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The Natural Way to Boost Testosterone

Microphone and Computer; chronic pain and its causes

Are you feeling tired, depressed, and lacking libido? You might be experiencing low testosterone levels. Low testosterone can affect both men and women. But before you rush to the doctor for synthetic testosterone replacement therapy, listen to Dr. Stephen and Janet Lewis talk about the natural way to boost testosterone.

Products Mentioned in Today’s Show:

Nitric Oxide Revive represents an extended-release nitric oxide precursor. Scientists now refer to nitric oxide (NO) as the “foundation” of cardiovascular health. This tiny molecule is a vasodilator responsible for controlling blood flow to the entire body, which may help support healthy blood flow pressure and promote the health of the endothelium—the inside of blood vessels. With age comes diminished NO levels; that’s why since 1998, when three scientists won the Nobel Prize for their discovery of NO, researchers have been working to harness its heart-healthy activity. Today, with the application of extended-release technology, that activity has been realized with Nitric Oxide Revive.

Testo Essentials Max features two safe, clinically-tested, standardized, and patented ingredients designed to support vitality and general physical and mental well-being in men and women. Numerous studies have demonstrated that PrimaVie® shilajit and LJ100® Eurycoma longifolia support healthy androgen biosynthesis, which includes modulating the influence of sex hormone-binding globulin.

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Speaker 0 (00:00:01) – Welcome to the Green Wisdom Health Podcast with Dr. Steven and Janet Lewis, where you will learn about natural solutions to common ailments. And now here are your hosts, Dr. Steven and Janet Lewis.

Janet Lewis (00:00:18) – Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of the Green Wisdom Health Show. I’m Janet Lewis.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:00:24) – And I’m Dr. Lewis.

Janet Lewis (00:00:25) – And we are excited that you are here today listening to our testosterone podcast, because who doesn’t need testosterone? Apparently a lot of people are lacking testosterone, so that’s why Dr. Lewis wrote a book about it. But today, we are going to educate men and women about how to balance it naturally. I know people are used to getting patches and things, but we have a little bit different approach, don’t we, Dr. Lewis?

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:00:54) – Yeah. I’ve never thought that, uh, disease was a lack of a drug. And, you know, everybody’s got an opinion, but, uh, success leaves clues, but so does failure.

Janet Lewis (00:01:07) – Well, um, you know, I think there’s maybe some hormonal issues that go on that people don’t even realize or could be a testosterone issue, and they’re different for men and women. Uh, you know, usually you hear men saying, I need testosterone used to them getting pellets, or,

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:01:25) – That started with Tim Allen going two the two men.

Janet Lewis (00:01:29) – Yeah. But why, why is that so rampant nowadays that the testosterone is low? I, I, you know, maybe that’s a better place to start.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:01:39) – You know, there, there are a lot of things, and, and it, it’s multifaceted. Well, our food is terrible. They’re genetically modified. And I know there’s some people say that doesn’t matter. Yes, it does. We’ve been to Europe and we’ve been to China. It does make a difference. The other thing is we have so many, uh, different things in our environment, 85,000 to a hundred thousand different chemicals that act like estrogen. And that’s why, and you’ve heard me say it many times before, little girls develop breast and menstrual cycle years before they’re supposed to. Little boys are getting more and more feminine. And if you hadn’t noticed that, you ain’t paying attention. And that’s why there’s, uh, an epidemic of, uh, low testosterone, only more low T clinics popping up and, you know, they’re getting, uh, whether it’s pellets or shots or whatever. But there, there are some real issues here, and that’s why it’s very important to, uh, increase your nutrient intake so that your body can ramp up.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:02:37) – Uh, the detoxification processes. We’ve, we’ve talked about that in the weight loss about, well, it is not just losing fat cells. You’ve got to deal with the, uh, toxins that are in there. And, and you have to be careful. And that’s why we talk about discerning spirit, because some people say, oh, I read this and, and it’s mercury, it’s mercury poisoning. I said, what are you gonna do about the other 85,000 things? And it, and it could be mercury poisoning if you’re taking, uh, high fructose corns syrup up, which is in all kinds of things hidden, you get a lot of mercury just from that. So, but there, there are other things to deal with. So why it, it’s because all these estrogen mimicking chemicals or estrogens, uh, are offsetting your testosterone as it offsets progesterone in a woman also,

