Facebook is because they would show me pictures of their cinnabon or their meals that they’re eating. And then they grab at me about not losing weight, and it’s like, you know, you eat 14 times more than I do. Artificial sweeteners and colors. People say, well, sweet, sweet darling lady down around Fortnite, so I just talked to her a couple of days ago.

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She says, well, I’m taking this supplement and I’ll quit it if you want me to, which I love you, Melinda for being that way. But what’s your take and has aspartame or sucralose in it, which actually tricks the brain into depositing four times more fat than sugar and sugar is not good for you in high fructose corn syrup is horrible for you. Wait, wait, wait. You were talking so fast today. I know. So like, man, you’re putting out information here that I’m not absorbing well. What did you say about sucralose against fluid down the Texas way, please? Oh, you want me to talk like Sam Elliott, but my voice won’t go that low. Tell me about sucralose actually being worse for you than sugar. Oh, big time. It tricks your brain. It causes neuro excitatory hormones and it causes you to want more and more and more and more. And basically helps your forces or stimulates your body to put down four times more fat than sugar. And sugar, we, way too much here in America. Okay, so is that like diet drinks? The worst you can do if you’re going to drink a drink, drink the one with high fructose corn syrup, and that is not good for you. Interesting. All these people think they’re losing weight doing diet drinks and things with Superman. This is diet. You need to stay the heck away from it. And tap water contaminants. Hey folks, people say, but I’m drinking well water. I said, have you ever tested it? At one point we lived in a place had 300 foot whales and peeps. Do you drink the wealth of water? I said, not after it not until it goes through reverse osmosis. And I said, why? Because I’ve got a friend that’s a dairy farmer for miles away. I don’t know what he’s putting into water that’s coming to us. And that was another thing I learned from you, just this weekend. You talk about tap water. This is, you know, it don’t have anything to do with weight loss. But it does have to do with wildlife and tap water. I was buying this expensive sugar stuff to give our hummingbirds because they’re coming up now. And you go through it really fast when you get a lot of hummingbirds, we live on the like. And doctor Lewis said just by some sugar and put it in water and give it to them while I was reading the recipe because I’m going to be a CD I have to do it right. And it said. Will you marry me? That’s variable in. So I could handle. And it said to boil the water with the sugar, bowl the water, and then put the sugar in there, I guess, and let it dissolve, and I thought, oh my God, this is time consuming. Maybe I should just buy the expensive stuff. And doctor Liz said, why are you why are you bowling the water? And I said, does that too? He said, well, if you’re using tap water, because it’s even contaminating the hummingbirds. And people know that. So it kills them. And so he said, if you’ll just use reverse osmosis. And don’t use the one with the red, that’s not good for the hummingbirds. Yeah, and it’s like, well, even they tell you that, knowing it’s killing the birds, but we’re over here drinking that like it’s fine. Yeah, if you understood what fluoride did you revolt against the government, I’m not saying you should, but you would. Go ahead. Vegetable oil. Horribly horribly inflammatory. It causes the cells to become rigid and that’s why fish oil borage oil flaxseed oil. Some of the other ones. And it has to be a good quality. But they make the cells more flexible rather than the corn, canal is poison. That’s why fried foods are so bad for you. But the vegetable will cause your cell walls to be rigid and then you become insulin resistance. Now, there’s books written the race in your fats because you have insulin resistance. And I don’t mean to be offensive. By saying that word, but I’m here to help you. And if I can say something that will change your life and oh, thank you, folks. That’s been given us reviews on Google and the three that lined up to do videos and I think there’s three or four more comment. Brian was the first one to do it. Got a he was awesome. I loved him before, but then Allen from Maine. Oh my God, this guy’s incredible. And then we get Debbie from Midland, Texas. And that’s a long way from here. Debbie said, well, my first one is 14 minutes long, but I was telling stories about me and you growing up how you require the rascal. The best that didn’t make it all the way through. Yeah, she grew up with me and still trust me as a doctor. Thank you, Debbie. I love you dearly. But you would not believe what that is done for people to inspire them to get help because, you know, we tell people this all day long, but it’s like, oh yeah, yeah, you’re selling something. We’re selling good health. Yeah, but to have people that it’s changed their lives and they go, they’re kind enough to put that on Google for us. Or a video one coming from Eric down in Fortnite is Texas. And we got one coming from Brenda who’s here local.

