I would like to share my experience with Janet Lewis and Dr. Stephen Lewis.  My first visit with Janet I was not really convinced at all that this approach to my health would be successful.  What did I have to lose, I came in from work slept in my chair, ate, slept until bedtime.  My skin color was gray, no energy, no sex drive, no strength and no will to change.  After my first blood test I listened to Janet explained how you can’t just fix one hormone without giving your body the nutrients and vitamins to correct the root of the problems.

All I knew is that I wanted my drive back, energy back, testosterone back, and the energy to enjoy my life again.  Just give me that magic pill and I would be fine.  But this did not happen.  Every morning I left for work with pills, pills and more pills.  I took these faithfully morning, noon and night.  Withing a few weeks I began to feel better and better.  When time came for more blood tests I waited expecting great strides in the numbers.  The indication that the program Janet had me on was paying off.  When my testoterone levels didn’t jump like I thought it should, I did seek medical help (like shots and creams).  This only made my numbers fall and set me back.  When I would follow Janet’s program they would begin to respond to the treatment by following her instructions day after day.

Today, I am full of energy, my blood test show great improvement over the first meeting.  I now ride dirt bikes, play baseball, I once again enjoy each day and yes my testosterone level has now moved into normal range.

Take my advice stick to the program Janet designs for you and be consistent with taking the pills.  It does pay off I am so grateful that Janet and Dr. Lewis had a vision for my health.  Every day that you wait or hesitate to start the program is another day you’ve lost.  I have recommended Green Wisdom Health to all my friends and many see the change it has made in my life.  I thank Janet and Dr. Lewis and God for giving us people who do listen and care

-Troy from Texas


I just need to take a minute and endorse Green Wisdom Health. Dr. Lewis and his wife Janet practice out of Texas, and their focus is getting healthy using supplements (much higher grade than the nonsense you get in health food stores) to help your body process all of the junk in our environment. About 5 months ago I came to them with a ton of issues, not the least of which was my ongoing battle with Ulcerative Colitis, an autoimmune disease. My inflammation markers were a mess (over 7 for CRP = bad, Cortisol 37 = really bad), and I felt horrible. After 5 months of supplements, my vitamin D has come up, my Cortisol is down to 10 (NORMAL), and my CRP is just over 3 (not normal, but getting there). There is a lot of “junk” in our environment that our bodies have a hard time processing. We all know we don’t always eat perfect diets. But at least help yourself out… Most of you know I have never been a fan of supplements. Just not my thing. But I figured, “what the heck, it won’t hurt, and it might even help.” Well, it helped! So I’m going to stick with this and see where it goes. You should give them a try, and do what they tell you to do as best you can for at least a year. I’ll bet you’ll feel better!

– Patricia from California


I am thankful for Dr. Janet and Stephen Lewis and their investment into so many lives. I have been listening to their podcast, consulting with them, and purchasing their products for about a year now. I came across them through “The Survival Podcast”. I have not been disappointed one bit! I seriously take notes when listening to the podcasts because of the treasures that they talk about:) It is trusted information! Green Wisdom Health has made a huge impact on my health and well being. I am beginning to gain enough knowledge now and application in my life that I am now investing in others. I highly recommend all services/products from Green Wisdom Health and wholly believe in them. If you do your part, they will for sure do theirs, and you will no doubt experience a positive impact in your life. Keep up the good work Dr. Lewis! Appreciate you guys!

– Joe from Michigan


My husband and I have been on Green Wisdom Health supplements for four months and we have seen incredible results in our lab tests. My husband is a Dr and I was a former ICU nurse so we both appreciate and understand the change in our labs. We both feel more energetic and feel much better overall than before we started the supplements. Dr. Lewis and Janet are very talented in helping people get well and they are always accessible if we have questions. Our four daughters are also on supplements and they are vibrant and healthy children. Thank you for your knowledge and passion with trying to improve and change so many lives! We refer all of our friends and family to you.