Janet Lewis (00:03:26) – You know, and I think these, uh, clinics have been around long enough now that most people just think that’s a normal thing to do, is, um, to get those pellets or, or shots, because a lot of people are doing it and there’s a lot of clinics, but there are some side effects to that, right?

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:03:45) – Yep. Yeah. I tell people are, are, they come in and say, well, this isn’t working anymore. And, you know, I look at their lab and say, well, Jesus, your, your liver’s overwhelmed. And you know, I’m a chiropractor. I, I look at things from a musculoskeletal standpoint, but if you do the nutrients to fix your musculoskeletal system, you’d be surprised what else shows up to get well. And, and it’s like, I know I had this idea that there is a God, I know that’s kind of unusual for some people. Uh, and so we tell people, when your heart’s overwhelmed, we will help you fill it with peace. And then the other thing is, you know, I’m a little bit blunt and I tell people, stop eating crap. And they say, well, no, I eat good. And no you don’t. Crap stands for carbonated drinks, refined sugars, artificial foods, and processed foods. There. I’ve got a zillion patients and I absolutely love. But then you’ve got Alan up in Maine, and he sends me stuff from time to time. He says, well, I haul goldfish, but I don’t eat ’em. . And Alan, you bring joy to my heart. You really do. And a lot of other people too. But, uh, here’s a guy that hauls him in his truck, but he’s smart enough not to eat him.

Janet Lewis (00:05:05) – Well, that’s funny. I didn’t know that’s what he did. So that’s,

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:05:09) – Oh, at one time, at least , .

Janet Lewis (00:05:12) – But you know, I, I think we’ve all been so conditioned to, we will just take a drug or put, put something in our body to replace what’s, what seems to be missing. Didn’t God give us all that we needed there?

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:05:25) – Well, I think so, but it’s not in our food is the problem. And, and you know, I understand some of the things I say are controversial, and sometimes I say it in a manner that’s not always polite. I tell people, you want me to shoot straight or sugar coat it? If you want sugar coated, you need to get some donuts. And here’s the thing I want you to think about. Depression is not an s sri deficiency. Heart disease is not a statin deficiency. Diabetes is not a metformin deficiency. A d d and a ADHD is not an Adderall deficiency. Insomnia is not an ambient deficiency, and obesity is not an ozempic deficiency. Okay, that’s blunt, isn’t it? Sorry, I’m, I’m gonna put a package of sugarcoated donuts on my desk just to have people think, uh, or question. But I want you to think about these things and, and always use your discerning spirit because this is Dr. Lewis’s opinion. But as I said earlier, success leaves clues pay attention to who’s successful.

Janet Lewis (00:06:28) – Well, and I think one thing, um, you know, low testosterone symptoms in male are, you know, obviously low libido and erectile dysfunction, but

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:06:38) – Which is rampant.

Janet Lewis (00:06:40) – But did you know when you start? Well, you probably do if you’re doing it. If when you start taking something, something to replace testosterone, aren’t your testicle shrink up too, Dr. Lewis? Yeah. Isn’t that where it’s made and they don’t need, they’re not needed anymore. Yeah.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:06:58) – Uh, it’s called lad cells. And that’s from 40 years ago. I took the test . Anyway. Yes, they do, but they, they shrink. If you get your testosterone shots and or your pellets, and the testicles say, well, we’ve got plenty of, uh, testosterone, we’ll just, uh, kind of hang around, pun intended, uh,

Janet Lewis (00:07:18) – And men don’t really like that. Also kind of makes ’em have some bald patches on the back of their head. I’ve noticed that too. It’s like their hair starts leaving a little bit faster and it should have

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:07:28) – Got, you know, and Janet says, I have here in the hospital, I didn’t hear her say that. I thought she said, ball patches. So nevermind , you know, our, our goal and, and I’m in a real smart lic mood and people say, well, what else is new? You know, our goal is to die, but die as healthy as we can, as late as we can in a much younger body.

