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Causes of Poor Thyroid Function

Janet: Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of The Doctors Nutrition show. I’m Janet Lewis.
Doctor Lewis: I’m Doctor Lewis.
Janet: We are Doctors Nutrition of Texas home of the low-cost lab work with nutritional solutions for your common health issues. Our website is Janet, I’m sorry it is not Janet, it is and you can go there and check out all of our interesting podcasts, blogs, and latest information that Doctor Lewis shares with us. We’re very excited about this week’s show. We are talking about thyroids since Doctor Lewis is the master of thyroid with his thyroid sniper book that he has written. We’re going to take another segment out of that and talk about some of the causes of poor thyroid function because it may not be your thyroids fault. It may actually be some of the things that are blocking it and causing it not to work correctly. Doctor Lewis is going to speak to us about that.
I also want to congratulate Scott from Amarillo who won our product on the DGL that we gave away because he’s an avid listener of our podcast and listened to the correct answer. If you guys missed it was about H pie Laurie, they got that right and thank you to everyone else who participated and played. We did see all your e-mails and we appreciate it. We get a real kick out of watching those come in with the answers, and some of the answers that people are answering is a real kick also. With that, Doctor Lewis if you will take it away and educate us a little bit more about what some of the causes are of poor thyroid function.
Doctor Lewis: The main causes, excuse me if I can get my throat clear, I think the main cause of thyroid dysfunction and many many other illnesses or disease or common ailments is that we’ve become a society of viewers not doers.
Janet: Viewers, not doers?
Doctor Lewis: Viewers.
Janet: Oh, we’re viewing things.
Doctor Lewis: There are so many people that get information and they just keep getting information and I’ve seen this how our internet has changed. E-mails used to be full of jokes and inspirational things and then that changed and now Facebook has kind of been degraded. I think it’s time to quit reading and listening and start doing. You didn’t expect that, did you?
The people that get results and thank you folks, all of you that give us such high reviews, especially if they get to Google it makes us look even better and we get a lot of people that because of your reviews you have helped to embolden some people and they have sought out care at our place. The ones that get results are the ones that actually do and continue to do, knowing that it’s never a destination but a journey and we can make the journey of health much much easier where you’re more energetic, where you are a better blessing for your family. I gave a lady the other day my cell phone number because she’s going through some tough times and I can’t get her to call me. It’s like well I talked to her sister out there in wherever she lives, Midland Odessa, I said your sister’s not calling me and it’s like look folks we’re here to help you. We can’t do anything if you’re just listening and not doing so please take a bold step.
Janet: There’s also many of you that have done something and some of you are brave enough to tell us or I guess you get scared whenever you fall of the wagon and you think we don’t want you here anymore, and it’s like we’re always here for you. This is your journey. It’s your destination. It’s however much or as little as you want to do. If you’ve fallen off the wagon and need to get back on, hey that’s called life. That’s what we do. We had one the other day that called. He goes, “I’m so sorry because I haven’t stuck with the program like I should and now I’d like to get back on,” it’s like, “Well you don’t need to apologize to us. Just get back on.” At least you’re doing something towards health. Like I said, you don’t have to get everything we tell you. Sometimes it’s a little bit. Sometimes it’s a lot of products, just depends upon your genetic weakness.
Doctor Lewis: And your commitment level.
Janet: Right, and you’re always welcome to do a little bit or a lot of it or take some time off. Like I said, it’s a path of progress, it’s not a destination, so get back on. Join in.
Doctor Lewis: That being said, I try to look at the big picture and I think in America the chase for material stuff has stressed us out and actually being helping and motivating others to better health makes us much more healthy, much more happy in knowing that we’re an inspiration for others. We have had so many of you that have stuck with it and I applaud you. Of course, I have problems. It bothers me the people that I see that don’t stick with it and then they have bad outcome, but we’re here.
