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Supporting Long-Haul Syndrome

Microphone and Computer; this broke my heart.

Many people have been experiencing long-lasting symptoms after going through an illness. The cause of these lingering symptoms is still unknown, but some people have reported that certain supplements and lifestyle changes have reduced some of their symptoms like fatigue and brain fog. In this week’s episode, Supporting Long-Haul Syndrome, we’ll discuss some things you can do that may help support your body in dealing with these symptoms.

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Welcome to the green wisdom health podcast, with doctor Steven and Janet Lewis, where you will learn about natural solutions to common ailments. And now, here are your hosts doctor Stephen and Janet Lewis. Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of the green wisdom health show. I’m Janet Lewis. And I’m doctor Lewis. And today we are going to discuss a topic you guys keep asking us about that we keep trying to dance around. So we’re going to keep dancing, but we’re going to give you our best shot at explaining what we do and what’s going on. Now that we have your curiosity, you’re wondering what it is. I know. But we can’t tell you. We have to just kind of talk in code. The name of the show is called treating long, I’m sorry. It’s not treating. We’re supporting long haul syndrome. So we do not treat that. We just give you things that might help you get over long term chronic sickness. And you’ll just have to fill in the blank on what that is. But, you know, many things can help with that sort of thing. And we also have a symptom list of you figuring out if you have these long haul symptoms or the syndrome. So chronic immune system depletion. There you go. So we’re going to tell you the things that we do, the things we recommend because we’re getting another round of people getting sick and we want to make sure you stay healthy, especially going into this fall, you know, we’ve got Saharan dust attacking us now and people have a bunch of allergies. And then you have this virus stuff that just seems to be on the loose. So doctor Lewis, I think you should go ahead and explain what we’re doing. You know, before we started this, we asked God to help organize my mind. You know if you’ve listened to me before organization in my mind is pretty much nonexistent and I’m way off the charts today. I’ve got too much to say and not enough time to get there. So what we’re talking about is helping your body boost immune system. I’m a chiropractor, so I always approach you from a musculoskeletal sense. But if you support musculoskeletal, you’re supporting all the cells, which are supporting your immune system. So we’ll get into that. I wanted to talk about mushrooms and Janet kind of changed that. I’m going to talk about mushrooms anyway. Maybe he’s wanting to smoke mushrooms. I’m not sure which one, but we’re using them for immune system. Yeah, and I do not treat cancer, God knows you need a hematologist that understands natural stuff too, but when Janet’s first said, we talk about mushrooms and she changed her mind. She never changes her mind about me, but everything else may be. There’s a lot of cancer books. And again, I don’t treat cancer, of course, but mushroom extracts are used sometimes it’s mataki, sometimes shiitake, a turkey tail lines made. And the beta glucans that you can get from that. And this is in some of the books that talk about how some people natural doctors treat cancer. And that’s certainly not the only thing you should be doing if you have cancer, but other things that are anti proliferative, which means they kind of help keep the cancer and if it works for cancer, it’s going to work for immune system. And you people that have chronic fatigue, some of the anti prolific agents are selenium, fish oil, garlic, cat’s claw, mataki, diffraction vitamin a, vitamin K, of course, in bovine cartilage, which actually we’ve been proved our collagen has just come in again. Thank you. But that all might assist the cancer patient in this manner. There’s also a lot of studies that said, these nutrition supplements do not interfere with chemo. And there’s a lot of controversy and sometimes lies are told so much that people actually start to believe it. Which gets into one other lie. And I want you to think about it. There’s this big long line that’s been going around for years that says cancer can’t live in an alkaline environment. Folks, you know what BS stands for? Belief systems. There’s plenty of research and I’m saying this because if this is true of this, therefore it’s true in your chronic fatigue, long haul symptoms. The optimal PH medium for growth, the optimal PH for staff is 7.4. That’s alkaline, streptococcus, pneumococcus, diphtheria, tetanus, influence, gonococcus, meningococcus, brucella, abortus, and H pylori, all of those prefer and alkaline environment, and people are doing their dead level best to get alkaline.