Beth from North Dakota


Dr. Lewis literally saved my son’s life. My 3yr old was constantly sick and on antibiotics, zero appetite and many moments of being lethargic for his entire little life… Until I called Green Wisdom Health and had a blood panel done – in the nick of time. No doctor had ever taken a blood sample to run any other tests than to just check his CBC. His iron saturation level was dangerously low; to the point of if this hadn’t had been found; he would have died. Since this discovery, along with a few other things going on with him, he’s been taking vitamins for the last 7 months and has not been sick AT ALL. His appetite is LARGE and surprises me every day with eating new/different foods. His energy and life has completely changed and I am so blessed and thankful every single day for Dr. Lewis and Green Wisdom Health. Its painful to even think where we’d be today if it weren’t for their discovery, concern and nutrition plan for him. Words could never be able to express my gratitude for all they do!!!

Jamie from Maryland


Hi my name is Ayke and I was diagnosed with kidney failure in July of 2007.  I was terrified and afraid when I heard this, but Dr. Lewis and Janet gave me and my family hope.  They prescribed me a lot of different minerals and vitamins that were much better for my body than the ones my doctor at Children’s Medical Center had prescribed and just as effective.  I did bloodwork often and it was frequently checked by a man named Dr. Fox who alwyas looked for possible things that could be done in order for me to go without dialysis. To keep my kidney function up I had to be put on a strict diet, but in the end it was all worth it.  During my two years of kidney failure I always felt good thanks to Dr. Lewis, Janet and Dr Fox.  It was truely a miracle that I found Dr. Lewis and Janet here in Longview, TX.  I thank God all the time for sending Dr. Lewis and Janet into my life.Now that I have received a new kidney this March of 09, thanks to my brother, I am living my life more successfully than ever.

-Ayke, Diana TX


My name is Gary. I have been on your recommended supplements for 10 days now.  Since starting your program my sinus problems are improving.  I have noticed a decrease in my sinus drainage.  There is also a noticeable increase in my energy levels.  I have also been sleeping better.  I am going to be earlier and sleeping heavier.  I no longer wake up 2 or 3 times a night anymore.  Most noticeable is the deepeer state of sleep I am achieving. It’s almost like being a teenager again.  I don’t recall that deep levels of sleep in many years.  It’s SO wonderful.  Last but not least, I have a health condition that I didn’t mention during my consultation.  It started bothering me over 4 years ago, but for over a year (if not longer) the pain in my knees and legs has been killing me.  I have been living on ibuprofen and roll on Aspercreme Max.  My knees and the muscles going into my knees have been in constant pain.  It was starting to hurt so much that even walking very much was becoming difficult.  I started taking your supplements Friday, July 26, 2013.  On the morning of Tuesday July 30, 2013 I woke up to no pain in my right leg and some pain (but much improved) in my left leg.  I was amazed and in disbelief.  I worked my leg too much that day (like a big dumb man), believing this can’t be true.  Naturally I over did it, and the next day a little of the pain returned from over doing it.  The pain was not as severe as what I had been living with.  I woke up on Friday August 2, 2013 to no pain in either knee or leg.  Now it’s Saturday August 4, 2013 and there is still no pain.  It’s funny I noticed myself walking with a limp still.  The walking with no limp is now not from pain, but from habit from years of pain.  I keep having to remind myself to walk properly because I no longer need to walk that way.  I guess I am having to retrain myself to walk.  What a great dilemma to have (hehehe).  I am in complete disbelief, or shoud I say amazed that supplements would work this fast.  Dr. Lewis asked me during my consultation what was my health worth?  That’s simple it’s priceless.  It is worth every penny I’m paying for it.  I have been shouting my results from the mountain top.  I am telling anyone who will listen, and telling everyone that won’t listen too (hehehe).  In closing I just wanted to tell you thanks, and I’ve been thanking God for you too.  My results (so far) have been nothing short of amazing.  I am so much looking forward to the next 10 days, and further.  Again thank you, and may God bless you for what you do.

-Gary from Texas