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Supplements: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Supplements: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Janet: Welcome to this week’s edition of the Doctor’s Nutrition Show. I’m Janet Lewis.
Dr. Lewis: I’m Dr. Lewis.
Janet: We are Doctor’s Nutrition of Texas, located in Longview, Texas, but able to assist you with your health needs across the United States. Our website is Please go visit us on there and there you will find our health survey, products, informational podcasts that Dr. Lewis and myself have done over time, blog posts and all kind of different exciting features on there. We welcome you to this week’s show. We’ve got a really exciting show. Dr. Lewis has got a little bit fired up about this one about supplements. Apparently he’s been doing some more reading. The name of this show is called Supplements: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. From there I’m going to let him take it and start telling you the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Dr. Lewis: Folks, I’m going to try to keep it clean, so if I slip up please forgive me ahead of time. There’s so many lies, lies, and damn lies that’s going on in America. There’s so many people seeking information but they’re not doing anything atop of that. Faith without works is good for nothing. You’ve got to get the knowledge and then take action on it and then have the faith and patience to stick it out. One of my patients that’s been very consistent for years and she said there’s this report coming out and it’s going to poo poo supplements. I said, yeah, we get them all the time. That was by Consumer Reports. I think Jan will get into that a little bit. They lost their credibility years ago when they said a bunch of hogwash and BS about chiropractic and lies, lies, and damn lies. My thing is follow the money and see who’s saying this or that.
If you’ve got a 62,000 times better chance of dying from medications than you do an herbal supplement, why are they poo pooing herbal supplements? Good question. I just want you to think about that. Again, I’m going to try to slow down and clean it up because the media is telling us so much bull, BS, belief systems trying to alter your belief systems. I think we can see that in the political arena. I don’t think there’s been a whole truth told yet on either side. These opinions that are anti-supplement are coming from a country that’s dead last in overall health. Some people think you should listen to those people that have created a system that’s made America dead last in overall health. Duh.
We got the best medical profession in the world, so what’s missing? It’s not lack of good medical care, it’s not lack of good medications which can very much bet lifesaving. I’m all for that. It comes from ignorance. Can it be that you need supplements? A lot of people are saying no. It’s like really? If you will read the research on the nutrient availability out of our vegetable sand fruits that we do not eat enough of, it’s gone down to 7-76% in the last 30 to 40 years.
It was nutrient deficient when I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s and it’s worse going up to 76% worse, plus they’ve added pesticides and plastics and all that so you have a lowered nutrient level to take care of a higher amount of toxins. Folks, something ain’t right here. Janet, please, jump in because this just aggravates me. There’s that much stupidity. I’d just like to ring their neck.
Janet: Glad we don’t have chickens anymore. Somebody would be on the dinner plate.
Dr. Lewis: At least they tell the truth.
Janet: Isn’t there an ongoing campaign aimed at regulating supplements as drugs now? Isn’t that what they’re trying to do? It eliminates the competition of the supplement industry and thereby increasing its own profits.
Dr. Lewis: Yes, it’s what they’re trying to do. You’ve got to go pay your doctor for him to prescribe Vitamin C. Then you go to go back after that and pay a huge prescription fee. It’s a system that’s getting to be rigged and it’s promoted by the drug companies. Not that drugs are bad, they just should be used judiciously and for the folks of you that are Christians, go look in Revelation and get in that Scripture that says beware of sorcery.
Janet: They’re saying now in the US reach 68% of the population that supplement users. People are getting wiser and they’re waking up and we know they are because we’re having a harder time with our products getting them in because so many more people are wanting nutritional supplements. This stuff is all natural and someone has to grow it. They’re beginning to have-
Dr. Lewis: Raw materials shortage.
Janet: We’re out of raw materials because they can’t get it in because there’s so much of a demand for it because people are tired of so many drugs.