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And we’re talking about videos. Yeah, and it’s like, well, we have new people that are calling in now and they’re like, well, I’ve watched some of these videos, and that is so cool. So you are inspiring other people to get help and help, even if you can’t do it in your own family circle, which we all have problems with. I don’t care from Indiana, said she would do it too. And the thing is, she says, well, I’m telling everybody I can. I said, yeah, well, your influence and people you don’t even know. To get better to get healthier. We need to walk through this life together and be kind and be happy and lift each other up. And let people have help to the best degree they can because this is hard enough. And when you feel bad, you’re depressed, you don’t see the point. There is a point. I’m writing a new I said PowerPoint, but my preacher says that they don’t exist anymore, but I’m riding one of basically if you’re a Christian, why you should be healthier than the rest of the people, not that we can’t get sick too. And the thing is that we were offered to be a national platforms that’s plural platforms to give this talk. So we’ll see. Pray for him. Pray for him. Yeah, I got a rain in some of my thoughts. No, they have to be Christian thoughts. They get to make sure this what we call in or preacher because we’re not sure what you quote sometimes because it’s, I think it’s scripture, but it’s sometimes it’s job and sometimes it’s Shakespeare. Sometimes it’s a distorted scripture. It’s a Texas. But the point is that we should all help each other. So for those of you that’s helping us to help others by inspiring them, God bless you and keep you safe and healthy. And thank you for the maple syrup Allen from Maine. You’re awesome. Oh yeah, I’m excited. The candy. He said I could put it on blue bell. We’re only doing it in small portions. Other things are plasticizers that’s drinking from bottled water and it’s not that we don’t do that, but we, for the most part, just do reverse osmosis. Dairy, which is the casein, the protein and dairy soy and soybean foods that also includes the is this what stops thyroid? Yeah, cows is the cytokine storm. Undiagnosed infections. H pylori. Why would you have H pylori because you don’t have enough stomach acid? Why don’t you have enough stomach acid? Because they poo pooed salt years ago and you need the chloride to make hydrochloric acid. And if you have higher hydrochloric acid, even though you have the symptoms of it, you’re really almost always too low. But if the hydrochloric acid is higher, then you’re going to be able to kill H pylori disease and parasites and strap and all those can create cytokine storms in the thyroid. And he won’t be bloated. Let’s sign of H pylori that you’re completely bloated and you can’t go to the bathroom. You’re very constipated. And water hurts your stomach. If you drink water, and it hurts your stomach, you can always go to your MD and get the H pylori test, and there’s have drugs for that. We use supplements that according to the FDA, we can’t cure anything, but if you throw it in there, God can’t. What you’re saying, like increasing your hydrochloric acid, like we use hydrochloric acid on a lot of patients here. Yeah, digestive essentials and B ten hydrochloric acid. If it’s super low and you can see that on chloride on the lab. Speed your bowel movements up. Yep, and we’re going to get to that too. Other things. Other things that can hurt your thyroid and actually cause inability to lose weight is exercising vigorously. Oh no, you’re supposed to exercise. Yeah, but not bigger asleep because you don’t. Some people don’t give your body time to heal after breaking down that imbalanced hormones. I could go on and on and on and on and on about that. And that’s the indirect and disrupting estrogen mimicking plastics pesticides. And all that. And Janice said the other day, God, is there not a man left in the world, they’re all Sam Elliott, and there’s no more Clint Eastwood. There’s no more John Wang’s. I mean, they’re so rare. There’s not that much masculinity. Well, it’s because most people, men have low testosterone and that takes a long time to clean your body out so you can begin to make more of it. That’s true because we see on lab how low the testosterone is in young men and brandy that works for us here. She sees the lab as it comes through too, and then her grandfather sent his lab in and she goes, oh my gosh, his testosterone tie. She goes, why is his so high and no one else has high testosterone? I said, because of the age. Actually, the older man has higher testosterone. Yeah, but they usually have not enough free.

