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Oh No Not The Flu | The Green Wisdom Health Podcast with Dr. Stephen and Janet Lewis

Natural Ways to Protect Against Cold and Flu

    Optimizing Vitamin D levels
    Getting Enough Sleep
    Regular Exercise
    Face Steam
    Hydrate and Rest
    Remove White Foods
    Coconut Oil
    Apple Cider Vinegar


Product Mentioned In Today’s Show:

Viracid – Includes a powerful combination of key nutrients and botanical extracts that provide immediate support for immune challenges. Viracid boosts immune defenses by providing nutrients such as L-lysine vitamin A, C, pantothenic acid, B12 and zinc, as well as the synergistic blend of botanical extracts black elderberry, astragalus, echinacea and andrographis that have been used traditionally for their clinically effective immunomodulating properties.

Lab Mentioned In Today’s Show –

Comprehensive Lab Panel  – The GWH – 3. Comprehensive Panel w Consult panel contains 13 tests with 101 biomarkers. This panel includes Dr. Lewis’ consultation services and recommendations. Please complete the health survey at


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