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Understanding Digestive Issues: From Bloating to Brain Fog

Welcome to Green Wisdom Health. Today, we delve deep into the often misunderstood gut and digestive issues and dissect the uncomfortable signs and symptoms plaguing many of us, like gas, bloating, and that persistent, large stomach area. We’ll unravel the mysteries of probiotics and digestive enzymes, their critical roles in gut health, and why your liver might need more support than you think.

Dr. Lewis’ extensive knowledge of nutrition and digestion, with his in-depth understanding of the intricate connections between diet, digestion, and overall wellness, comprehensively examines why your gut might be at the root of various health issues.

“Your digestive health is the cornerstone of your well-being. Neglect it, and you may find the foundation of your health crumbling unexpectedly.” ~Dr. Stephen Lewis

Today on Green Wisdom Health:

  • Recognizing the subtle signs of digestive discomfort, including frequent bloating, gas, and a distended stomach.
  • Understanding the distinction between probiotics, which balance gut flora, and digestive enzymes, which ensure proper food breakdown.
  • How medications and environmental toxins like chlorine can deplete your natural probiotics, emphasizing the importance of daily replenishment.
  • Supporting your liver’s detoxification process with the necessary nutrients is paramount for overall health and depends on enzymes.
  • How specific enzymes and nutrients can support post-gallbladder removal and the proper digestion of fats.
  • The connection between mental cognition, mood, and disease presence often finds its roots in gut health; thus, repairing the gut is essential.
  • Establishing a four-step plan to restore gut health: remove, replace, replenish, and repair.
  • Holistic wellness requires awareness of lifestyle habits—we must be proactive in our pursuit of health to prevent future illnesses.

Resources Mentioned:

Betaine & Pepsin Maintaining adequate levels of HCl is fundamental to healthy protein digestion, nutrient availability, and maintenance of beneficial gastric flora.

Digestive Essentials is a full-spectrum enzyme strategically designed to support each phase of digestion.

Gastro Soothe Helps Maintain a Healthy Balance of Gastric Flora* Protects and Supports the Integrity of the Gastric Mucosa* Provides Antioxidant Activity in the Upper Gastrointestinal Tract*

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