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So that’s why we check that and check DHEA. We do a lot of checking, but people that smoke cigarettes, alcohol, especially in excess, fluoride messes with it. Most white breads, but no, that’s not true. Most bread, if it’s not gluten free, I would avoid it like crazy. So well, you know the reason they want bread to start with is usually because they’re full of yeast and they have leaky gut. Leaky gut, I was gonna get to that, which I got so many notes here, I won’t get to about 90% of it, but yeah, you’re absolutely right. But one of the things you should do and the saccharomyces bellardi, what is that? That is a good yeast that goes in. It does not colonize in your GI tract. It grabs it hugs, candida, bad bacteria, yeast fungus virus. Hugs it and when you have your bowel movement, as we increase balm motility, it carries out some of the things. This does interfere with weight loss. This does interfere with proper thyroid function. I’ve seen people that were dying from C diff infection. And again, I’m not saying any of this cures anything. I’m not going to go there, but I’ve put them on massive doses of saccharomyces polarity and within three or four days I said, oh my God, you saved my life. I said, now God, did you’re just giving him something to work with. And I get in trouble for saying God, but I guess I’m not going to stop. Well, that’s over or coming off an antibiotic over antibiotic use too, right? It’s got something to do with using saccharomyces. Yeah, and you know why I’m so smart about this because I had some bad antibiotics and I had to after a bad spider by well for 6 years I bled out a fingertips armpits and places I won’t talk about for 6 years and Janet and I got really good at this because it was either that or me croak and thank God Janet is a good nursemaid and very patient and nice to look at too. But the other thing we’re talking about bowel movements one of the things that absolutely most people could really really benefit from is increasing bowel motility. Well, a lot of people don’t understand why you’re talking about bowel motility. Folks, if you’re eating three meals a day, there should be three trains or bowel movements coming through. So if you had three trains that go through a tunnel, are you getting three that come out on the other side or are you getting one or are you getting one every four or 5 days or maybe all the trains don’t come through or the cars and you have slept behind? Well that’s where the digestive enzymes come in. Most people really, really I’m talking about the large majority should do the modal Sue. Then it has artichoke leaf extract in it. And this is a relatively mild product. But it stimulates bile secretion. Well, what’s it going to do? It’s going to help your liver work more effectively to get rid of the toxins and we had Casey on here one time talking about the two hydroxy four hydroxy 16 hydroxy detoxification pathway. So I won’t go into that. But it enhances the liver function. It helps restore gut motility and improved digestion. And the other thing it has is Ginger root. Let me talk about Ginger root for just a minute. I love Ginger root. And the Asian when I started using that thousands and thousands of years ago, it helps that inflammation cleanses the colon reduces spasms and cramps, stimulates circulation, strong antioxidant, and effective antimicrobial agent. Protects the liver, the stomach, useful for bowel disorders, circulatory problems, arthritis, fever, headache, hot flashes, and man, if you’re wife has a hot flash, don’t talk about it. You might be a flash in a pan if you do that. You sure might. You need to keep that air cold at night too. Indigestion. So that’s why I went after a meal most people of Asian descent will cut off a piece of Ginger and eat it. So the modal suit is a kick, but no tent, no pun intended thing to do. The saccharomyces Bologna. I take some pretty much every day. It’s really incredible. And that once you take away the burden of the excess toxins, your thyroid’s freed up to use the vitamins and minerals that it needs, which we sell a lot of what’s called thyroid essentials. But it’s got the AC and E, the good ones. It’s got the zinc. And yes, there’s plenty of research that says, even if you have Hashimoto’s, which is a thyroid autoimmune disease that up to 200 micrograms is safe. And I know there’s some controversy about that. I’ve had really, really good luck, even with Hashimoto’s putting people on this thyroid essentials they’ve done real good.

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But zinc is the tracks vitamin, which means up to or tracks mineral, up to 20 times more absorbable. It’s got the selenium right about selenium. 8 pumpkin seeds for zinc and Brazil nuts for selenium and I’ll take zinc and selenium on top of that and my MD says my prostate the size of a 25 year old. And it’s got an acetylcysteine, tyrosine, ashwagandha, Google, resin, which really helps the cholesterol profile to maric root. Right. Is that something that someone can just take without lab? So that’s a safe product that they could take without having to have lab work. And it’s really important because these vitamins and minerals, they’re not just for thyroid, even though it’s kind of what it’s targeting things that the thyroid needs. I will tell you that one does give you energy though. You probably don’t want to take it at night, right? It gives you energy because you’re a high functioning. What is it? High functioning anxiety. I didn’t say it. All right. And it’s got two American it’s like, well, what’s turmeric got to do? Thyroid. You know, maybe in a chiropractor I used to put gobs of people along to marry because of the anti inflammatory effects on the musculoskeletal system, but other things it does. Turmeric fat free radicals. We need more of that. And protects the liver against different toxins, helps it detox much more quickly, inhibits platelet aggregation, which means you’re going to have a healthier cardiovascular system. It is anti inflammatory in the way that it decreases COX-2 enzyme. That’s a deep study. I won’t go there, but it’s really, really