Janet Lewis (00:07:51) – Yeah. We wanna look good with hair, right?

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:07:54) – ? Yeah. I asked Janet, is my hair thinning? She says, oh, heck no. Quit worrying about it.

Janet Lewis (00:07:59) – And I’m not, and I’m not picking on them, man. I’m just telling you that these are some things that are caused by, uh, synthetic. Um, well,

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:08:08) – But you, you gotta get started. You, you’ve got to change your oil before the engine catches on. Fire starts smoking. Usually by the time people seek help from me, it’s like, why didn’t you do what I told you two 15 years ago? Now it’s too late.

Janet Lewis (00:08:23) – Yeah. Other signs of, uh, low testosterone in men are hot flashes. Yeah. You mean like women, they get hot flashes as

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:08:32) – Well. It’s power surge baby. Mm. .

Janet Lewis (00:08:35) – I didn’t know if we got to share that little fun thing. Yeah.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:08:38) – Well, maybe I’ll put that in the wrong column in the book. I don’t know. ,

Janet Lewis (00:08:44) – Uh, how about depression? Depression is low. Testosterone,

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:08:50) – It can be a lot of things. And that’s another thing I I really plan to write a book about stress, anxiety, and depression. Uh, because it’s really rampant. And here, here’s, I made a note here. This was in 2010, so it’s a while back, uh, 45% of the workers surveyed were happy at their jobs. That means 55% hate it. And that those are the people that say, I’m retired and I’m happy. And it’s like, I can’t retire because I love what I do. Every year, the threshold of unhappiness sinks lower and lower and lower. And 50 years ago, the mean onset age of depression was at 29.5 years of age. Now that’s pretty Dad come young, that’s 50 years ago. Today, the onset, the mean onset of depression is at 14.5. So young teenagers are depressed at a much, much greater rate. Well, does that correspond with the lowering of testosterone? You know, 50 years ago, or since 50 years ago, our sperm count has gone down by 50%. Our, our our testosterone’s gone way, way, way down. So I think there’s a obvious correlation, and I don’t think that’s everything in the equation, but it’s, to me, pretty obvious that’s a big, big part of it.

Janet Lewis (00:10:15) – So, um, and they also gain weight, correct. And body fat is that because their testosterone is low? And when that low their metabolism slows down? , you know,

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:10:24) – I just sucked in my stomach when she said that

Janet Lewis (00:10:27) – She’s asking a question.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:10:30) – Uh, that’s part of it. Yeah. Because, you know, we’ve got a weight loss program and, and we’ve had, most people have had really, really good success, except the ones that say, well, I went to here and got this ice cream treat, and oh, well, I had pizza to celebrate and, and set ’em back three weeks. Uh, yes, yes, yes. Absolutely. I I you’ve got to do 95% good. You, you can’t do well, I only cheat once a day with a bagel or with, you know, wheat’s the worst thing you can put in your body. I’d rather you drink beer cause it’s barley and hops. And I’m not suggesting you do that.

Janet Lewis (00:11:09) – And you made a nutrient based eating, uh, book. I mean, the book’s based on testosterone performance. Correct. And it’s nutrient based to help, to help build testosterone.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:11:20) – Well, yeah, there’s the key, you know, and I’ll tell you, our foods are very nutrient, uh, deficient, but most of our food is fake food. And you, if you eat the recipes in the book, people say, oh my God, I feel better mentally. Oh my God, I feel better physically. Oh my God, I have energy all of a sudden. Oh my God, my wife thinks I’m better looking. I said, that’s cause you’re not grouchy, which is one of the symptoms of low testosterone and you get irritable.

