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Staying Healthy This Season

Mug by icy window; staying healthy this season.

Around this time of year we usually start seeing more sicknesses like colds and flus, so we start getting more questions about how to keep the immune system healthy and how to decrease your chances of getting sick. This may be especially important for healthcare workers, teachers and anyone else who is likely to encounter more sick people. Fortunately, there are many supplements you can take and habits you can implement to help you and your family stay healthy this season.

Washing Your Hands and Playing It Safe

One of the best things you can do to help decrease your chances of getting sick is to wash your hands often and thoroughly. It is recommended that you wash your hands before handling food, before you touch your face or eat, after being in a crowded area and when you get home, and/or after shaking hands. You should wash your hands with soap and running water, scrubbing your hands for at least twenty seconds. Be sure to clean under the nails, and the back and sides of your hands as well. You can also use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when you are not able to wash your hands. It is also advised to avoid being in close contact with people who are sick when possible, and to avoid going to work, school or public places when you are sick. Covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze and then throwing that tissue away is another good habit to get into.

Diet and Supplements

Supplements are not a replacement for a good diet, but they can help provide nutrients you may not be getting enough of from your diet alone. It is always important to eat a varied diet that consists of lots of organic fruits and vegetables, high-quality meats, and good fats, but it may be even more important around this time of year. Eating a variety of healthy foods can help provide the nutrients your immune system needs to function optimally. Taking supplements that contain vitamin C, certain types of mushrooms, and elderberry extract may also help support the immune system. Products like Liposomal C, Immune Essentials, and ViraPro are some great choices.

There are many ways to help keep your immune system healthy this season, and eating lots of organic fruits and veggies is a great way to do support the immune system and other bodily systems. Engaging in light exercise a few times a week may also help increase blood flow and immune system function. So, incorporate more fresh, whole foods into your diet, take a walk a few times a week, get at least seven hours of quality sleep each night, and try some of the supplements mentioned above to help keep your immune system healthy throughout this season.

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