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The Green-Wisdom-Health Podcast with Dr. Stephen and Janet Lewis-My Memory is so bad, I Could Plan My Own Surprise Party!

In this episode, we discussed:

    Why the changes to our store
    We have forgetful senior moments, lay things around as markers so you can remember where you put them.
    Too much information overload, need to stick feet in the river and relax and just escape.
    Research article most people fear losing their mental ability over losing their physical ability.
    Need to up your nutrient levels to help pull off the toxins they are accumulating thru plastics, pesticides and chemicals that are causing our minds to decline.
    Need genetic testing to find out if there is genetic weakness in the family that might help enlighten you to possible issues in the future.


Early warning signs of Alzheimer’s

    Poor Judgment and decision-making
    Missing a monthly payment
    Forgetting which day it is and remembering it later
    Difficulty having a conversation


Things to help your mind:

    A really great fish oil – Our favorite is Omega Monopure because it is 3 times as strong and is predigested.
    Switch to a Ketogenic Diet to help keep your mind from slipping. That would include a high fat, moderate protein and low-net carb diet.
    MCT oil great for cognitive health in women with Alzheimer’s disease.


Alzheimer’s Prevention:

    Optimize your Vitamin D
    Avoid and eliminate mercury and aluminum from your body
    Avoid statin drugs
    Challenge your mind daily!


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