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Thyroid Facts and Follies | The Green Wisdom Health Podcast with Dr. Stephen and Janet Lewis

Fact: Underactive Thyroid may put you at an increased risk of heart attack – even if your thyroid is only slightly underactive.

Follie: All doctor’s understand the optimal range your thyroid should be in for proper thyroid function

Signs of Sluggish Thyroid:

    Lethargy – Fatigue and Lack of Energy
    Weight Gain
    Rough and Scaly Skin
    Dry, Coarse or tangled hair
    Hair Loss
    Sensitivity to Cold

Signs of Overactive Thyroid:

    Feeling Restless, nervous or emotional
    Feeling Irritable and Sleeping Poorly
    Difficulty Concentrating
    Frequent Bowel Movements
    Irregular Menstrual Periods in Women
    Weight Loss
    Rapid, Forceful or Irregular Heartbeat
    Lack of Menstrual Periods
    Protruding Eyes

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