Janet Lewis (00:11:48) – Hmm. Does that go for a woman as as well? They get irritable.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:11:52) – Uh, if a man’s smart, he would never say .

Janet Lewis (00:11:56) – Uh, okay, well, we’re not done with men here.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:11:59) – So, so men, if your wife ask you, here’s, here’s Dr. Lewis’s answer, life is so much easier if you’re drunk. I’m just teasing . What,

Janet Lewis (00:12:09) – What I always tell men when they ask about low testosterone, I tell ’em, well, do you still have the endurance you used to have? Like, you wanna get up and do something? Or is your whole goal for the day is to sit in the re in the rocking chair or the recliner with the remote and change the channels. And that’s your activity is pushing the buttons go

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:12:28) – From bed to, uh, the recliner to take a nap. You know, it, think about this. This is, this is aism. Have you ever thought that humans are the only animal on earth that needs to be taught what to eat or what foods to eat to keep themselves healthy? And that’s because things have been bastardized. Oh, well that’s a tough word, isn’t it? We have been conditioned in a bad way to eat incorrectly. A normal diet is not what a normal diet was when I was a kid. And not that it was necessarily good then, but it was way, way, way better.

Janet Lewis (00:13:07) – Are you talking about cooking at home or the food in general? The normal diet?

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:13:13) – Yes. Yes. Mm-hmm. , well, you know, highly processed foods are full of, eh, don’t get me into the, the three letter agencies that say it’s okay not to put in, uh, a warnings about these hydrogenated oils that are inflammatory. No wonder things are inflamed, which has to do with the weight gain. It has to do with lowering of testosterone. And, and so yeah, if you eat out, you’re eating all these processed foods, and if you’re eating in, you need to make sure that you’re cooking better. And that, and that’s what the book’s about is learning to eat better. And we don’t put in what you shouldn’t eat. It’s just glaringly omitted and what you should eat rather than what you shouldn’t.

Janet Lewis (00:13:59) – So if they start eating correctly or eating nutrient based eating, that’s not a diet really. It’s nutrient based eating to, to replace the things that are low with testosterone. Right? It’s the foods that would give you those vitamins and minerals, I guess.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:14:15) – Yeah. The, the, the basics for that. And, you know, you’ve got to unlearn some of these stupid things that society has been conditioned to think. You know, if you tell a lot long enough, loud enough, people begin to believe it. Apparently people didn’t learn that with Hitler in World War ii, but, you know, just to unlearn, cholesterol is a very, very powerful antioxidant. Cholesterol heals inflammation, but that’s why it’s plaing. You gotta lower the inflammation. Cholesterol heals arterial damage. Well, you need to lower the arterial inflammation in the first place. Cholesterol’s needed for hormones. Ah, testosterone. Those of you that’s doing something stupid. Oh no, that’s a wrong word. Doing something to lower your cholesterol. Guess what? It can’t make, you can’t make testosterone. Mm-hmm. Cholesterols needed to produce serotonin. That’s why people that lower their cholesterol artificially serotonin’s one of the happy hormones that makes you feel happy and the peace of God.

Janet Lewis (00:15:17) – That’s interesting. They’d give you medications that would help lower those things.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:15:21) – It’s a 30 to $50 billion, uh, a year business. It’s all about the money, isn’t it, honey?

Janet Lewis (00:15:28) – I don’t know. It’s almost like they don’t want births or something. I,

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:15:32) – I just want y’all to think, folks, you don’t have to believe what I say, but if you think about it and you’re halfway have a little bit of common sense, you’ll know that I’m

Janet Lewis (00:15:41) – Discernment. Mm-hmm.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:15:42) – , oh my God. Let’s get biblical,

Janet Lewis (00:15:45) – Uh, enlarged male breast tissue

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:15:50) – .

Janet Lewis (00:15:51) – That happens to be one of my favorite subjects.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:15:54) – I’m gonna let you tell that story. But, you know, fat cells produce estrogen if, if, and even in men. And the more fat you have, it’s like, well, you’re producing estrogen. Why you’re, you’re lowering your testosterone. So Janet has a really good story about male breast, .