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God has alkaline acid alkaline acid buffers in the body. You need to quit trying to manipulate that. A good, healthy flora, which means the microbiome, the good bacteria needs and loves acid, pathogens, love, and need alkalinity. And then there’s a study that it’s a very good study. I read it. It says cancer thrives in an alkaline environment. Well, you get on the Internet, it’ll tell you the opposite. Quit believing everything you read on the Internet. I’ve told people, I was just Satan tissues, is that control you manipulate you, put fear and doubt in there and people look at me. It’s like, well, what do you believe in sight or not? I don’t know. There’s negative entities, so. Well, it ain’t even that. You’re seeing what they want you to see too. So you don’t get the whole picture of other truths that could be out there that doesn’t fit into what they would like you to know. So you only get to hear what they want you to hear. So don’t believe everything you read because I mean, maybe that is a one sided deal, but there’s also a bunch of other opinions that don’t ever get published or get taken down. Because they don’t like the research. And what everybody should do in my opinion, let’s go get a good picture of the food pyramid and then eat exactly the opposite of how it says because on the base of the pyramid it says 6 to 11 servings. A brand cereal RAS pasta dot, and usually there’s a massive amount of weight in there and weight and H pylori go together. Yes, it does. People say, oh, I have GERD or acid reflux. I said, well, it’s weight or H pylori or lack of stomach acid, which goes back to the lack of stomach acid would be alkalinity. So folks, just because it’s been promoted for 75 years, you don’t have to believe it. And I had a call the other day, lady says, well, my MD tested my B 12, and it was 1300 something, and it was so high that I got off your methyl B 12. Folks, a bad B 12, Sino cobalamin can cause and will cause your lab to go high on your B 12 test. It doesn’t mean it’s being absorbed. And it has to be in large amounts for your body. Especially this lady’s age. For your body to have a lot in order for it to be available to be absorbed. So be careful who you listen to and even when I sit down to somebody here locally or own zoom or phone calls, I say, listen with a discerning spirit. Use your intuition, even when I’m speaking, you need to always listen to that. So owning, again, I’ve got about three four hours worth of notes and we’re going to try to cram most of it in 30 minutes. So there is some common symptoms of long haul syndrome. They are fatigue, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing, and we’re just telling you, we’re going over all this because we have many people walking into our store now that are emailing us, some are on shooting straight with doctor Lewis on Facebook. They’re all asking what can we do, what can we do? We felt like it’s our job to try to help you through it because I guess it isn’t going anywhere for a while and you need to be strong enough so whenever these other illnesses come along that you can withstand some of this and not be brought down. So if you don’t know what some of the symptoms of it are, there’s a chronic cough joint pain, chest pain, memory, lots of people say they’ve got tons of brain fog concentration or sleep problems. Muscle pains or headaches, they have a faster pounding heartbeat. They have lost their smell or taste, and I mean for many months, depression or anxiety, fever, dizziness when you stand. And your worst after physical or mental activities and they result if you keep these things and you don’t do anything to try to help it, the result of the damage is the following to these body systems. Your pulmonary lungs will be permanently injured, your immune, allergy response. Your mitochondria energy system, your heart, and your central peripheral nervous system. So doctor Lewis, I’d like maybe you could discuss some things that someone could take to help maintain or get better from many of those things. Tell us what mitochondria energy is.

