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Staying Positive at Home

Coffee and books; staying positive at home.

Recent world events have caused many people to experience anxiety, depression, and even feelings of isolation. These feelings can take a toll on your overall mental and physical health, so its important to do what you can to stay positive. Focusing on the positive and doing some activities that make you happy may help make these times easier to get through, and this situation may even make you reevaluate your priorities. Let’s go over some things you can do to help you stay positive while you’re at home.

Things You Can Do at Home

Some people may be unable to leave their house for the next couple of weeks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it or make some personal progress. Taking a warm bath, watching your favorite show, playing a video game, playing a board game with family, baking or cooking, ordering food from your favorite restaurant, and journaling are all good ways to help pass the time and provide some positivity. You can also do any chores you’ve put off for a while like organizing your closet or going through old clothes. Doing a home workout is another good activity that will help pass the time and have some health benefits. If you are feeling lonely or isolated, try calling a friend or family member and talk for a while, or if you have a pet in the house you can keep it close to you.

We’ll Get Through This

These are tough times, but we will come out of this together and stronger than ever. Situations like these often help people realize what’s truly important to them, and not having sports or concerts to occupy our time may be what some people need to see things in their life more clearly. Although you can’t choose your circumstances, you can choose how you react to them. Take some time each day over these next few weeks to write down how you feel and what’s on your mind. Write down what is important to you, what you’re worried about, what you’re excited about, and anything else you can think of. Using this as a time of self-reflection could potentially lead to some healthy changes in your life. Focus on staying positive while you’re at home, and do some of the things that make you happy, and we’ll get through this.

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