Sometimes people don’t have good thyroid function and the reason is it’s something several steps away from the thyroid itself that you have to deal with. I am not anti-medical. I think our medical profession has done many many great things so please understand that, but if you’re on a statin drug and if you and your doctor decide you need to be on statin drug, that creates a selenium deficiency and a selenium deficiency is one of the many things that can cause the thyroid to function in a less than optimal way but selenium is extremely important for detoxification of daily chemicals. You’re going to hear me talk more about that, but it helps to process your thyroid hormones and thyroid hormones have a lot to do with your cholesterol control, your weight control, your energy, depression, and constipation.
Well if you’re constipated long enough I think you’re going to be depressed anyway and some people say while you can just eat Brazil nuts because that’s the high source of selenium and it’s not a bad idea. I remember as a kid we’d get a stocking full of nuts and oranges and pretty yucky candy. We never did especially like the Brazil nuts but you can eat two or three a day and that helps with selenium. I just think it’s easier to supplement.
Janet: Their shells were always too hard.
Doctor Lewis: Yeah.
Janet: That’s what was wrong with them.
Doctor Lewis: Us country people had plenty of hammers and nut crackers, improvised. We used to blow them up with fire crackers too at Christmas. If you’re on a statin drug, you very much should consider supplementing with not just selenium but many other things because I’ve seen people come in. They have amnesia with two, three months of getting on statin drugs because they’ve lowered their cholesterol enough that they can’t prepare their brain and can’t make hormones and you can’t get erections and then the men say, “Well maybe I need to get off the statin drugs.” I said, “Well you need to talk to your medical doctor or your primary care physician about that. Don’t ever make a change there without talking to the primary care physician.”
This is a little bit off the subject but you have to watch, people say, “Oh, I read research. I’m researching this,” and I just roll my eyes. That’s kind of a Lewis thing. Everybody in my family does it. My momma and my siblings and now my daughter and grandkids. What happens is, and this really bugs the heck out of me, is you can read research and it’s not really research, it’s somebody’s take on it and even in the real research, many times they’ll write the summary to where it says something different than if you read the entire research project, so make sure you’re getting into the real research. That’s the problem.
There’s a 1992 study in Lancet that was funded by the Bayer Corporation, folks follow the money, makers of Bufferin that said that Aspirin reduced the risk of heart attack but what they do not tell you is Bayer supplied them Bufferin with magnesium oxide, which is not a good form of magnesium, but we’re so deficient in magnesium it made the heart look better and keep in mind that this does have a lot to do with hypertension, it has a lot to do with heart health and thyroid. Magnesium deficiency, it can cause all kinds of things including thyroid problems but the studies are many many times misrepresented and the one out of journal of American Medical Association 2005 the summary said, “No effect of Aspirin was observed on total cancer,” but if you read the paper, the entire paper, the middle of it where it’s hidden, it said, “It was clear for Aspirin users that there was a marked increase of cancers,” so for the doctors that just have time to read the summary, they would get a false idea of what the studies really said.
Janet’s a very tolerable lady, she was very very tolerant when I was reading research until 10:00 every night for years and years and years and years. I don’t do that anymore. I only read until 8:00, 9:00.
Janet: He has it all up there in his head now, he doesn’t need to read so much.
Doctor Lewis: Yeah, it’s not organized though. It’s hard to pull it out of my head.
Janet: I was reading the article about scented candles and how that messes with your thyroid. People always tell us, “Oh no I haven’t been around any kind of toxic stuff that would make my thyroid function not optimal,” and they never think about common household chemicals walking across the floor barefoot and if you cleaned the floor with some kind of a chemical cleaner.
Doctor Lewis: You don’t even have to smell it, it’s in there. You’re breathing it.
Janet: Yeah, we tell people if you smell it, it’s in your system.
Doctor Lewis: Well it’s serious if you smell it. You can get it without even smelling it.