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I mean, what are you trying to achieve with these products? Well, the mitochondrion each cell has a lot of them in there. And it’s like the spark plug that ignites the gasoline vapor or which releases the energy, so mitochondria are the powerhouses. And there’s a lot of different facets to good health. It can be community purpose. We’ve talked about doing good for others, diet, nutrition, and they’re signals the macronutrients and micronutrients total energy, glycemic impact. Signals, environmental signals. We’ve talked about the toxins and chronicity, whether it’s long-term shift workers, seasonal regular rest vacation, sleeping time, stress response signals and we do a lot of that with your cortisol. Some of the things you just have to throw it in and let God sort it out. And I’m sorry that people that are trying to get you healthier more and more being silenced. And I work with the medical profession. I tell people get lab and a guy came in and he had a horrible lab. I’m not an MD, I can’t judge this, but I knew he was within a week or two or very close to death. And I said, well, you need to go to your MD because of this, this, this, and this, he said, I’ve been to several of them, including the VA, and they won’t pay attention to me. I said my supplements are not going to help you as too little too late. There are limitations to time and there’s limitations to matter and call me back after his medical doctors paid attention to him. He says, you saved my life because he had some stuff going on. So the first thing you should do is get lab. Yeah, and I wanted to get there too because there’s an important test on there that we run now, but I wanted to talk a little bit more about the supplements you’re using and why the people, a lot of people already know about vitamin D, you’ve heard about vitamin D, you’ve heard about zinc. A lot of them are taken that, but zinc, vitamin C, because it comes down inflammation, the D is prevention. And it helps the long haul symptoms. But there’s a few other ones that people have not heard of. The mushrooms are one, like you spoke about. Which is the immune essentials we have, especially for people who have weak lungs, I take that every day because I know I’d be dead without it. Yeah, cordyceps is absolutely incredible. And there’s several others in there like turkey tail racing talking shiitake, like I talked about earlier. But there’s things like glutathione and in acetylcysteine or neck that I know people don’t really hear much about that maybe you could tell us why that’s necessary and if you have something that has that in it or is that like is that something you do daily or is that just when you’re sick or what do you do? Some people do it just when they need to. I’m more like, I don’t get my toe in the water. I die then and I try to live life a 110%. Complete is really, really, really popular. It’s got some good vitamin D zinc. And people say about zinc displaces copper. Not if it’s attracts zinc, TRA, CS, the real amino acid chelate system. So it goes through a different pathway and does not displace copper. And it has an acetylcysteine in the quercetin dihydrate. One of the things, if you want to get simple, multi element buffered, say, and it’s got it’s got some minerals to buffer it. But it has a copper manganese potassium quercetin and glutathione. Explain why that one is because it says multi element buffered C, you know, people are going to buy vitamin C much cheaper than that at the drugstore. What makes that different as a product? Because it is kind of expensive. But what’s in it? Three to 6 months worth depending on dependent on how you take it. What do you take to a day or four? Well, one of the things calcium, we don’t talk about calcium a lot because she’s sometimes usually you can get enough out of your diet. But did you know calcium lowers cholesterol helps prevent cardiovascular disease and bat along with the pulmonary issues or some of the things that are going out has to do with muscle growth and contraction can or may lower blood pressure, although I push magnesium more for that. But lower calcium or calcium deficiency can cause brittle nails, eczema, elevated blood, cholesterol, insomnia, muscle cramps, nervousness, numbness, and arms, but now one thing you’ve got to realize, you’ve got to have stomach acid to assimilate calcium.

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Now, this in the multi element buffered C yeah, okay. And some of the other things I like to talk about copper because you don’t hear much about it. Lack of copper, and I’ve seen this a few times. But copper has, well, if you have a deficiency, so you can have a dysfunction in hemoglobin and red blood cell formation. It works to balance with zinc and vitamin C to form elastin and this is not the most important thing about it lasting, but ladies, that means if you have all that, you’ll have fewer wrinkles. And it’s important, well, it’s skin protein. Healing process, energy, hair and skin coloring, taste sensitivity, it doesn’t mean you won’t get gray, but I’m getting gray very, very slowly. I just have my driver’s license. Oh, go ahead, go right ahead. Renewed. And Janet put brown gray on the form and I couldn’t decide. I couldn’t decide if it was brown or gray. And the lady said, we couldn’t pick both. You gotta pick one. I said, well, honey, you pick it. She’s just Brown. I said, I love you. So everybody’s hearing. Batman. Copper is essential for the formation of collagen and once again, the really good holy gs the best in the world college in his back in stock. You don’t want to type too much. Without taking out anything from it. That was the main thing. That’s why it was out of stock so long is because they did not want to change the formula because it worked. And we had Casey explaining that. It has magnesium and you hear me talk a lot about magnesium so I’ll try to be quick, but it’s a catalyst in enzyme activity. You’ve heard of, say, 300 different enzymes. I’ve read as many as 600. And it’s the enzymes involved in energy production assist in calcium and potassium uptake. So it’s like holy cow, important. But it has manganese in it. You don’t hear much about manganese. And it’s needed for utilization of B one, B one is the one that will stop brain fog almost all the time because you have too much east in your guts. It helps in the utilization of vitamin a and it has to be a good vitamin E, not the rector DL alpha to go for all that’s not a good one. And it has manganese has to do with overall feeling of well-being. Oh my God, people sit and pay attention on that one. A lack of manganese can cause high cholesterol, hypertension, irritability, so if your spouse is irritable, it might actually be you. But memory loss I forgot, honey. Muscle contraction. Pancreatic damage profuse perspiration. So there’s a lot of good things that’s in the multi element buffered C and then you have potassium potassium can help prevent stroke aids in proper muscle contraction works with sodium for the water, the body’s water balance, so to speak. It’s a significant factor in the development of high blood pressure if it’s missing. Now you got to be careful with potassium for God’s sake, don’t take too much because that could be dangerous. So yeah, the multi element buffer sees the simple place to start. I love the environmental detox. Which I tell people, take that at night because you’ve got to do two things. One, you’ve got to clean out too. You got to build. So you want to take some of these things at slightly different times. And the amino plate is good. The immune essentials, well, I think I’m going to die of old age with a smile on my face, but we’ll say. Because they say this long haul problem is clearly a GI syndrome issue as well. So that’s why you’re saying the environmental detox, right? Where you help pull off some of those toxins. I’m glad you mentioned GI and this is not planned and I have different notes and we don’t know where we’re going. We kind of think that adds to the excitement of doing this. But yeah, it has a lot to do with inflammation and intestines. Inflammation creates leakiness, which includes diverticulosis, but it can be a lot of other things. I’ve talked about. Nick it off. I can’t pronounce it. One word you can’t say. I’ve never known you to not be able to do that. I can’t say Nicaragua either. The Nobel Prize in medicine was 1908 for work in probiotics and we’re still not practiced in that over a hundred years later. There’s about ten times more. Biotics are probiotics or microorganisms than our cells in our body. So it’s very, very good. Inflammation in GI always go together. And that’s always a common factor. I don’t give a flying flip. What you’ve got, your intestines and inflammation are part of the equation.

