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Bouncing Back from Stress and Fatigue

Microphone and computer; rev up your metabolism.

With all of the things happening around the world each day, many people have noticed their stress levels have increased greatly, and we’ve heard many people complain about persistent fatigue. We get lots of questions about how to naturally decrease stress levels and increase energy levels. In this week’s show we’ll discuss how you can bounce back from stress and fatigue using natural supplements and some simple lifestyle changes.

Products Mentioned in This Week’s Show

Melatonin – This melatonin is provided in convenient, peppermint-flavored lozenges. When dissolved in the mouth, melatonin may go directly to the brain and bypass the liver causing it to work quickly and effectively.*

Immuno Complete – Balanced blend of flavonoids and crucial vitamins and minerals that provide safe, long-term immune support for all populations without overstimulating the immune system.

You can also listen to Bouncing Back from Stress and Fatigue on our YouTube channel here.

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