good for arthritic conditions. And I just want to start using it as a chiropractor. But it has shown to be stopped proliferation of rapidly dividing cancer cells. I’m not saying scaring cancer folks. But if you throw it in there, that’s why we change the world. Our car before it starts smoking. Janet’s got a really good analogy about that. You can read about it later. But it’s super, super good, even helps with psoriasis. And somewhat in Alzheimer’s and that’s why I take that every night. So I can have good cognitive brain function. Hopefully it’s working. It is so you talked about detox for weight loss. How do you detox for weight loss? Well, that’s different for, you know, we’ve talked about a lot of it. I used the environmental detox because it has the zealot clay, which bonds to a lot of different toxins. It has activated charcoal. The shallow sheet, which is probably, which is the good one, which is basically it’s full of acid and humic acid. And that’ll bind toxins like crazy. So pulling off the toxins and being free from things that make you crave bad stuff. Will help. And the saccharomyces does it too, because as it kills yeast, you’ll notice you don’t want bread as much, right? Yeah, bread, blue bell, Snickers, soft drinks, because it’s really that lowers your zinc and that messes with your taste. So you want to stimulate those taste buds and that’s why we mentioned aspartame and sucralose. And it really, really helps actually, I eat about 90% less sugar than I used to because I don’t have the yeast, but as I’ve told a lot of people, if you have too much yeast, you get brain fog because yeast will steal your thiamine or put out an enzyme to stop your thymine that you don’t get enough of anyway. And when I put people on things for that, they’ll call me within two days to two weeks and say, oh my God. My brain folks gone. And Anna women out there, you know, one of the first things they come in and tell me is that, oh my fingernails are cracking my skin is correct. My menstrual cycles are heavy or they’re real irregular. A lot of really heavy cycles. Some of those are anemic then, which compounds the problem. Or they’re bound, are brittle like they break bones easily. Those are things that you can tell all the outside, mostly. That you may have a problem with your thyroid, right? Yeah, and it takes time. There’s the thing, it can take two years to fix a fatigued adrenals. It takes time, folks. The people that win are the ones that don’t stop digging when there are three feet from gold. They keep going. And that’s why one of our podcasts. We said, for those that want to get well on the 11th hour, usually die at ten 30. You got to keep trying. Every day you’re up here, our job is to help you be healthy enough and have the energetic outlook on life so that you can feel good so that you can go get more accomplished. So you can be a better husband, father, grandfather, doctor, my case.

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So you mean taking step for one week and then feeling good a few days and then you get a few days that are bad. You don’t stop. I filled up my trip last week. I’ll never have to fill it up again, huh? I know I have stupid analogies, but still it’s consistent action that always wins. Always. And, you know, doctor Liz talks about these tests. I’m telling you these tests are not something your doctor generally runs. They’re going to give you a TSH, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen a TSH. Would we run the lab work? And we do it across the United States, so it’s not like you have to come to Texas to do it. You not only get a TSH, you get the T three uptake, like he was talking about. You get 5 different parts of the thyroid, not just a TSH. And for those of you that have been told you may have Hashimoto’s or an autoimmune problem with your thyroid, we can add that thyroid peroxidase antibody on to the lab to see what it’s doing. And we actually have products that will help stabilize your immune system. And then from my perspective, your musculoskeletal system. Hey, this is a thing that holds you up and makes you able to move. There gets better. And cortisol is also a part of that test. So if you heard something in the podcast about exercise and you’re thinking, oh, I hadn’t heard about cortisol. That’s all a part of our test. So go to our website, green wisdom health dot com, click on the health survey, fill it out, it will recommend for you the correct lab panel most closely matched to what you filled out. And that way you don’t have to guess or just get some things and hope you feel better. And doctor Lewis, would you like to leave us with any words of wisdom for this week? My God, he’s out of loss. Now he’s not lost. He’s never had a loss. Here he comes. I’m never at a loss. There are some scripture that says, a wise man for sea danger and takes precautions. But a fool or a simpleton sees the danger and ignores it and suffers the consequences. We’re only here for a short time. I think it’s very important and we make it very where you feel good, where you have that deep restorative sleep where you wake up with twice as much energy as you had. When you wake up and you have the mental capacity, oh my God, my anxiety’s gone. I can go be a better mother or grandmother or better sister. This is not about physical health as much as it is about mental and spiritual health too because you can’t separate want from the other two. Yeah, make life easy again. That’s what it does when you have the right stuff. Yeah, if you focus on the good, it’s funny, the universe multiplies it. You guys have a blessed week. We’ll be here next time on the green wisdom health show. Once again, our show has come to an end, but your hope in your health is only beginning. If you or a loved one are in need of a different outcome and are waiting for a brighter future, take the first step and go to our website and fill out the health survey. Please don’t keep us a secret. If you know someone that could benefit from this podcast, please share the show with your friends and family. You are only one step away from a life worth living.

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