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Nutritional Myths in the Media – Podcast

Each week it seems as if a new fad or health solution is reported. Here are just a few of the “Myths” we will address on this show:

    • Saturated fat is bad for you
    • The keto diet is dangerous
    • Buying organic isn’t worth the cost
    • To much protein is hard on the kidneys and liver
    • All fish is healthy
    • Cholesterol is bad and eggs are unhealthy
    • Eating five to six small meals a day stimulates metabolism
    • Sodium is always bad for you
    • All sugar is bad
    • You can make up for a bad diet with supplements
    To control your weight, the only effective method is counting calories

Product mentioned in today’s show:

Lauricidin – Monolaurin is a natural, plant-based medium chain saturated fatty acid extracted from coconut oil that offers unique health-promoting properties.* When taken on an ongoing basis, Lauricidin® may help support a strong immune defense*, support a natural balance of healthy bacteria*, and promote a healthy balance of yeast

Lab mentioned in today’s show:

Comprehensive Lab –  The GWH – 3. Comprehensive Panel w Consult panel contains 13 tests with 102 biomarkers.

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