Janet Lewis (00:16:13) – Um, so I happened to be at a area where they were serving drinks and went up to it and I was,

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:16:23) – She sugarcoating this and ask the,

Janet Lewis (00:16:27) – The bartender wanted to know if he could get me a light beer. And I said, oh no. I said, you don’t drink light beer, do you? And he said, oh yeah, you know, he said, that’s, that’s the most popular beer on tap. And I said, you do know that that creates estrogen because of the estro estrogen mimics and light beer,

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:16:52) – The way they filter it Yes. Puts more plastics in it.

Janet Lewis (00:16:55) – It’s, it’s worse than dark beer. And he goes, oh, dark beer’s not good. I said, well, you’re gonna get man breast from it. Which

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:17:03) – He looked down and grabbed his breast .

Janet Lewis (00:17:07) – And I said, you don’t want your son, cuz I know he had a son. I said, you don’t want him knowing that you need a bra, do you? And he said, again,

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:17:15) – He, he brought his breast up close and he

Janet Lewis (00:17:18) – Goes, well, what do you drink? And I, and I said, well, not light beer. I said, if you’re gonna do it, the darker the better cuz it has a less estrogen mimickers in it

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:17:28) – And it more nutrients.

Janet Lewis (00:17:30) – And it was probably six months later, I came across him again. And as soon as I walked up to him, he goes, I quit light beer. I don’t drink it anymore. He goes, after that story you told, he said, I can’t do it. And I said, well,

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:17:44) – Out of thousands of customers he remembered Jan. And I’m sure it was just about the beautiful smile. So

Janet Lewis (00:17:49) – That was one of the best things Bud Light could have done, is get everybody to quit drinking that beer. Cause now they’ll have less estrogen . And if her boobs starts shrinking, I mean, if they’re, if you’re, if a man’s breast are large enough that they need a bra, there may be something they’re having this estrogen mimicking. Yeah.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:18:08) – So,

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:18:09) – And you know, the reason we do this is because life gets way more precious when you figure out there’s less of it to waste. And somebody told me, he said, Dr. Lewis, you’re on the short end of the stick. I said, what are you talking about? He said, well, you’ve kind of wasted most of your life. I said, I’ve lived most of my life, but I sure as heck hadn’t wasted it. We’re having fun and we’re blessing other people. And that’s the key to happiness is, you know, give it to somebody else and it comes back multiplied.

Janet Lewis (00:18:37) – And you wonder why that doesn’t work on women, though if they drink light beer, why don’t their breasts get bigger? Their whole body gets

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:18:44) – Bigger. Maybe they do. So here’s the thing to a woman, don’t let any man who drinks white claw raise his voice at you. You talk to him, woman to woman. . . Okay, sorry, . I’m

Janet Lewis (00:18:59) – Gonna go pick on women for a while.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:19:00) – That was funny. We’ve

Janet Lewis (00:19:01) – Probably done enough

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:19:03) – damage,

Janet Lewis (00:19:05) – Low testosterone symptoms in women. And all the men are like, oh yes, please fix her. It’s gonna just raise her testosterone. She’s going to want sex again. And the women always shake their head at me while he’s not looking and go, no, no,

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:19:20) – I just want a good night’s sleep. Yeah, I know.

Janet Lewis (00:19:22) – That’s exactly right. So there’s other things, women that you need testosterone for. Uh, one of ’em is actually depression. Just like men. They actually, with low testosterone, you, they get very depressed. Uh, fatigue. You’re more tired because your testosterone’s too low.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:19:42) – If she’s fatigued, man, you need to get your butt up there and wash dishes. That’s the sexiest pose you’ll ever make after you’re married. Wash dishes.

Janet Lewis (00:19:49) – And don’t grab ’em from behind, you know, whatever that picture is.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:19:52) – . Yeah. You know what men do? The woman, nevermind . Sorry, I digress. Just wash

Janet Lewis (00:19:57) – The dishes. Let us sit.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:20:02) – Oh. Oh, I’m having too much fun. I know.

