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Handling Stress, Anxiety & Depression with Dr. Stephen and Janet Lewis

Welcome to this week’s Green Wisdom Health show! In this episode, we delve into the critical and relevant topics of stress, anxiety, and depression. Join Dr. Lewis and Janet Lewis as they provide valuable insights, expert knowledge, and practical solutions to help you navigate these common challenges.

Dr. Stephen Lewis brings a wealth of integrative and functional medicine expertise today. With decades of experience, Dr. Lewis has dedicated his career to helping individuals achieve optimal health and wellness. His holistic approach identifies root causes and provides personalized solutions for various health concerns.

“You can be sick as heck and glorify God, but it’s a whole lot easier if you feel good.”
 ~ Dr. Lewis

Today on Green Wisdom Health:

  • Managing stress, anxiety, and depression involves understanding the various contributing factors, including environmental, nutritional, and emotional influences.
  • Nutritional interventions, such as consuming whole foods rich in key neurotransmitter-building elements, can positively impact mental well-being.
  • The role of perception and discernment in dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression is crucial for effective coping and management.
  • environmental pollutants, lifestyle choices, and genetic predispositions influence mental health and stress responses.
  • The importance of proper supplementation tailored to individual needs and genetic factors for addressing stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • The significance of behavioral practices, such as regular exercise, adequate rest, and holistic mental and emotional well-being approaches.
  • Understanding the link between stress, digestive health, and inflammatory responses and exploring natural remedies for improving overall health.
  • Dr. Stephen Lewis emphasizes the importance of hope, faith, and community support in promoting mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Guest Contact Information:

For more information about Dr. Stephen Lewis and Green Wisdom Health, visit their website at Green Wisdom Health. To learn more about the neurotransmitter test and other personalized health solutions, fill out the health survey on the website and connect with Dr. Lewis.

Resources Mentioned:

The Truth About Contagion” by Thomas Cowan, MD
Lies My Doctor Told Me” by Ken Berry
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