Dr. Lewis: There is a huge and a lot of people don’t believe me until they learn the hard way. Sometimes by that time it’s too late and they die. There is a big difference in quality of supplements and there is a lot of lies about the expensive urine. That was debunked 75 years ago but I still hear it come up. Your body’s just going to excrete it. It just excreted that expensive rib eye that you at last night, too. That doesn’t mean your body didn’t take what it could and should and needed out of the expensive rib eye.
If vitamins are so useless, this is just out of an article on arthritis. Vitamins are anti-oxidants, so they reduce inflammation. Folks, if you’re overweight, you have inflammation. If you have diabetes you have inflammation. If you have heart disease, high blood pressure, you have inflammation. If you have cancer, you have inflammation. It’s GI related and this says, Vitamin E helps, that’s from Journal of Annals of New York Academy of Science. Vitamin D helps Journal of Arthritis and Rheumatology. Vitamin C helps. Journal of Arthritis and Rheumatology. Vitamin B helps. Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Vitamin A helps. British Journal of Nutrition, and beta carotene, Journal Archives of Internal Medicine. I’m just getting started, folks.
Janet: Wow. Okay.
Dr. Lewis: Sorry.
Janet: For Frontline airing a program focused on concerns, consumers may endanger their health by taking vitamins and supplements. But, 120,000 to 140,000-
Dr. Lewis: And that’s probably under reported.
Janet: Die from taking drugs. They’re trying to tell you stay away from the supplements but it’s okay if they’re killing you with all their prescription drugs.
Dr. Lewis: That’s like saying you had a bad girlfriend once but you forget about all women. I think that ain’t going to happen.
Janet: They want that same company to regulate the nutritional supplements that’s regulating all these drugs.
Dr. Lewis: There are a lot of regulations. That’s another lie or misconception that I hear. The FDA doesn’t regulate it. Really? The FDA does some good stuff, but they watch the holy heck out of it. We can’t say that supplements can be used for a symptom or cure a disease because some people don’t want you to believe that there’s a God that lives inside of you that can use the extra nutrition and bring about better health. Some people want that to come from a man-made drug. Where did we lose our belief in a universal intelligence called God? That agitates me, but there you go. I’ll get off my soap box. Not.
Janet: I don’t think any times soon. We will have to say there are differences in nutritional supplements. If you’re going to try to find your nutritional supplements at a gas station, or you’re buying them at the same place you bought your fine powdered doughnuts and potato chips.
Dr. Lewis: Hey, hey, hey, you’re meddling now. Talking about potato chips.
Janet: You’re likely not a very educated consumer and should reconsider your choices and that’s what we’re here to do is to educate you about the differences in the supplements.
Dr. Lewis: I think I’ll do a podcast sometime about the lies and misconceptions that I hear and people say but it says on the label, this. My standard answer is when Janet and I were going through the custom thing in Jamaica they had Michael Kors purses and Gucci purses for $10. I’m sure they’re the same as the original. They’re not counterfeit. We were in China one time and a guy would open up an aluminum case which he called stainless steel and he had 10 Rolex’s in it because it said Rolex. $100. All 10. Have the stainless steel case. I said it’s aluminum. Okay, you can have 10 Rolex’s for $100. I said, that’s not a Rolex, that’s called a Folex. That’s called a fake Rolex. Just because folks, it says that on the label doesn’t mean it’s true. There’s a lot of counterfeiting going on. Have you ever taken home … Never mind. She took out her teeth and took off her hair and she wasn’t what she advertised. I’m really going to get in trouble here.
Janet: If she took off her hair, I guess she really isn’t what she thought. That’s pretty bad.
Dr. Lewis: We never know. Some people are identifying as a woman and they’re a man and some people are white identifying as black. It’s like okay, I’m going to get a lot of cards and letters and phone calls on this one.
Janet: He’s not talking about me, okay.
Dr. Lewis: She’s all woman, I promise you that.
Janet: I have my own hair.
