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Just in Case You Missed It!

Microphone and computer; early warning signs of a thyroid problem.

In this week’s show we discuss our new food sensitivity testing and why it’s so important to know if you have food sensitivities. We also discuss the differences between our new test and traditional testing, as well as the differences between food intolerances, sensitivities and allergies, and how they affect the body. Just in case you missed it, we’ll also go over some of the new products we have for brain health, our new organic protein powder, and answer some questions from our patients.

Products Mentioned in This Week’s Show

GPC Liquid – GPC Liquid is a good choice when higher doses of GPC are desired, and the dropper is calibrated to allow for easy titration. GPC has a naturally delicious, sweet taste on its own so no additional sweeteners were added to this product.

Perfect Plant Protein – This formulation combines USA-grown, sustainable pea protein with microbiome-nourishing prebiotics and antioxidants. This great-tasting, bioavailable, and easy-to-digest protein formulation is 100% dairy-free and non-GMO.

Vibrant Wellness Wheat Zoomer Bundle – The Vibrant Wellness Wheat Zoomer bundle is a great way to test for multiple food sensitivities and intestinal permeability from the comfort of your home.

You can also listen to Just in Case You Missed It on our YouTube channel here.

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