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The intestines can actually affect gene expression. So think flora, flora, more flora, good probiotics. And one thing I wanted to mention on that multi element buffered C that is one product I’ve heard several people tell me they’ve gotten their taste back to the smell and taste. Just wouldn’t do it. I shouldn’t say never, but it’s usually not that simple. Right. That’s why we do the lab work. And some of the things about getting healthy would include weight loss. You’ve heard me talk about 40% of us are obese and a total of 72% of the American population are overweight. We’re going to get to that exciting feature at the end. We have something about weight loss at the end. But I also want to ask you about a new blood test that you’ve added on. It’s on the men’s panels, specifically because men have an issue more so with this, but a lot of people have probably never heard of this test. It’s called a D dimer test. And since we’ve had this long haul syndrome come out, that test has been a very important lab panel that needs to be added on, especially if you have these symptoms and women he can do it on YouTube if you have those symptoms we can add it, but can you tell us what it is, why you would need to know about that? Yeah, well, let me back up. You know, I can’t say it simply soaked. We made an executive decision to add that to the comprehensive plus male hormones and the super panel. For men, because we have a little bit more of a tendency to have the pulmonary embolisms, the strokes, the heart attacks and all that. And we decided to add the thyroid anti globulin antibodies and the TPO to the women’s because they have a little bit more Tennessee to have a thyroid autoimmune disease. And Janet threw her incredible negotiation. I don’t know how the heck she pulled it off. She got the lab to add those tests and we didn’t go up on the price because they came down. One of them used to be a $140 just in and of itself. And she negotiated. And I said, how did you do that? She looks at me with that little sparkle in her eyes as you didn’t have a chance, so just trust me. And God is good. He helps us. Every chance we get in everybody out there that is asking. That’s right. The D dimer and I’ve heard it pronounced dimmer, but I think diamonds. It’s a protein fragment. It’s found in the blood once a clot becomes degraded. And that can help in the assessment of thrombosis. That’s why I told it one guy said, man, you need to go back to your doctor. I’m sorry, they’re not paying attention to you, but you need to demand that because it’s D dimer and was like holy Jesus. And he went and got medical care. Again, we work with the body’s innate ability to heal itself and we work with the medical profession. Which if that comes back high at the doctor, many times they’re just told to take an aspirin, can you explain if you’ve got anything different if you think that’s what you’d use on somebody as an aspirin or could you tell us about anything you may have different beside an aspirin or what makes aspirin where I always think this story is great about what does my gasparin work? Am I going down all these rabbit holes now? Yeah, I’m not sure we have time for all that. Well, basically, if I had a high D dimer and I don’t, but I take these two things anyway. I take the vitamin E and I take the NATO canace and NATO kinase is a pretty serious serious enzyme used to support normal blood flow circulation in blood pressure levels. For example, that was the one we told you about our 70, 71 year old patient, and they said, well, you’re about 3% away from having to put stance in your carotid artery because it’s so plaqued up, and I put him on that O and vitamin E and the day with the vitamin K, the magic numbers, 180 micrograms or above. Oh, and we have a new vitamin D now also for you out there that are taking two. Two of the fat two 5 two. We now have one called D three K two max. So we don’t have a picture yet, but we have the product. So that’s 10,000 D plus the magical 180 micrograms of them. Okay, but anyway, this guy took his stuff. The E, the NATO and the proper amount of K and a year or so later, he has zero plaquing, and he’s, I don’t know, he’s 70 or 71. Of course he takes a lot of stuff, and he’s super healthy. He acts like he’s more like 40. But the D dimer is a very indicative if it goes high.