Dr. Lewis: Prettiest smile in the world. She could light up the darkest eastern sky with her smile. She’s gorgeous.
Janet: What’s kind of ironic is people are buying these supplements at the gas station or whatever, thinking they’re really doing them good because it hypes them up. Did you realize that many of those products are illegally spiked with pharmaceutical drugs in them?
Dr. Lewis: I’ve never taken drugs that hyped me up back in the 70’s, wink, wink.
Janet: You know the little packages that you get at the counter when you’re checking out with your energy drinks.
Dr. Lewis: The [inaudible 00:10:41&91; that’s supposed to make things better. I never took drugs in the 70’s like stealing my mother’s diet pills and drive from Hughes Springs, Texas to Spartanburg, South Carolina in the middle of the night. I’ve never done that.
Janet: The other question is if the drugs are so well regulated, how do they end up on the shelves in legally disguised as supplements?
Dr. Lewis: That’s a good question. Here’s where we’re having people. We’ve had so many people that came to us and did our little protocol and got better and felt better and the they quit because they felt better and folk I’ve done that too, and then they’re coming back. I just got off the phone a couple hours ago with a young lady. She’s now in Montgomery, Alabama, because her husband’s in the Air Force. She has sent people to me from Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia. God bless you. Really, really sweet actually. Thank you very much.
She’s pregnant. Although the husband, the Air Force guy was extremely knowledgeable, he was smart enough to ask me, my opinion about things. I said where you’re going to get all the best of your nutrition to the baby because that’s the way God intended it for it to do. I offend a lot of people talking about God but I ain’t going to quit. Listen to this, you’ve got to de-toxify the liver. Lack of B vitamins are common that it can be from anemia deficiency in B12. If you’re deficient in B12 you’re not digesting your food. That’s from New England Journal of Medicine. Lack of Thiamine makes the blood brain barrier leakier, Journal of Experimental Neurology. Thiamine’s a B vitamin.
Lack of B vitamin causes psychosis. British Journal of Psychiatry. You can give vitamins if you will really do it correctly and I’ve talked about how they skew statistics and throw out the ones that doesn’t say what they want it to say. When you give good vitamins to school kids and to inmates in the prison where they got the worst of the worst of the worst, violence goes down 50%, just because of addition of a simple, not very potent, B vitamin. Postpartum depression is due to low levels of vitamin B. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. PMS becomes worse with lack of vitamin B. Journal of Lancet.
Men, don’t sneak it in your wife’s coffee. They can taste B vitamins although a lot of the women are putting 5HTP in your coffee because she says it makes you be a better Christina. Be careful with you’re trying to slip in your wife’s drink. The PMS story, because careful guys, you’ll get in a lot of trouble there. There’s just so much that is just crazy. Some of the things that’s being said out there. The Bible itself says Spirit of discernment. Don’t get me talking about that.
A lot of times you hear me talk about plastics and pesticides acting like estrogen. Read the book, Life’s Delicate Balance: The Causes and Prevention of Breast Cancer, by Janet Sherman. Go read the book, Hormonal Chaos by Sheldon Krimsky. Yep. I’ve read them and I’ve read dozens and dozens and dozens of books every year. Another thing people say, it’s genetic and it may be the way they eat, it may be because they’re overweight and it may be because they have cancer. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, the environment causes 80% of our cancers and that’s just because you don’t have enough nutrients to go in and take a hold of all these toxins and excrete it. Gobs and gobs and gobs of information here.
Janet: I wanted to mention also you were talking about babies earlier. We did have this is just one of the reasons we do this but it just makes our whole day. We had a beautiful Doctor’s Nutrition baby that these parents sent pictures of the baby that was born. They’re name is Brian and Danielle. She had had several children. Then kept miscarrying. For 4 years this went on until she started the supplements at our place. The other day she wrote us the nicest letter and sent us a picture of the prettiest baby you will ever see.
Dr. Lewis: Absolutely gorgeous.
