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The Green-Wisdom-Health Podcast with Dr. Stephen and Janet Lewis-Yes, It’s Probably Your Thyroid!

In today’s episode we discuss:

    Could be an Iodine deficiency!
    Can’t lose weight or easy weight gain

Poor thyroid function has been linked to serious health conditions such as:

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    Acne or Eczema
    Gum Disease
    AutoImmune Disease


We discussed low cost lab work and mentioned the 5 parts of the Thyroid that we run in our lab panels

Signs of Thyroid Fatigue:

    Feeling like you don’t have the energy to exercise
    A heavy, tired head, especially in the afternoon
    Falling asleep as soon as you sit down
    Hyperactive Thyroid
    Feeling restless, nervous, emotional, irritable, sleeping poorly
    Frequent bowel movements
    Irregular menstrual periods or no menstrual periods in women
    Rapid, forceful, or irregular heartbeat
    Protruding eyes


Things that Wreak Havoc on your Thyroid:

    Pesticides and Plastics
    Soft Drinks
    Fire Retardants


Iodine Deficiency symptoms that you are not getting enough Iodine in your diet:

    Salivary Glands – Disables your saliva production, making your mouth dry
    Skin – Results in rough and dry skin and inability to sweat normally
    Brain – Lowers alertness and intelligence quotient (IQ) levels
    Muscles – Produces scar tissue, pain and fibromyalgia
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