Janet: How many scented candles are out there, or that scented stuff, or that, and I’m not going to name the company, but that spray that you spray in the bathroom after somebody goes to the bathroom. It’s just toxic.
Doctor Lewis: We used to do a radio show and the DJ would always spray these mics with the …
Janet: Lysol…ish type stuff.
Doctor Lewis: I wasn’t even going to say the word.
Janet: Lysol…ish type stuff.
Doctor Lewis: I start gagging and snorting and snotting and phlegm building up and it’s like oh my God quick that. He said, “But it’s disinfecting.” I said, “I’d rather take the germs than the toxins that you’re giving me.”
Janet: A lot of people will spray that kind of stuff trying to avoid germs all around the place and it’s like you’re making yourself so toxic and they never think about that. When you ask them, “Well have you been doing something?” “No.” We can generally tell on lab with the 3T3, we can watch it go up and down and usually correlate it to, “Oh that’s when you sprayed the peach trees with something or that’s when you done some sort of a chemical because it suppressed thyroid function.”
Doctor Lewis: I’m going to get back to the thyroid but I kind of did a side shoot off on cholesterol. They’re plenty of studies that says people with higher cholesterol or high cholesterol have less cancer, less suicide than those with a normal level, which is 200 or less. Higher’s better so thyroid many, many, many times, like Janet said, the hypo-thyrodism is from chemicals. There’s also a very interesting study that says polar bears in the arctic have osteoporosis and hypo-thyrodism from our chemicals and folks we don’t spray anything up there. It comes out of the jet stream. It comes down in our rain, in our snow, so if you think you’re not exposed to it yes you are. That’s why I tell people to read certain books and that’s why Janet made me write mine.
That’s a good point. Why is my book so short? Because we have too much information and not enough wisdom. I said everything I need to say about the thyroid and basically in the equation says this is what you need to know, now you need to find somebody that can put all these factors in and help you. You cannot do it by yourself. Don’t even try to do it by yourself. Thyroid problems in polar bears folks, this is serious, and you can get enough nutrients out of your food. Another thing, if you’re on a beta blocker, it decreases the thyroid and increases the cholesterol and it’s like good cholesterol’s not the issue, that’s physiological adaptation.
Again, never, never, never change any kind of drug, especially a beta blocker without the knowledge and permission of whoever prescribed it, but beta blockers just create all kinds of problems with your thyroid. People say can I get my energy back? Nope, not as long as you’re on a beta blocker. You’ll never get energy back. If it saves your life, that’s a really, really good thing but don’t expect a lot of energy because it ain’t going to happen.
Janet: I think it’s interesting that they now say 10 to 40% of people living in the United States have sub-optimal thyroid function.
Doctor Lewis: I think it’s 40% or better.
Janet: People are like, “Yeah I think my thyroid’s fine,” but it’s been linked to serious health conditions like fibromyalgia.
Doctor Lewis: That’s a good point. I was going to bring it up later. She beat me to it.
Janet: Irritable bowel.
Doctor Lewis: Got a bunch of those people
Janet: Yup. Acne, eczema, gum disease, infertility, and autoimmune diseases.
Doctor Lewis: Well we’re seeing more and more autoimmune disease and there’s a lot of them, it just depends on how it manifests in your body, but the fibromyalgia thing. That’s the serious thing when say a husband brings a wife in and the wife looks at me in a very pleading look says, “Do you believe in fibromyalgia?” “Yes ma’am,” and you can see the relief on their face. That’s maybe just a lot of different conditions coming across. The problem is they generally don’t have the energy or the willpower or the faith to stick with it and that’s when a good spouse or a good friend, somebody that can help encourage you when you feel discouraged. We all need that from time to time. We’re not an island. We do need help.
