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Reducing Inflammation with Dr.Carri from the Functional Medicine Radio Show

How do you reduce inflammation? Listen to this weeks episode of The Functional Medicine Radio Show, where we are Dr. Carri’s special guests and we talk about inflammation and how to stop it!

Main Questions Asked:

    What is inflammation?
    Where do cytokines come from?
    How does someone spot food that is non-GMO?
    What are some other ways for us to start reducing inflammation?

Key Points Made by Dr. Stephen and Janet Lewis:

    Inflammation is not necessarily “bad” – it’s the body’s natural reaction to injury.
    Certain foods will also cause inflammation due to cytokines and can lead to chronic disease.
    There are two major issues that we need to deal with: toxicity in our environment and bodies, and genetically modified foods causing inflammation.
    Soy and corn are the most modified crops in North America and they make up large portions of the average diet.
    Wheat and gluten sensitivity are major causes of chronic disease and inflammation.
    In the US non-GMO food is typically labeled USDA Certified Organic.
    In Canada non-GMO food is much harder to spot – a label that says “organic” can still contain GMO foods.
    Digestive enzymes and probiotics will help your GI tract heal.
    Filtered water, more rest, and a sense of humour can help with reducing inflammation.
    One way to tell if you’re suffering from inflammation is from your bowel movements, you should eliminate 20-30 minutes after each meal.
    Stick with the probiotics, it takes time to heal the damage done by inflammation. Many problems go away when you feed your body properly and detoxify your body.
    America is the sickest developed nation in the world.
    Increase nutrients, decrease toxins, repair the gut leakiness and replace that with friendly digestive enzymes.

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