Janet Lewis (00:20:05) – Muscle weakness. That means they’re, I guess they’re not as strong as they need to be because they’re losing, losing muscle mass because

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:20:11) – Test men. Men and women. Yeah, absolutely.

Janet Lewis (00:20:14) – Women can actually get thinning hair. They always think it’s their thyroid. Sometimes it’s not.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:20:20) – It can be thyroid. That’s right. It could be poor digestion, poor protein utilization. But you know, low testosterone can do it.

Janet Lewis (00:20:27) – Which is what, when all the women say, well, which lab test should I get? Just make sure it includes thyroid. Well, that’s always in our comprehensive panel. I said, but you need the other hormones of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, d h e eight. No, I don’t need any of that. Uh, yeah, you do.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:20:45) – If you need what you needed, you know, why are you here?

Janet Lewis (00:20:47) – Right. It’s, it’s not just thyroid. Believe me. Difficulty concentrating can be a low testosterone,

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:20:55) – What’d you say?

Janet Lewis (00:20:57) – I don’t know.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:20:57) – .

Janet Lewis (00:20:59) – And, uh, actually reduced vaginal lubrication is a, is a low testosterone issue also. And or progesterone can be progesterone as well.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:21:10) – And it can be estrogen and you know, or, you know, estrogen has to be conjugated in the liver. You know, it can get to be, there’s good estrogen and bad estrogen, so you need to pay attention to that and make sure there’s good liver function conjugation, good probiotics to take care of that so it doesn’t get unconjugated in your smaller intestine reabsorbed and, uh, potentially cause cancer.

Janet Lewis (00:21:33) – And we’re gonna talk about a few of the lab tests that are different than what you’re used to having, um, from your doctor. But first I wanted Dr. Lewis to talk about a product that men and women can both take that helps increase their testosterone. And we actually had a man that was doing pellets that tried the new, our new Testo Essentials Max to see what it did in, in relation to his pellets. And he said it actually gave him longer stamina. He noticed that the,

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:22:08) – We’re talking about at work, I’m sure.

Janet Lewis (00:22:09) – Yes. Work, work .

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:22:12) – Oh, you believe that,

Janet Lewis (00:22:13) – Right. . But he said he, he could tell he’s actually something natural helped better than the pellets for him. So, um, could you tell us what Tesla Essentials Max is? Why you like it so much?

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:22:27) – Well, I like it, but uh, , it

Janet Lewis (00:22:29) – Gives me a lot of energy.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:22:31) – Yeah. Well, let me, let me digress and tell another story. There’s this guy that comes in and, and he, we grew up in the same town, although he’s like four years older than me, which makes him in his seventies. And he says, oh my God, that costs too much. I said, it’s cheaper than dinner in a movie. Shut up and take it. And, and again, I’ve known this guy all my life and I love him dearly. And, uh, he comes back and, and tells us things that, you know, Jim, you shouldn’t be talking like that in front of Janet, uh, about all of his girlfriends and going into the gory tmi. Too many details. Teo Essentials maxes. Oh, like, oh my God, it’s got something in it called Shiloh. Yeah, I had to look that up so I could pronounce it correctly. But it’s uh, it’s, it’s kind of an, a biomass from the Himalayan Mountains. It’s a, a naturally occurring mineral rich, phyto complex, uh, basically fulvic acid. And, uh,

Janet Lewis (00:23:29) – He is really . There’s no, the, the sound didn’t cut out. He’s looking for his next sentence. That’s been

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:23:36) – Interesting. I’m trying to be polite. Uh, it, it helps with, uh,

Janet Lewis (00:23:41) – And he’s red. You can’t see him. I’m, he

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:23:47) – It

Janet Lewis (00:23:47) – Helps with what

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:23:49) – Yes, . Yeah, it does.