Janet: We were very blessed to be able to do what we do. We do know these supplements work, because we get to see living proof of something God’s made out of it.
Dr. Lewis: We have another Doctor’s Nutrition baby going up in Little Rock. That lady was totally totally barren and then she, after staying on her stuff for a while, her body’s physiology changed. Just like God could work miracles with nutrition. It took time, folks. Most people jump off the train before it gets up to speed. She had a baby, and we had to keep her pregnancy secret from the grandmother and now she’s on baby number 2 up in Little Rock. With time and effort, you can change because when you get sick, that is adaptive physiology. Your body is adapting to the lack of something or too much of the bad thing in, the lack of nutrition.
Janet: Pretty exciting that not only can we see it on lab when our supplements make changes but then you get to see a beautiful picture of a baby that more than likely would not have been here without some sort of help.
Dr. Lewis: Yep. We’re going to have a question on the not this podcast, the next podcast, and Janet’s going to get into the wonderful answers. Go on Facebook, Shooting Straight with Dr. Lewis and whatever that … I don’t understand technology.
Janet: Shoot him an email. We’ll add you to the closed group of Shooting Straight where Dr. Lewis actually answers your questions. He’s got quite a little following going on right now. He periodically puts things on there and I always available to answer the questions of all of our patients.
Dr. Lewis: I’m real, real available. I want you to be like Alan up in Maine. He’s been doing our stuff for almost 2.5 years and I talked to him today and I just love talking to him, although I don’t talk to him that much. He just does my stuff. He said, the lab went downhill. I said no, that’s just because you’re losing weight and that’s changing the triglycerides and cholesterol. Let me interpret that.
Then I talked to Joe in Ypsilanti, Michigan yesterday and he just talking to him, you can feel the presence of God, the peace of God in Joe. I really love talking to these people. You can be part of it, too. I’m sorry I’m being a little bit of a hot head today. That’s not going to change. In fatigue, for example, B vitamins, Journal of Neurology, minerals, Journal of American Dietary Association, because when you put glyphosate or Round Up on your crops, it’s a mineral chelator and number 1 the plant doesn’t take up the minerals like it should even if the minerals were available in the soil and they’re really not to a large degree. That means that even though you’re eating the plant full of glyphosate, you’re not going to absorb the minerals. You have to have the minerals. Most people don’t even digest really well.
Tryptophan, Journal of Rheumatology, amino acids, Journal of Nutritional Medicine. CO-Q10, Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, essential fatty acids and all fish oil’s not the same, folks. There’s good fish oil and bad fish oil just like there’s good women and bad women and for you women, yep, there’s some crazy men out there, too, but there’s some really, really wonderful men and supplements are the same way. You don’t get enough magnesium out of your food. Calcium’s really not that hard to come by but magnesium is. It helps in arthritis, according to Journal of Rheumatology.
I could go on and on and on about that stuff. Folks, just because somebody poo poo’s supplements, following the money, they’re dropping out studies that says if you take this vitamin it increases the lifespan and the quality of life. They throw those studies out just like they’re doing with global warming, because there’s other people that think the world is about to go into a new Ice Age. Of course, they said that back in the 1970’s, too. Folks, statistics only lie because they throw out the studies that doesn’t go along with what they’re trying to prove. I could name books that are written like that but I’m not going to. I don’t want to get in trouble.
Janet: They had a probiotic that they said was accused of killing a preemie. Consumer Reports story opened up with a tragic and horrible description of this premature infant given probiotics that was allegedly contaminated with a fungus that killed the child. They also as noted by Consumer Reports, the company said the only contaminated samples found were delivered to the FDA by the Yale New Haven Hospital Pharmacy. What the article fails to note is that fungal infections are commonly found in hospital settings in general. Fungal outbreaks have been tracked back to contaminated linens, bandages, and tongue depressors, and preemies are a high risk group for fungal infections.