Usually when your triglycerides are elevated, you have a lower thyroid so cholesterol instead of putting you on statin drugs, you might consider is it your diet, is it your liver function, is it too much glucose, too many carbohydrates, is it just a low thyroid that’s causing that to go up? The problem is there’s things called plasticizers or phthalates that get stuck in our bodies. We all have them folks. Styrofoam cups probably the worst thing you can ever drink out of because styrene are very hard, if not impossible, to detox out of your body.
Janet was buying a car up in Dallas one time and they said, “Well we’ve stopped the plastic bottles here. We’ll give you water in a Styrofoam cup,” and I said, “What are you trying to be green or organic?” They said, “Yeah.” “You’re messing up.” Be careful. There’s a lot of decisions made on pretty low amount of information I think sometimes.
Janet: Right. Your hormones are secreted by your thyroid and it interacts with all your other hormones so things like insulin, cortisol, sex hormones like estrogen.
Doctor Lewis: The men got excited when you said sex hormones.
Janet: Like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.
Doctor Lewis: They hope their wife has plenty.
Janet: Yeah, but the thyroid controls actually all of those things and so the fact that these hormones are all tied together, they’re in constant communication explaining why less than optimal thyroid status is associated with so many widespread symptoms and diseases so if you’re having any of those kinds of issues like diabetes or stress and you know your hormone levels are not optimal than that’s something that could be related to your thyroid, and if you don’t really know what your hormone levels are, why not get tested here to find out. We do low cost lab work across the United States and we include the hormones in them. We have a comprehensive panel that if you purchase that panel we actually do the hormones half price, which is DHEA and on a woman progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone, and on a man, it’s DHEA and testosterone but on a man, they generally just run their testosterone. We actually look for how much do they have available to use, not just the number.
Doctor Lewis: Yeah, we don’t need the total, we need what’s usable.
Janet: Then we can see if it’s bound up with these bad estrogen’s like Doctor Lewis is talking about, so there’s really no reason to guess at what’s wrong with your health because I promise you, you really probably don’t know what’s wrong by guessing. I’ve seen so many people think they know what’s wrong and then we do their lab and they’re totally off.
Doctor Lewis: It’s complicated. The reason it is, I talked about selenium, well I take zinc and selenium everyday but if you take extra zinc, for example, you’re at risk for creating imbalance and molybdenum, copper, manganese, vanadium, and several other minerals, and for example, B6 is really good for helping your transmitters cross the blood brain barrier, which means oh we’ll be happy, but if it cannot be converted to the active form because you have a zinc deficiency or a zinc dependent enzyme, than the B6 no matter how much you’re taking, is not going to be utilized and if it’s not going to be utilized, then you’re homocysteine goes up. Homocysteine damages the heck out of your cardiovascular system.
That’s a little bit further into the lab work. A little bit more advanced, the homocysteine levels, but we do have ways to check all that and make sure you’re on a form that will not deplete you of other minerals, ones that can help in a big way because if you start taking separate things, you may be messing up, so it’s not that easy folks. Get somebody that knows what they’re doing. Be a doer, not a viewer. I like that term.
Janet: Yeah, I’m glad you mentioned selenium though. I had a lady in here yesterday that she was on our product for hair called hair, skin and nails, and liked it and wanted to add extra biotin in because she was trying to make her hair thicker and I said, “I don’t really think extra biotin is your answer there,” and so I mentioned selenium to her, which she didn’t know anything about. That’s a very inexpensive mineral that you can add in that will actually help your thyroid function, help utilize it better, and help your hair, so ladies out there if you’re looking for more hair or hair growth, you might try adding some of that in.
Doctor Lewis: That’s a good point. It amazing what Janet does and I don’t have any clue because we’re kind of too busy to know what each other’s doing. Going back to thyroid that messes with thyroid function. We talked about the plastics or the plasticizers but plastics damage cholesterol metabolism like Teflon does in PCBs trans-fats. Trans-fats are really a big problem because it’s in our processed foods, even if it says none, our FDA will allow them to put quite a bit in there. I think it’s 500 milligrams but I could be wrong on that. Just because it says none doesn’t mean that’s true so it’s better to stay away from processed foods because they’re hidden and it causes not just high cholesterol but it causes it by wreaking havoc on the thyroid itself and they’re all over the place.