Janet Lewis (00:23:53) – You can tell part of a story on someone else.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:23:58) – Well, you kind of danced around your bar story too. .

Janet Lewis (00:24:03) – I’m just saying that we had a, a gentleman that started taking this and his wife told us, doc, there are things I ain’t seen in years on him. So he,

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:24:15) – He’s waking up in the morning with things I hadn’t seen in years. And I said, send me chocolates to say thank you. Sense.

Janet Lewis (00:24:23) – Go ahead with your ingredients.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:24:25) – Uh, well, you know, the, the, it helps with testosterone levels and it’s adaptogenic. So it helps you with stress to help, uh, adapt. It’s an antioxidant, it’s a cytokine balancing. And cytokine storm is one of the things that contributes to cancer. Uh, and other things. It blocks towel proteins. That means you’re not going to build those things up in your brain and have as much dementia, Alzheimer’s, uh, tendency. Uh, it is rumor to have a role in supporting cognition. And I know I need that genetically. Uh, we, we, my brother Dr. James Lewis and I helped put off, uh, dementia in my mother over 25 years. And then Janet came on the scene and my mother do anything for Janet and she didn’t get to, she had dementia in her early to mid sixties and she, it didn’t really kick her butt till about 88 to 92. And it’s because she took a lot of, uh, really, really good supplements to support her brain health. And the shallow sheet helps with that. And then it’s got something called, uh, your ucom, long glia Just Men Remember the word long? It’s a Malaysian gen sing and it’s a tonic and adaptogen helps support libido, energy, sports performance. Well, you could call that a sport, couldn’t you? ? How,

Janet Lewis (00:25:49) – How many of these do you take per day, sir?

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:25:52) – Oh, the dosages two. But you know, if your wife ain’t watching

Janet Lewis (00:25:58) – Oh yeah, I know. They’re all like more better. I’ve been there for a day and I’m, I’m like, you’re, it’s made for a month. Supply it too. And,

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:26:05) – And, and, and people say it’s expensive. I said, well, it’s cheaper than pellets in your butt. .

Janet Lewis (00:26:11) – Well, you might as well while you’re on a roll, talk about our other product that also

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:26:18) –

Janet Lewis (00:26:18) – Mostly men. Like,

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:26:19) – Well, I’m on a roll because I have the stamina to pull it off. Uhhuh . Oh, Tim Allen too, man. Uh, oh, let me, let me digress a little bit while I’m having fun.

Janet Lewis (00:26:30) – I didn’t know we weren’t .

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:26:33) – Uh, you know, the way testosterone is made is through it. It starts out in the brain. The hypothalamus in the brain then goes through the pituitary gland. Uh, so when they say it’s all in your head, oh, nevermind. Let’s go to nitric oxide. Revive. This is good, good, good, good, good. When I take it regular, it lowers my blood pressure because it helps with, uh, uh, vascularity or, or the flexibility of the arteries and veins. So if it’s more flexible and it opens up and relaxes more, you know, bigger pipe means lower pressure. So that one reason why it, uh, helps promote the health of the endothelial lining, which is the inside of the blood vessels. And, you know, there was a Nobel Prize for the discovery of nitric oxide. And guys, if you wanna know about nitric oxide, that’s why Viagra works. Okay. So it’s got, excuse me, it’s got the, the time released L Arginine, which

Janet Lewis (00:27:39) – Is, which is the difference. Usually they’re not time released. Right? Yeah.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:27:42) – Cause L Arginine will be in and out in about, uh, 20, 30 minutes. But if it’s time released, Jenny Sugar head on that,

Janet Lewis (00:27:48) – All his wording today is very interesting.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:27:51) – Well, I don’t know what your cognition is, honey. How do you, how do you interpret that? But it’s time. So it lasts more than 20 or 30 minutes. Uh, the effect of it, um, it, it’s really, really good. You know, as I said, helps with the endothelial, uh, uh, health of the blood vessel. It inhibits the smooth muscle contraction. Cause your arteries and veins really have muscles in ’em. So that increases blood flow and increases. Oh, increased blood flow means increased nutrient uptake and glucose utilization in the muscle, especially during exercise. Now, Janet’s brother is a oh oh oh macho man and he loves this stuff cause he likes to work out and it’s like, yeah, I just get tired. I don’t work out. But I’m very, very active. He loves this stuff cause