Dr. Lewis: Their immune system’s not well developed yet.
Janet: It seems that the odds that that fungus could not be found anywhere except in the bottle stored in the hospital itself, might be a little bit skewed.
Dr. Lewis: Causation is not the same as correlation. Many people make it I correlate this, versus this, but that’s not the cause. If I had a wreck tomorrow after kissing Janet, I could say kisses cause wrecks. That’s how stupid some people are. I did this, therefore that. I had a guy and I love this guy. He actually noticed that Janet and I were over stressed but we’re taking care of that, things are getting better and better. He said, can I pray for you? I said absolutely I’ll take all the prayers I can get. It was one that brought tears to my eyes because it was so wonderful.
About a week later he said what supplement did you put me on that made my blood pressure raise up? I said, nothing. Nutrients are going to make your body get better. It probably had nothing to do with his wife was going to leave him because he’s having some issues. I said tell her to be chilled out. It’s probably got nothing to do with being overweight or drinking an 18 pack a day. Correlation and causation can be 2 completely different things. Folks, because careful not to lose your faith. I just absolutely love that guy. I hope he stays on the train because if he does long enough, I’m going to help him with the path to wellness. He’s absolutely incredible. Thank you for the prayers. I definitely appreciate that.
Janet: Talk about being on the train, I wanted to discuss our winner of the [inaudible 00:22:07&91; in our last podcast and our newsletter. If you guys aren’t signed up to get our newsletter, go on our website to and you can sign up to be on the newsletter because we give away a product when people get the answers correct. This one was quite fun.
We ask where does healing first start? Nate, from Waterloo, Iowa had the answer correct. The answer was in the gut.
Dr. Lewis: The first correct answer.
Janet: Yes. We had a lot of correct answers. You guys are great. We are training you up well.
Dr. Lewis: To think.
Janet: Yes. You guys listen really well and we had some really, really cute answers, also, that I just had to share because I thought that’s pretty good.
Dr. Lewis: Like Laura’s answer.
Janet: Yeah. We had some that says it starts in the mind with attitude and expectation.
Dr. Lewis: That was Vicki, wasn’t it?
Janet: That was from Vicki, yes. Then, the one that we just really got a kick out of and I think she should just win anyway, just be that was pretty good, it says healing starts by calling Dr. Lewis and Janet Lewis.
Dr. Lewis: Calling us what?
Janet: That’s pretty good. That wasn’t the right answer but that is a great answer, also. We think it’s a lot of fun to play this. If you enjoy this and you’d like us to do more of it let us know because we’re considering adding that to our list once a month having our pop quiz and see who gets it right because it’s fun to interact with you guys and see how many people are actually listening and learning from what we’re saying which is kind of scary in itself, but you all are learning. Go ahead.
Dr. Lewis: I want to go back into the research just because some people, bless their heart, and I mean that in the good sense of the word. They trust me. I really appreciate that, because you’re using your spirit of discernment. You’ve got to know that our heart’s in the right place because we don’t charge for consultation. All the other doctors that I know that does this charge $200, $700 an hour.
Janet: When you say do this, they’re probably new listeners to the podcast, so you might want to explain what it is we do that makes us different.
Dr. Lewis: We do about $3-4 grand worth of lab for about $200-300 depending on what we order. We for the most part give the lab away for our cost and then I give my time away and all you do is just buy supplements from me. This is not a big money making business. It’s more of a ministry. We make a living but that’s it.
Our heart’s in the right place and we get a kick out of getting beautiful pictures of that sweet little baby out in Ohio and the one that’s coming up in Little Rock and we have quite a few of those. I’d like to say this is the research because if you don’t have that spirit of discernment and you don’t have trust built in us and our system yet, I think the research might validate some of what I’m saying, although many people say Dr. Lewis, it just makes sense. Oh my god, I just felt it in my heart. I said, “I’d rather you go out of your heart or your intuition than your brain, but I’ll hit your brain first.” Journal of the American Medical Association says multi vitamin supplement were found to reduce cancer risk by 8%. Folks, some of these studies, they’re not even using a really, really good supplement.