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You have the possibility or maybe possibility of blood clots. It’s a protein fragment produced by the body when a blood clot dissolves. Well, it can indicate the possibility of intravascular coagulation, pulmonary embolism that I mentioned deep vein thrombosis. Trauma bleeding, pregnancy. It goes higher. Liver disease and chronic high per coagulation, which means more than what you should. Now, I do the narrow I do the vitamin E I do not make medical decisions so I’ll never take I don’t give advice about medicines, but I can show you research that says aspirin. Double your risk of stroke and there was 84 85 different studies that said aspirin did nothing for heart health. And then Bayer in their infinite wisdom. Yeah, wisdom. That goes back to BS, but belief systems. They added a little bit, I think it’s 15 milligrams of magnesium oxide. And it magnesium is so needed for heart health that even the oxide, which is not a good form. Made the heart work better, even with a bad magnesium. And so because of that one study that it was actually the magnesium that helped cardiac function. Now they’re selling a billion a day or whatever they sell 1 billion 2, 3 billion aspirin a day. Now, would I take it? No. But we’re not telling you to not take it if your doctors told you to take it by all means you do what your doctor tells you. We’re just telling you the history of aspirin. And how it got there. But I read research and I have a good memory and yes, I take stuff from a memory and it makes a huge difference when I take it versus not taking it. And I read probably, I don’t know, a thousand research articles a year. I’m making a number up, but I usually read 50, 75 books a year. And not all books are good. Some of the books that are read are like total horsemen here. And I would like to say that if you guys are having problems out there finding a doctor that will help you with these long haul symptoms that they look at you like you’re crazy. There is a group of doctors across the country called the front line doctors. They won’t look at you like you’re crazy. You can follow standard of care. They actually practice. And again, I’m not an MD, so that’s just what they are MDs. They RMDs and they’re a group of them that are trying to help people be healthy. So don’t think outside the box at work with functional medicine doctors like what we do. Yes, so look them up. They may be an answer to someone’s prayers out there. Also want to mention doctor Lewis, you know, I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve had people call here or they’ll ask doctor Lewis. What do I eat? We’ll do lab work on them. We gave them some supplements. Doctor list loves to read. And so he always recommends a book to them. Well, there’s a lot of people that don’t like to read. They want this shortcut. They want hand holding. Think Trish from Pennsylvania. I love you. Just call me and tell me you’re still around. And they don’t know what to eat. They may something bad one day. They don’t know if it’s good or bad. They’re going to reunion. They want to know what they can have. And frankly, with what we have going here is enough to keep us busy enough. Too busy. Too busy that we want to be able to give everybody the care they need and doctor Lewis is not able to just hand hold like that. But what he has decided to do is very careful consideration and research out. In the different programs and finding the absolute best for the money. We are adding in an integrative nutrition concierge team. To our staff. And what that will allow you to do over the next few weeks, you’ll start noticing it on the website. It will offer you 30 day programs to work with our functional medicine registered dietitian and certified nutrition coach via weekly phone calls and in app messaging through our new program by neutrino body. So you will start seeing that show up on the website. We’ve selected about right now about four different programs, ones for and it’s not a diet plan. It’s a nutrient based meal plan. So we’re not taking anything away from you, but we’re actually going to be adding in the nutrients that doctor Lewis is giving you through supplements with blood work and combining those together so that you’re actually eating the things of some of the products that he’s been giving you. So it’s a complete.