Janet Lewis (00:28:42) – He’s, I think he got all my testosterone, I think he got his and mine, but

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:28:48) – , yeah, something like that. So the nitric oxide revive just goes hand in hand with the Testo Essentials max, which really and truly I think everybody should be on D H E A, we’re not really gonna go there. Cause D H E A is the precursor to not just testosterone, but uh, it has responsibilities to help fix about 150 different, uh, things in the brain, in the body. So, you know, this is a pretty well put together package. So when I said it starts in the head hypothalamus pituitary gland, then it goes to the testicles, then it goes into the latic cells, and then it creates testosterone, which has a biofeedback mechanism to go back to the hypothalamus or the brain. So it’s a, it’s a pretty comprehensive and complex thing, but you don’t have to worry about it. Just throw these things in, you know, ask God to bless it and your body’s gonna use it for good. It really will.

Janet Lewis (00:29:45) – We were going to go into a little more detail about the different lab panels, but we’ve had so much fun explaining testosterone. Uh,

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:29:52) – I thought we was, I thought we was talking about dark beer

Janet Lewis (00:29:55) – . We don’t really have time to go into ’em individually, but just know that, um, there’s more to it than what your doctor is running for testosterone levels. They generally just run testosterone. Um, there is something called free, right, Dr. Lewis, that’s very important to that. Yeah.

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:30:15) – You know, how much do you have total doesn’t mean much unless you have a, an adequate amount of free, which goes into the sex hormone binding globulin. You don’t need to understand the process, you just need to know that Janet and I do.

Janet Lewis (00:30:29) – But there’s ex there’s also other test and we’re specifically talking about our testosterone Performance lab panel. You can see all the test markers on our But it’s got things like sex hormone binding globulin, follicular stimulating hormone, which is fs h lutin hormones. Um, and then it also has a prostate PSA on there. So, um, there’s different parts of the, the male profile that you probably have never seen on lab. So that’s, um, we’re pretty excited about that. It goes along with Dr. Lewis’s nutrient based eating program. And then we also now offer a 90 day bootcamp to kickstart you right into all this working way faster than you just trying to do it on your own. We have health coaching now available as well with it. Um, you get a copy of Dr. Lewis’s book and then, um, we hold your hand. It’s a white glove treatment for 90 days so you can get the results that you’re looking for. But Dr. Lewis, sadly, we are at the end of this show. So would you like to leave us with any other words than what you’ve already left us with

Dr. Stephen Lewis (00:31:43) – , something that’s not smart. LIC is what I heard. , I think from now on we’re going to put a warning on our podcast and say that our podcast on this, you know, may cause you to have original thoughts and to develop and have questioning your programmed and, and indoctrinated thinking. You know, because I want you to think so that you can be healthier. And the thing about it is we have a lot of fun, maybe too much. Some people say, but think about this for just a minute. If speaking kindly to plants help them grow, can you imagine what speaking kindly to other humans could do?

Janet Lewis (00:32:22) – And that rap star show you guys, if you don’t know where to start, go to our website, green wisdom, fill out the health survey. It will help guide you to a lab panel. It will also help guide you to us. And Dr. Lewis will call you, talk to you and discuss with you how we can help you with your health goals. We hope you guys have a blessed week. We’ll be here next time on the Green Wisdom Health Show.

Speaker 0 (00:32:51) – Once again, our show has come to an end, but your hope in your health is only beginning. If you are a loved one, are in need of a different outcome and are waiting for a brighter future, take the first step and go to our website and fill out the health survey. Please don’t keep us a secret. If you know someone that could benefit from this podcast, please share this show with your friends and family. You’re only one step away from a life worth living.

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