The only time Teflon is a good thing is if you have a president that you can’t make anything stick to them. We called them Teflon Bill or something like that, but a low thyroid can create much much elevated cholesterol. I know I’m kind of on a single-minded kick here. The plasticizers while they’re messing your thyroid up, they also cause low testosterone. Why do they cause low testosterone? Because they mimic estrogen. That’s why little boys are more feminine. Boy I’ve gotten in trouble for saying this before. That’s why little boys are more feminine than they used to be and little girls are developing their secondary sex characteristics many many years before they should and causes gender disorientation. Boy, I have caught holy heck over that statement and I tell these people, complain about it, this is science, it’s not my opinion. I love you no matter what, geez, get off your sensitivity. Just be who you are and be happy with it. I’m not the one that’s unhappy with you, you are.
It could be the plastics is causing that. I’m not making judgments; I’m just saying you have to up your nutrient intake in order to allow your body to increase the pathways of detoxification. Maybe we can do that sometime. The different pathways of detoxification. That’d cover many many podcasts.
Janet: That’s be good. We’ll do that on the next one. You all heard it first right here.
Doctor Lewis: Whoops. Oh God, I got to study now.
Janet: I think it’s interesting. People usually associate being tired with thyroid function. That’s a typical sign. Depression has also been linked to this condition so if you’ve ever been diagnosed with depression, it could be your thyroid levels, but I think it’s really something is a heavy or tired head, especially in the afternoon. Your head is a very sensitive indicator of thyroid hormone status.
Doctor Lewis: Mine was so full of information and got heavy.
Janet: Notice if I have a heavy head, I’ve definitely had a tired head in the afternoon, I think that’s kind of interesting. People go get more coffee trying to perk themselves up.
Doctor Lewis: Whoops, you’re preaching now.
Janet: Oh, I am. I’m sorry, but you might get your thyroid checked to see if that’s the root cause of it.
Doctor Lewis: Yeah there’s a lot more to not being sick to not have symptoms. We talk about the plastics, it’s in the plastic wraps, it’s in your shampoos, it’s in your soap, it’s in paints, and its polyvinyl fluoride, pesticides, lubricants, electrical wiring, comes out of your computers, I mean you cannot avoid them but they actually contribute to diabetes, low testosterone, they contribute to much of our low thyroid function. They contribute to insulin resistance. Many of you that I’ve talked to, and I’d say, “Well your insulin should be around a 5,” and it’s a 17 or 25. It’s like you’re never going to lose weight as long as it’s that high.
Janet: Generally, though their cortisol’s really low when they have that because it’s a stress indicator so they’re eating out of stress trying to get energy and get that back up, so that’s why we tell you the labs so important because we can correlate the whole story and say hey, we know why that looks like that because look over here. We can generally tell you about what’s going on with you without you saying a word for us, which is kind of fun.
Doctor Lewis: It’s not just you. I eat out of stress. Janet, not so much, but these plastics or phthalates, they cause a zinc deficiency and, for example, you got a pregnant mother and she’s drinking from plastic water bottles, which most of us do. Feeding her baby from a plastic formula. They’ll say oh BPA free. What they don’t tell you is there’s another dozen estrogen mimicking plastics that come out of that bottle. Then the deficiency in the adult causes all kinds of enzyme problems because zinc is very, very, very important and I think zinc has about 200 different known functions in our enzyme system and that causes our genetics not to be able, our genes, not to be able to repair itself, so zinc, but not just zinc. It’s got to be the other ones. It’s got to be pretty balanced because many, many times if there’s not enough zinc you’ll end up with cancer. I thought this show was on thyroid.
Janet: I don’t know. We’re all about everything over here. It’s just rambles.