International Journal of Cancer. A mere 10 nanograms per milliliter in serum Vitamin D levels were associated with a 15% reduction in colorectal cancer and 11% reduction in breast cancer. Folks, you’re just talking about 10 nanograms that ain’t nothing. The American Heart Journal said for each 20 micromoles per liter increase in plasma vitamin C was associated with a 9% reduction in heart failure, mortality, meaning death. 9% decrease. That’s a very very small amount of vitamin C.
There’s this Dr. Saul said if everyone were to take 500mg of Vitamin C per day, and you only get about 12-13% absorption of that, unless you’re using our liposomal C, but a 500mg of Vitamin C per day would save an estimated 216,000 lives. They’re poo pooing vitamins but it could save … This is just one vitamin could save over 200,000 lives per year and increase the quality of life. International Journal of Cancer. Vitamin E does no good at all in preventing cancer or heart disease but the other study said that gamma-Tocotrienol, which is one of the 8 parts of Vitamin E decreases prostate tumor formation by a respectable 75%. That’s just one of 8 arts of a good Vitamin E, because Vitamin E ain’t Vitamin E, folks.
You got to know what you’re doing and what you’re taking. International Journal of Cancer said that 300 IEU’s of Vitamin E per day reduced lung cancer risk by 61%. Folks, it’s got to be a good vitamin. You have to be consistent. I just tell people I look good for 20 years old although I’m just teasing there. I’m really 110.
Janet: You say a good vitamin. For the new listeners out there, we’re not talking about going to your local big box stores and just picking out something. These are pharmaceutical grade meaning it’s sold only doctors to start with for the most part and they’re the ones that are able to carry it because they’re about 3-5 times stronger than anything you find on the market.
Dr. Lewis: Unless you get the counterfeit on the internet. I got it off Amazon. You can get a Michael Korz purse for $10 too on Amazon. It don’t mean it’s real.
Janet: These products are actually strong enough to move lab values, which is what we do across the United States. We actually send you to your local lab, have the blood drawn. Dr. Lewis takes the guess work out of it by telling you exactly what you’re missing nutritionally.
Dr. Lewis: For example, this one guy said this thing you put me on for my prostate, I found it for half the price. I said, okay, what is it? He brought it in, I said, if it has in it what it says, it had 9 mg of this substance that’s good for the prostrate, mine has 320 mg. Mine’s 34 times stronger than yours and it costs twice as much. Do the math, Bubba. He says, oh, I’m so sorry. I said, you need not go home with the guy that brought you to the rodeo.
Janet: Bubba. That’s what we call them here in Texas.
Dr. Lewis: That’s a derogatory term. This guy, and I love him but he was so flexible he could put his foot in his mouth and his head in his rectum and call himself a contortionist. I said, you’re not getting well would you follow my instructions because I really really like this guy. He was an ex-military and i have the greatest respect for those that served in our military because I was a little too young for Vietnam. Now that he says, okay, now that I have faith that you know what you’re talking about because I can see it on the label, he said now I will follow this. He’s gotten some phenomenal results, folks.
It’s about quality of life, even if it doesn’t make you live longer, but it’s about the quality of life. Folks, what would it mean to your kids if you lived a little bit longer? How about you’re nicer and your wife likes you all of a sudden? Hey women, how would you feel about that? Folks, get on the train. It’s not what you know, it’s what you do. Remember that faith without works is dead. Let’s do the works part.
Janet: You guys, go to our website Get started. Fill out the health survey. Dr. Lewis generally calls you back himself. For you people out there that are already our patients, thank you very much and please share this program with someone else that may be in need of hearing about health and getting well and giving them a spark of hope also. We appreciate you listening to our show. We’ll be right back next time with a great show. Thank you and have a great week.
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