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It’s a win win. One plus one equals three because synergistically they’re going to work together very, very well. For those of you that have wanted to lose weight and even a few that wanted to gain weight. Yeah, there’s one that’s going to be one for white. There’s one for thyroid. There’s one for energy. And I can’t remember what the other one is, but we’ve got a memory loss. What we’re talking about. But they’ll be on the side. I said they’re 30 day programs. They’re reasonably priced. You’re going to be able to just take pictures of all your food and just send it instantly. They make it easy for you. You don’t have to journal it, just take a picture and send it. There’s a lot of communication going on. And I think we’re going to put one of them on sale for a limited time too to just let people dip their toe in the water. So stay tuned for that. And we’ve come to the end of our show again. I can’t believe it. Hopefully you’ve learned something today with us dancing around subject matter. I hope that you got out of it. What you’ve been asking us and if we can help you anyway, sometimes just pick up the phone and call us because it might be easier than emailing or you can now if you’re in our healthy app. If you’ve downloaded the healthy app and all the people out there that don’t know what I’m talking about, if you’ve been a patient of ours, you are in our new program called healthy it’s where we share our lab documents with you now and we also share any kind of nutritional programs doctor Lewis. It’s giving you. But there’s also in app messaging. So you’re able to speak to doctor Liz, leave him a message. He’ll chat back with you because some people are saying, I wrote you an email, you never responded to my email. He does actually respond. We had a problem with our email at one point and some of that was going in spam for people, so they thought he wasn’t answering. He’s actually answering till 8, 9, 10 o’clock at night on the couch because I watch him do it. So we moved to this app to kind of keep it all inclusive in that way. We can keep up with everybody’s conversation a bit better. It’s healthy. If you have been a patient of ours, all you have to do is change your password, you’re in, and then you’ll be able to talk to him also, new ones that’s how we process our lab orders from now on. So you might as well get it now. Doctor Lewis, would you like to leave us with closing words or maybe help people go to the website and tell them how to get started if they’ve not done lab? Yeah, I always tell Janet, thanks for helping me be technologically more confident. Thanks for dragging me into the 20th century. She said Steven is the 21st. So yeah, go to green wisdom health and look at over and what I’d like to tell you is difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations, don’t quit. And in the happy moment, we should price God in difficult moments. We should seek God in the quiet moments. We should worship God in every moment. We should thank God. I like that. And like you said, go to green wisdom health dot com, click on the health survey, get started. If you don’t know what lab panels are best for you, it will actually recommend the lab panel that it decides his best for you based on what you fill out. And we appreciate you listening to our show. We hope you stay healthy. And we’ll be here next time on the green wisdom health show. Once again, our show has come to an end, but you’re hoping your health is only beginning. If you or a loved one are in need of a different outcome and are waiting for a brighter future, take the first step and go to our website and fill out the health survey. Please don’t keep us a secret. If you know someone that could benefit from this podcast, please share the show with your friends and family. You are only one step away from a life worth living.

Products Mentioned in Today’s Show

Nattokinase – Nattokinase is a powerful enzyme used to support normal blood flow, circulation, and blood pressure levels. Maintaining healthy blood circulation and balanced coagulation is a key part of supporting cardiovascular health. Fibrinolytic enzymes, such as plasmin, produced in the endothelial cells are responsible for ensuring proper blood flow. However, production of these enzymes decreases with age, which can result in increased fibrin levels. In vitro studies have highlighted that nattokinase triggers the release of substances that lead to production of other important enzymes, like plasmin, which help regulate fibrin formation.

Multi-Element Buffered C – Vitamin C is important for immune function and antioxidant protection, as well as collagen and connective tissue production. Multi-Element Buffered C adds calcium, magnesium, and potassium to ascorbic acid to create a buffered product that is gentle on the stomach. This formulation includes zinc, manganese, and copper in well-utilized forms. Quercetin, a powerful bioflavonoid, and reduced L-glutathione, an antioxidant, are included to potentiate the function of vitamin C.

Immune Essentials – Immune Essentials supports immune health with a blend of highly researched and effectively concentrated mushroom extracts combined with the polyphenol nutrient support of green tea. This formula provides beta 1,3/1,6 d-glucan and a range of bioactive compounds that have been shown to potentiate immune response.

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