Doctor Lewis: She doesn’t know. She usually keeps me pretty well corralled.
Janet: I never know what’s coming out.
Doctor Lewis: In the sidelines so she’s pretty good at keeping me in the sidelines but apparently not today. We have more and more broken genes and like the breast cancer genes and the five MTHF, that’s a 50% probability that you have MTHF problem. I think it’s cheaper and quicker just to put people on it because oh my God I feel so much better. You probably had that broken gene and there’s a way around it.
Janet: Well, you know one thing that if you’ve got questions about what’s going on with your thyroid or your health and you don’t have the time to call in here, you can always go on the Facebook and request to be a part of Doctor Lewis’ shooting straight with Doctor Lewis. It’s a closed Facebook group. You just send me an e-mail to, it’s and we will be happy to include you in that. We have a lot of people that are having conversations. There’s a guy on there teaching people how to make kabuki. There’s all kinds of information that’s happening.
Doctor Lewis: They do share a lot and they share their personal stuff just in the context of while maybe somebody will learn from it. We’ve got Joe from Ypsilanti, Mi. We’ve got Mr. Snow up there. I would say your first name but I like your last name better. Then we got Desrosiers. I hope I’m pronouncing that correctly. He adds a lot to it, thank you very much. Our newest one is Fran, just got on it. Sign up. We’re all learning together, including me.
Janet: Right, and it’s kind of fun and it gives you a way to ask questions without you feeling like you’re being singled out. Some people like to be part of the group and just see what’s happening with them because they don’t want to mention what’s going on with themselves so it might be a way for you to learn how to get your health back.
Doctor Lewis: I think that’s the doers, not the viewers really. I think.
Janet: Also, go, like I said, to our website, with an S on the end and fill out our health survey so that we can start helping you have a life worth living. We do have labs generally local to you across the United States and Doctor Lewis does give his time for free to go over those labs and tell you what’s going on with your health personally, which I don’t know the last time someone gave you their free time as a doctor, but he does. He really does care about his patients and he wants to see you succeed.
Doctor Lewis: That gets a little hard to do but I’ll answer e-mails at 6:20 in the morning or 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 at night because I think your health really does matter.
Janet: Right, so stop guessing at what’s happening. We tell you so many things and it can be so many different things, so there’s really no way to know that without doing labs and saying hey this is exactly what’s happening with you. It’s not what Aunt Mary had down the street that you thought you had too or, and I just read this this morning on someone’s Facebook, “Oh I inherited endometriosis from a relative.” You know what? You might have eaten that way and you might have been around chemicals, but there are ways to slow that kind of thing down. You don’t have to inherit that.
Doctor Lewis: You know I just talked to a lady down in Kyle, Texas, that’s down close to San Antonio somewhere I think. She said, “Well I just think if I get healthy then I’ll lose weight,” and I said, “That alone sweetheart makes you smarter than most people,” because most people say “Well when I lose weight I’ll get healthy.” No, it’s the other way around. This sweet lady Tamberly from Kyle, Texas. I’ve never been to Kyle, but somewhere down around central Texas. She said she’d come up here and see me and I said I’ll give you a big hug when you do.
She was a referral from her sister that lives up here so thank you for your referrals. We get so many of them because, and you’re going to get blessed by how you bless other people, so plant the seed. It comes back and you will be blessed from it and just do more. Be kind. Open more doors. Say yes ma’am, no ma’am. Even if you’re from the north. In our times of racial divide and political divide, I think it’s more important that we are more polite and give that smile and bless other people. Whether it’s their health or just give them a smile. Folks, let’s get happy and let’s have the health to do that.
Janet: Yes. We thank you for being with us again this week on our show, and please if you know someone that could be inspired by listening to this podcast, please share us with them so that you’re not keeping us a secret and we’ll see you here right next time on the Doctors Nutrition show. You guys have a blessed week.
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